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Date: February 2, 2011 at 9:38 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 13

Aside from the Turkey Trot I ran with my family in November, it’s been almost a year since my last race!

One of my favorite things about racing is creating a new playlist for the occasion.

On Sunday, I’m running the New York Road Runners Gridiron Classic 4 Mile race. I’m also planning on tacking on another 6 miles after the race to make it a long training run in preparation for the National 1/2 Marathon in March.

Naturally a “Pump Me Up Playlist” is necessary for the occasion.

I know the race is several days away, but I had some time tonight to blast music and decided to get it done. Here’s what I’ll be running to on Sunday:

(I can’t figure out how to make this show up non-blurry ā€” sorry, folks. But if you click on the playlist it’ll open the image up looking shiny and bright and clear.)

The theme behind this playlist? “Remember Summer?” In addition to some of my current favorite songs (“S&M” by Rihanna, “Hold It Against Me” by my BFF Britney) I also included a ton of the songs I was running to all summer long, like “Womanizer” and “Dynamite.” I’m hoping having these songs playing will remind me of scooting along the Hudson River Parkway in the scorching heat.

Also of note: I put way more songs on playlists than I will need. I get music ADD while I’m running and rarely listen to an entire song. I also listen to the playlist on shuffle ā€” I like to be surprised by what song is coming next.

Fun fact: I almost always cry at the start line of races. Maybe it’s because I’ve done so few races in general. But I cried the first time I raced, I cried at all three half marathons and I cried at the Turkey Trot because I was so excited. Lame? Normal? I guess you tell me.

In other news, today was a good day. Everyone at work had a field day with my outfit, so now I feel pressure to wear something good the rest of the week! I got out of work earlier than I had hoped ā€” as in, on time ā€” so I went to the gym for an amazing weights and spinning session.

I was sitting in the front row during spinning and the teacher saw my name on the sign-up sheet and kept yelling it out. I loved it! “Pedal faster, Alison, you came here to push yourself!” Welp, he was right. And I pedaled faster and pushed harder. It was great motivation.

TELL ME: What are your must-have race day songs? I always start my race listening to “I Drove All Night” by Celine Dion and cross the finish line listening to “A Brand New Day” from The Wiz. Those were randomly the songs I had playing during my first-ever race and the tradition stuck.

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I am going to have to download some of these songs!! I need new running music, as in a complete overhaul! Thanks for the music šŸ™‚
I need to have some Nickelback on there and Pink is my new favorite right now.

i don’t run to music but might have to start on the treadmill since this SNICE (Snow+ice) ain’t stoppin!!
xoxo prettyface!

I love that I am not the only one who runs to songs from Legally Blonde The Musical!

Love your music choices, I definitely need some new ones! One of my “go to” race songs is Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” right during the middle. When I ran track in high school and we did interval sessions, we would always sing “ohhhhh, we’re halfway there” when we were half way done. Such good memories šŸ™‚

I’m with Sara, I don’t run with music unless I’m forced to go on the dreadmill.

I don’t cry per say at the start of races, but I do often find myself becoming a bit emotional. I have no idea how many races I’ve ran in my life, but when I was a newbie I don’t ever remember getting emotional. I do however cry when watching races and while running marathons (but I’ve only ran 3 of those). Glad I’m not alone!

totally loving your playlist. my current fav song is Coming Home by P.Diddy and also anything by Florence and the Machine. good seeing you at the gym today! =]

Love your play list! I haven’t run any races yet — trying to get in shape to run a 5k this spring. Play list has to have tons of Britney, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Gaga, etc. That song “3” by Britney is one of my favorite to exercise to.

i’ve been running to “let me think about it” for years – one of my favs! love the list – gave me some new tunes to download.

I usually only listen to music on the treadmill, so I’ve never had a race playlist. I sing lots of songs in my head, though!

I am pretty emotional at races. Usually I am excited at the start and cry at the finish. During my marathon, I burst into tears when I saw my aunt and uncle at mile 24. I was so overcome by the whole experience.

Now that you’re a part of NYRR, you’ll have lots of race day fun!

Tightrope is SUCH a good song. This is a great list. Love it!

Love the playlist – mine needs a refresh and I’ll be dowloading a few of these…

PS – How do you copy your playlist from iTunes? I’ve tried every way I can think of and I’ve never been successful!

I did a screen grab of the iTunes playlist, then uploaded it as an image.