I Feel Famous

Date: March 21, 2011 at 7:43 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 6

We survived Monday! High fives all around!

Today flew by because I was so busy. After work I scooted up to the gym for a Chisel class (not too many squats today, yay!) and some Spinning. Mondays are normally one of my favorite spin classes, but today’s just felt a bit off. Maybe because the instructor’s microphone was broken? Whatever it was, the energy just wasn’t there. Still, it always feels good to break a sweat, so I can’t complain.

Why do I feel famous, you ask?

Remember a little while back when I got a screen test with the nice people at Jack Rabbit Sports for the Run the Rabbit campaign they’re doing?

Today I saw on the website that they put a teaser video together, and guess who’s in it?

See anyone you recognize?

The video is cute and got me really excited about all the great things Jack Rabbit will do with this campaign.

Hi, I'm Ali!

The video features some of the 60 people who got screen tests ā€” myself included. Jack Rabbit will reveal the six finalists at the New York Running Show on April 22. Very exciting!

Tonight’s dinner was filling and delicious. I had some cauliflower and broccoli plus some homemade pizza (whole wheat pita bread, spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese). I even cut up some of the veggies and threw them on the pizza. Yum!

I love veggies…

…but I REALLY love pizza!

OK, time to do some stretching, foam rolling and, uh, showering. Until tomorrow…

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT: Do you do spring cleaning? Today is the first full day of spring, and although it was snowing and raining in the northeast, it’s still time to think about spring cleaning! Honestly, I do every day cleaning, but I do love the idea of cleaning everything out with the new season. I plan on cleaning out my closet sometime this week and doing some donating!

6 Responses to "I Feel Famous"

I haven’t done spring cleaning, but now that you mention it, sounds like a fabulous idea!!! It’s nice to clear the closet sometimes šŸ™‚

I usually get the urge to purge right around this time. I want to buy new spring clothes, but I have to get rid of the old first. I always donate to the church in our neighborhood or send my things to the high school my mom teaches at. The girls love new clothes!

way to snag a front and center spot in that group collage! awesome!!

I have major spring cleaning planned for this weekend…it’s out with the old in with the new…I am ready to pull out the kids spring/summer clothes and I have started wearing open toed shoes..YAY!!

ooooh so exciting! i’m rooting for you to be picked. you totally look the part of poster girl for a running company.