Ali on the Run Show Episode 19: Michele Gonzalez AKA NYC Running Mama

Date: April 13, 2017 at 5:49 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 0

The Ali on the Run Show

Episode 19

Guest: Michele Gonzalez

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Michele Gonzalez, best known as NYC Running Mama, is a Staten Island-based mother, runner, marathoner, Ironman, and Instagram superstar. On this episode, Michele and I talk about how she’s feeling as she gets ready to run the Boston Marathon, what her training has been like, and what she did differently this time around. Michele also talks about her time at West Point and in Iraq (she served three times overseas and trained for a marathon on her base!), how she found running and ran through her pregnancies, what her daily diet is like, and what her life is like as a full-time working mom to two cute boys, AJ and Ryan. Plus, she talks about how she actually makes those daily 4 AM workouts happen, how she handles social media pressure, and what her big goals are for the future — on the run and beyond.

Stuff We Mention on the Show:

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Michele’s coach, Mary Johnson

McKirdy Trained

Michele’s post about how she views pain

Michele’s New Jersey Marathon recap

Michele’s Philadelphia Marathon recap

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West Point

Foot Locker 5-Borough Challenge

Generation UCAN

Airbnb Brooklyn Half

United Airlines NYC Half

Brooklyn Mile

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