Ali on the Run Show Episode 224: Catching Up with Emma Coburn

Date: April 1, 2020 at 7:20 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 1

“There’s nothing I can do, so I might as well not wallow about it, and I might as well just find something else to make me happy for the moment.”

Emma Coburn is a two-time Olympian, eight-time U.S. steeplechase champion, world champion, and world silver medalist. On this episode, Emma — who runs for New Balance and is Vice President of the Athletics Association — talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected her training and her livelihood. She’s honest about the financial hit professional athletes will take during this time, and shares her take on the postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Emma is finding happiness right now (3:40)
  • All about Emma’s nightly Instagram Lives (7:15)
  • What Emma’s training has been like, both before and since hearing about the Olympics being postponed (10:45)
  • How COVID-19 has directly affected Emma’s career and life at home (25:25)
  • How Emma is maintaining a positive attitude during these times (37:00)

What we mention on this episode:

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