Thankful Things Thursday: Six Happy Things (Including A PRO Compression Giveaway!)

Date: September 15, 2016 at 9:41 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 145

Yesterday was the first day I didn’t even try to run or do anything physical.

Until that point, I was putting my shoes and watch on every single day of this flare to at least try to get a run in, defeating as it may be. While I was in L.A., I didn’t bother running, but I took a yoga class and two spin classes. Not yesterday, though. Yesterday I just didn’t have it in me. Usually my stomach settles down a bit in the afternoon so I can try and run then, but that point never came, so I never even tried to get out. (And I didn’t try to spin or do yoga either.) Marathon training is going great.

Being silly on set last week.

Being silly on set last week.

After spending the morning calling doctors, fighting with insurance companies, struggling to get the copies of my health records that a new doctor will require, and failing to understand my very limited options when it comes to getting the treatment I need, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch, eat garbage food, and feel sad.

So if you came here looking for inspiration to “fight” or “stay positive,” I just wasn’t your girl yesterday.

But I told myself I’d be that girl today. “I’ll let myself feel sad and pathetic today, and then tomorrow I’ll wake up ready to do the fighting thing,” I said [out loud to Ellie, probably].



So far today, though? It’s not going so great. I couldn’t even walk Ellie to school without needing to make an emergency dash into the ferry terminal to use the bathroom. Then, when I got back home, the concierge at the front desk — who usually lets me leave my keys with her while I run — asked why I haven’t been out running lately. My eyes immediately welled up with tears, and I awkwardly responded, “Oh, I’ve just been traveling a lot!” Lies.

I’m angry, I’m frustrated, I’m upset, and I’m trying not to think about the fact that I’m supposed to go on an anniversary trip to Paris in a week, or that I’m supposed to run a marathon in a month and a half.

By now I know that much of this disease is beyond my control. But one thing I can try to control — when I’m up for it — is my outlook. Today is Thursday, so this is me, forcing myself to adopt a Thankful Things Thursday attitude. Fake it until you make it, right? So in that spirit, here are six things making me happy right now — and one thing that I hope will make one of you happy!

She was happy about this, I swear.

She was happy about this, I swear.

1. Ellie turned one yesterday!

They grow up so fast! I actually really cannot believe Ellie is already one year old. (Or like, one-ish. She was a rescue, so we don’t know her actual birthday, but they estimated she was 12 weeks old when we got her, so I counted backward from 12 and bam, her birthday is September 14!) I had big dreams of throwing her a grand birthday party filled with a giant dog-friendly cake and lots of dog and human friends. But then travel got in the way, and sickness got in the way, and so we settled on having a celebration at home.



After a morning of snuggling, Brian took Ellie out to go to the bathroom around 7:30, and then she proceeded to sleep until 5 PM. What a life!

Then we celebrated by doing some of Ellie’s favorite things: We walked to the ferry to meet Brian when he got off the boat, then went to say hi to her friends at school, and then went to the building next to her school where the doorman loves her and always gives her treats. (She wore her new birthday hat for all of these activities. At first she wasn’t sure about it, then she loved it and whenever I would take it off, she’d sit in front of me crying until I put it back on.)

The little princess.

The little princess.

When we came home, we gave Ellie her presents: a giant box filled with squeaky balls (that say Happy Birthday on them, of course). She went crazy for them, and we now have approximately 382 tennis balls in every crevice of our apartment. Finally, I made Ellie a “cake” out of deli meats. She ate the entire thing in about 30 seconds. All in all it was a very happy day for our little wild child.

Deli meat cake!

Deli meat cake!

2. Project Start is in full effect. 

I am excited and honored to be a part of a new project with Women’s Running and a kickass group of women. It’s called Project Start, and it’s an initiative with the goal to get women moving. None of the women involved started out as athletes. We all have different stories and different reasons to run, but the one thing that unites us all is that starting wasn’t easy — and I think that’s the case for lots of people.

Follow along. We’ll be sharing our stories, encouraging you to share yours, and doing all kinds of events and meet-ups and fun things over the coming weeks. (And remember, everyone had to start somewhere. Everyone had their first run at some point. And it probably wasn’t easy.)

3. I got to see some great dancing in L.A.

I was hoping for a Tate victory, but Kida is hugely deserving of the America's Favorite Dancer title. Congrats, kid!

I was hoping for a Tate victory, but Kida is hugely deserving of the America’s Favorite Dancer title. Congrats, kid! (Also the shadow of my phone on my neck in this photo really freaks me out.)

I attended the taping of Newsies Live, which included nine of the original Broadway cast members (like my neighbor, Jeremy Jordan!), as well as the So You Think You Can Dance finale, which was fun, as always. I cried so many times both nights.

This is Conroy, my old roommate! Remember her? She's the one who took me for my first run!

This is Conroy, my old roommate! Remember her? She’s the one who took me for my first run!

4. I am obsessed with acai bowls. 

I realize you’ve all been eating these things for years now, but I had my first acai bowl (followed immediately by my second acai bowl) while I was in L.A., and ohmygod I get it! Mine had an acai base plus dried coconut flakes, peanut butter, cacao nibs, granola, strawberries, and banana. I need someone to come make me a bowl every morning for breakfast. Volunteer in the comments, plz.

Whoa creep...

Whoa creep…

5. I’m also obsessed with getting blowouts. 

Yet another thing everyone else has been doing for years that I’m just now getting into. Before going to see Newsies, Conroy was like, “I made appointments for us at Drybar,” and I was all, “OK.”



Then, a mere 24 hours later, before going to So You Think You Can Dance, I was like, “HEY CONROY, WANNA GET BLOWOUTS AGAIN?” And maybe she thought I was kidding, but we got blowouts again, and now I want to get my hair professionally styled every single day.

Shameless selfie, because my hair wasn't in a topknot for once.

Shameless selfie, because my hair wasn’t in a topknot for once.

6. I want you to win a pair of PRO Compression socks!

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of compression, especially during marathon training. (Fun fact: I wore compression socks on my first date with Brian.) My favorite post-long-run routine is to drink a smoothie, take a long shower, and then curl up in bed wearing compression socks (and nothing else! JK! maybe!) for a long nap.

Modeled by Selena Gomez.

Modeled by Selena Gomez.

Want to do the same? (Nudity optional.) The kind people at PRO Compression are offering up a pair of compression socks to one lucky Ali On The Run reader! Want to get your hands on (and your feet in) a pair? I’ll make entering super easy for you.

To enter, leave a comment below answering one (or all!) of the following questions. 

  1. What’s something that makes you happy every single day?
  2. What’s something nice you do for yourself every day? (Yoga! Foam rolling! Talking to your mom! Eating ice cream! Eating ice cream while foam rolling and FaceTiming with your mom when you get home from yoga!)
  3. What’s your favorite musical?

This giveaway will close at 5 PM on Sunday, September 18. Giveaway open to U.S. entrants only. (Sorry, Canada! Sorry, Australia!)


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