Race Recaps

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I love racing, especially in new places. If you have a favorite race I should know about, let me know in the comments. And then let’s run it together! (Can I also stay with you, please?)


FITNESS Mind Body & Spirit Games (4 M): 40:46 (10:11 pace)


Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon: 2:14:47 (10:17 pace)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon: 2:07:12 (9:43 pace)


New York City Half Marathon: 2:00:03 (9:10 pace)

Abington YMCA Gobble Wobble 5K: 24:34 (7:55 pace)


Gridiron Classic (4 M): 31:12 (7:48 pace)

National Half Marathon: 1:44:48 (8:00 pace) — Half Marathon PR

Scotland 10K: 50:09 (8:05 pace)

NYRR 4 Mile: 31:08 (7:47 pace)

UAE Healthy Kidney 10K: 49:35 (7:59 pace)

Brooklyn Half Marathon: 1:52:14 (8:34 pace)

New York Road Runners Mini 10K: 50:41 (8:10 pace)

Fairfield Half Marathon: 1:56:11 (8:57 pace)

Battle of Brooklyn (10 M): 1:26:10 (8:44ish pace)

FITNESS Mind, Body & Spirit Games (4 M): 39:14 (9:49 pace)

Hamptons Marathon: 4:13:37

Army 10-Miler: 1:36:48 (9:40 pace)

Race to Deliver (4 M): 30:24 (7:36 pace)

Bow Police Association Turkey Trot 5K: 23:06 (7:27 pace)

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon: 1:52:49 (8:37 pace)

Ted Corbitt 15K 1:17:47 (8:22 pace) — 15K PR


Joe Kleinerman 10K: 50:52 (8:13 pace)

North Fork Century (101.3 M — Cycling): 5:58 (17 mph)

Bronx 10-Miler: 1:22:19 (8:14 pace)

Hamptons Half Marathon: 1:47:41 (8:11 pace)

Manchester City Marathon: 3:51:20 (8:50 pace) — Marathon PR


New York City Marathon: 3:58:42


Spring Duathlon at Smolak Farms (3.2 M run, 13.3 M bike by Brian, 1.5 M run)

Bridgehampton Half Marathon: 1:51:25 (8:30 pace)

Fairfield Half Marathon: 1:53:13 (8:39 pace)

Ragnar Relay Adirondacks

Bronx 10-Mile: 1:20:58 (8:06 pace) — 10 Mile PR

Steamtown Marathon: 4:07:11 (9:26 pace)

Runner’s World Half Marathon & Festival 5K: 23:28 (7:32 pace)

Runner’s World Half Marathon & Festival 10K: 52:56 (8:31 pace)

Runner’s World Half Marathon: 1:51:40 (8:31 pace)

New York City Marathon: 3:53:56

Prospect Park Track Club Turkey Trot (5 M): 38:41 (7:44 pace)


More/Fitness/SHAPE Half Marathon: 1:52:42 (8:36 pace)

Brooklyn Half Marathon: 1:53:08 (8:38 pace)

NYRR Team Championships (5 M): 41:13 (8:15 pace)


NYRR Gridiron 4M: 30:34 (7:39 pace)

Scotland Run 10K: 48:51 (7:52 pace) — 10K PR

MORE/Shape Half Marathon: 1:50:21 (8:26 pace)

Airbnb Brooklyn Half: 1:46:31 (8:08 pace)

NYRR New York Mini 10K: 49:54 (8:02 pace)

Party With Purpose 5K: 23:04 (7:25 pace)

NYRR Team Championships (5 M): 39:37 (7:56 pace)

The Inaugural Brooklyn Mile: 6:23

New York City Marathon: 4:49:58 (11:04 pace)

North Wales Turkey Trot (5K) — with Ellie: 29:11 (9:22 pace)


Cranford Cougar Dash 5K

Stevens Cooperative School 5K

New Jersey Half Marathon

Airbnb Brooklyn Half: 2:03:11 (9:24 pace)

Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K: 22:59 (7:24 pace)

Ashenfelter 8K Turkey Trot — with Ellie: 54:21 (10:32 pace)


Bermuda Triangle Challenge: 6:53 Mile, 51:39 10K (8:19 pace), 1:53.49 Half Marathon (8:41 pace)

Stevens Cooperative School 5K — with Ellie: 31:16 (Pregnant!)

New Jersey Half Marathon: 1:58.33 (Pregnant!)

Superhero Half Marathon: 2:14.22 (10:15 pace) (Pregnant!)

NYRR New York Mini 10K: 56:37 (9:07 pace) (Pregnant!)

Grete’s Great Gallop 10K: 1:04.13 (10:20 pace) (Pregnant!)


United Airlines NYC Half: 1:52.44

Popular Brooklyn Half: 1:55.24 (8:49 pace)

NYRR New York Mini 10K: 49:52 (8:02 pace)

Fifth Avenue Mile: 6:10 — Mile PR

Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K: 21:43 (7:00 pace) — 5K PR

Race to Deliver 4M: 29:22 (7:21 pace) — 4 Mile PR

Montclair Bread Company 5K Doughnut Run: 22:48 (7:21 pace)

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great races to run – I love that you chose destinations for your 1/2’s! I’m running NYC this Sunday but my next Marathon is Napa Valley in March!

I’m also very jealous that you were able to convince your bf to run with you. How fun!

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I love seeing how much faster you got over the years!!

great race times you seem to get much faster each time. So keep it up and you will rock the half in under 1 hour 30 soon

I just found your blog and I realized that I also ran the Abington Turkey trot, and think i remember seeing the indians!!! kinda crazyy. i didnt dress up.. but would have loved too.
it was also my first 5k too other than a mud run!

chicago monster 1/2 marathon october 29, 2011 it’s gonna be my first 1/2!!!

Alison Burt says: May 22, 2016 at 10:24 pm

Please come to Buffalo! I ran the half last year and I am running my first full on May 29th! It’s a great course and awesome crowd. I came across your blog and was creeped out by how similar we are. Same name (and spelling!) and I’m dating a Brian too! Thank you for being a great role model! It would be awesome if you came to Buffalo!

I’m running the NYC marathon next Sunday too!! This will be my first marathon ever so I am very nervous/excited – your blog post definitely inspired me!

So exciting! Good luck, have fun, and enjoy every step of the way. It’s the BEST race, and there’s nothing like your first marathon!

Camila Maria says: December 28, 2016 at 1:23 pm

You should definitely come down for the Miami Marathon & Half Marathon on January 29. The weather here will be a huge change from the cold and the route is so scenic and beautiful. This will be my first Half Marathon and I am so excited to finally be able to run after months of training.

If you ever get to Florida, run the Walt Disney World races. I did the Half Marathon race, absolutely amazing! Not to mention, awesome finisher medals!

You have to come to Philadelphia and run the Broad Street Run- the largest 10 mile race in the country! (And has a negative net elevation so that’s almost even better than all the energy throughout the whole course!)

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