Race Photos Are Here!

Date: March 29, 2011 at 9:04 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 27

Just when I thought my National Half Marathon fever had subsided, I came home to the email that the race photos had arrived.


I never usually get decent running shots, so I’m thrilled that I actually got some OK ones this time around. Here are some screen shots, though I do fully intend to do some purchasing for once.

Video of me finishing!

I love this one! Though why am I so far away from the rest of the pack? Did I veer off course?

Here I am chasing the chick in front of me…

I'm gaining on her…

Finish line! I like the sweaty guy next to me throwing up the peace sign. Word, bro.


I did it!

Sick of race photos yet? I'm not.

Everyone else is done, but I still have my arms up. Relax, Ali. You're done.

I don't have to run anymore! I'm done!

And here I am, sooooo excited again!

In other news, the soreness in my legs is completely gone now! I took spinning at the gym tonight and was able to push it instead of going easy on myself. It felt amazing. I’m baaaack!

Now it’s off to shower and get some sleep. This week is jam packed and I’m hoping the energy sticks around so I can accomplish everything I want to get done.

NYC RUNNERS & READERS, TELL ME: Are you racing this weekend? I’m debating getting out to cheer for the MORE Half Marathon on Sunday. If you’re going to be running or spectating let me know so I can plan accordingly.

27 Responses to "Race Photos Are Here!"

Great photos! You’re so smiley — I always look confused in mine. 🙂 I’m going out to cheer for the half marathoners this weekend, chilling around 96th Street on the West Side. Hopefully it’s nice out!

Great pictures- isn’t crossing the finish line (whether it’s a race, graduation, or something at work) so exciting?!

I’m running my first 1/2 marathon this weekend at the More Fitness 1/2 Marathon!!! You’re race last week was inspiring, I hope I can accomplish my goal as well!

Exciting! Good luck this weekend — you’ll be great!

Thanks Ali!!! Any advice for a first-timer?

My advice is to just relax. You’ve already put in the training hours, so feel confident with that. Remember to smile and enjoy the race. It’ll be lots of fun! Use the spectators and your fellow races to keep you going — the enthusiasm is contagious. And just remember that it’s all temporary. Crossing the finish line will feel AMAZING.

Awww, those are awesome!

I love the one of you away from the pack! You need to buy that. Love how adorable you are in every picture.

I’m running in the MORE/FITNESS half-marathon this weekend!! It’s my first half-marathon, and I’m so nervous and excited!

GOOD LUCK! Just have fun with it & you’ll be awesome. Don’t forget to smile for the cameras!

you are sooo happy and bubbly in your pictures!!! love it 🙂

congrats on the race!

Such good pictures! I did my first half marathon a few weeks ago and my pictures aren’t great… all the more reason to sign up for another, I guess. I LOVE the man with the peace sign! He looks so chill like finishing a half marathon… eh, no big deal.

Those are great race photos!

Your photos are so fun! I love ’em! I look like death in mine – hah. I’m glad to see someone was enjoying the race 🙂

Love the pictures! And love the one with the old man giving the peace sign, so random!

Wow! GREAT pictures! They took a lot of you! I’m leaving NYC this weekend to head to DC for the Cherry Blossom! I hope I have as great a race as you did last weekend!

Good luck in DC! Sounds like it’s going to be a beautiful weekend for racing.

Nice race pics!

I will be cheering everyone on this weekend with 3 more members of the Runner Army. Location of cheering yet to be determined.
Join us if you wish.

Yes! Let me know where you’ll be. Depending on how my Saturday night goes, I’m hoping to get out there to do some cheering.

I was going to run More this weekend but I got sidelined with shin splints and haven’t run in 8 days. 🙁 I hope to run a few miles (in new sneakers) today.

LOVE the photos! Great job too!! 🙂

PS I love the leg warmers!!!!

You got some good ones! I love the smile after the finishline!

great photos! I’m thinking of cheering – let me know if you decide to go!