Fridays With Ellie: What The World Needs Now Is Dogs, Cute Dogs

Date: January 27, 2017 at 6:40 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 17

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been really struggling with my sleep lately. I think I can pinpoint a handful of reasons that’s happening, including my inability to find the perfect pillow for my ever-changing sleep positions, plus the fact that 60-pound Ellie likes snoozing on top of me.

But I also think (fine, know) it’s because of the current political climate. (I finally fell asleep for a few minutes two nights ago, and I had the most intense dream in which I was in the middle of a terrorist attack and…it was bad. I never used to have dreams like the ones I’ve been having. I woke up gripping Brian’s arm, drenched in sweat, with my heart pounding.) I don’t think I need to get into everything I’ve been feeling here about our state of the union. Instead, I’d rather do the exact opposite, which is push my feelings (and Facebook and Twitter accounts) to the side for a little while.


I just need puppies. Do you need puppies? If you’re in the “no, we need to keep talking about everything so change can happen” camp, I totally get that. But I’m going to join the avoidance camp, if only for a few hours today, for my own sanity and wellbeing. After I hit publish here, I’m going to unplug, get a massage, and look at all these pictures — both new and old! — of my perfect pup.

Welcome to Fridays With Ellie, where we ignore stuff and say, “OMG awwwwwwww!!!” instead.

Repeat after me: awwwww!

Ellie loves wintertime! She likes playing (and peeing) in the snow, and she enjoys celebrating the holidays with family. Here is proof!

Ellie’s Christmas jammies!

She loves getting to run around in New Hampshire!

Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool at Grammy and Pop-Pop’s.


Here are some photos of Ellie with her friends. She is so popular!

This is Jasper! Jasper lives in our building, so they have playdates all the time!

This is Hank! Hank is Ellie’s main bae.

Ellie and Hank love riding in the car together!

This is Jerry! Jerry lives in Brooklyn.

This is Keanu! He’s Ellie’s puppy cousin, and he lives in Rhode Island!

This is Ranger, Ellie’s other puppy cousin! We call him The One-Eared Wonder!

Ranger lives outside D.C., so when he comes to visit, Ellie likes to show him around.

Ellie and Ranger have the same great-grandmom, so they like to nap together on the blanket she made.

Fun fact I just realized: Ellie only has boy-dog friends…

She also loves humans.

Ellie loves her human cousin, Abby! (So do I.)

Here is Ellie letting Tyler use her as a pillow.

And here is Ellie with Molly Huddle!

Here is an “Ali and Ellie” series, to remind you (and her) that no matter how many friends Ellie has, I am still her #1. 



Bring Your Dogter to Work Day!

Snowflakes that stay on Ellie’s nose and my eyelashes!

Sometimes Ellie gets tired from all this socializing and playing! Here is what she looks like when she sleeps…

This is how she slept one night. I ACTUALLY woke up like this…

Rise and shine, puppy dog!

Hey, remember when Ellie was so small and had soft puppy fur and sharp dagger teeth?! Here are some photos to remind you.


Our first selfie!

Finally, here are some photos of Ellie just generally being amazing. She is #flawless.

This was Ellie’s birthday present for Brian: a giant framed photo of herself!

This is what Ellie does when she wants us to put her window down in the backseat… Very subtle.

IDK, I don’t think this one needs a caption…

Ellie likes to give Brian hugs when he comes home from work. (Name that movie in the background! If you know me at all, this shouldn’t be hard.)

This is Ellie’s power pose: The Neighborhood Watch.

Finally, this…

Have a wonderful weekend, my fabulous friends! May your days — today, tomorrow, and forever — be filled with sloppy puppy kisses.

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17 Responses to "Fridays With Ellie: What The World Needs Now Is Dogs, Cute Dogs"

Love Love LOVE this!! Ellie & her boy dog-friends are soo adorable. And I’m all for “lets just push the craziness aside & look at cute animals” thing. I can’t believe how much Ellie has grown since she was a pup! Adorable.

PS: I’m glad you’re feeling better!

Ellie’s teeth are giving me life right now. And good try, Brian! You’re good doggy parents.

This post just made my day! Ellie is my favorite!… well, second favorite. Second to none other than Josie Mae the ugly hairless winking limping Chinese Crested, Ellie’s internet friend. 😉

Best laugh of the week, thank you Brian and nice try!

Fridays with Ellie will be the best!!!

Oh those puppy pics!

This is EXACTLY what I needed today! Thanks for sharing, it put a smile on my face!
Also did you see that Celine is going on tour in Europe this summer? Wanna go?!

Ditto to the sleep stuff. I won’t get into details here, but I can very much relate!

Yesterday I took to link to Facebook off of the home screen of my phone and turned off notifications. I haven’t completely left it, but I think it’s helping – and I’ve only had it this way for 24 hours.

You have no idea how relieving it is to hear that I’m not alone in losing sleep over the current state of affairs. Sorry that’s happening to you, though. 🙁

Love her! The political climate has been stressing me out too and my rescue dogs are living with my mom while I get settled at my new job I moved 8 hours away for, so I can use all the dog pics I can get! I think a little avoidance is good and maybe even necessary because then you’re more effective when you re-engage.

Ellie should be a doggy model! I’ve never owned a dog, but my ex had a pitbull that was a doll, i needed those pictures in my life!

Pitch Perfect 2!!


This post is the best thing I’ve seen all week, hands down. Keep ’em coming. I’m not sleeping very well either – so heres to filling our heads with puppies right before bed!!

OMG. That video! 😂😂😂 This is the best thing on the internet today

This made my morning. Thank you!
I feel like I need to immediately leave work and go hang out with my dog. 🙂

Aww-my husband and I just adopted a dog. My friend said it was the “Best news of 2017” and since the bar is pretty low, we’ll take it! I’m seriously trying to pet her/take a walk whenever I get worked up about politics. Yay pups!