11 Reasons I Loved February

Date: March 1, 2018 at 12:34 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 17

This week has felt like a month, and this past month — the so-called shortest one — felt like a year. But it’s officially March, which signals spring! And I’ve got a little pep in my step today, so I wanted to pop in to look back at the past 28 days. Because even though, for whatever reason, February’s days and weeks felt never-ending at times, I’m here feeling equal parts motivated and exhausted. But mostly motivated. And excited.

So in the spirit of yay, here are 11 reasons February was a great month.

11 Reasons I Loved February


1. I went to Minneapolis for the Super Saturday Night show with Brian!

This was a great way to kick off the month. As you may have seen, Brian and his company have been working quite a bit with a few familiar faces: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Jennifer was performing in Minneapolis the day before the Super Bowl, so Brian and his crew were out there shooting a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff — and I got to be part of the team for the day!

11 Reasons I Loved February

The crew! Looking so fresh at 2 AM.

I was there as a producer, so I basically spent the day with one of our camera guys (hi Nathan! miss u!) shooting rehearsals and the show itself, and, my favorite part, interviewing her dancers and choreographers. And I finally got to meet Brian’s BFF Alex, who has most definitely spent more time in the past six months with my husband than I have. It was a super fun trip and I loved being around dancers for a solid 22 hours. (And no, we didn’t stay for the Super Bowl. JLo > football.)

11 Reasons I Loved February

That’s me, basically getting a private show. Thanks, Jennifer!

2. I ran a 6:26 mile at Orangetheory!

I love where I’m at with running right now. I run 1–3 times a week outside (follow me on Strava!), and go to Orangetheory on the other days. I love feeling really relaxed about fitness right now, and it seems to be working well for me.

Six months ago, I was so sick I couldn’t even walk Ellie around the block. Then, in January, I ran three races in three days in Bermuda, including a half marathon! And then, a month after that, I busted out a 6:26 mile at Orangetheory. That’s only three seconds slower than my fastest mile ever. It felt so good and so victorious.

11 Reasons I Loved February

Post-victory mile!

The setbacks are hard. I hate Crohn’s disease for constantly making me feel like I’m starting from scratch. For making me have to give up my goals. For pushing me to the sidelines over and over. But the comebacks… my god, the comebacks are so satisfying.

3. I found a new favorite work spot!

Now that I’m feeling better and can stand being away from home (and my bathroom) for hours at a time, it’s nice to find new places to work. I definitely haven’t done that enough over the past few years of being freelance. But I found this super cute coffee shop right next door to Orangetheory, and I started going early in the morning (before it gets crowded) and getting some work done before I go to my OTF class. I love my home office, but I also really love this little spot right on the Hudson.

11 Reasons I Loved February

I think I’m gonna like it here!

4. I saw some really magical sunrises.

I love mornings. I love the possibility of a new day, a fresh start, a clean slate. This month, I spent many mornings meditating in bed (I started using Headspace, then switched over to Calm) for 10–15 minutes, then going for a morning walk along the water. I love seeing the sun rise over the New York City skyline, and I listen to my “Morning Acoustic” playlist and feel all groovy and centered before I plop down in front of my computer for a while.

11 Reasons I Loved February

Yeah clearly I CAN paint with all the colors of the wind, THANKS FOR ASKING.

5. I welcomed my very first first sponsor to the Ali on the Run Show!

I always knew that when I started working with sponsors on my podcast, they would be ones I chose, ones I wanted to work with, and ones I felt really passionate about. Strava was always at the top of my list, so I was thrilled we seamlessly made this partnership happen. The Ali on the Run Show turned one in February, and I am happy to be turning this venture into a viable part of my career.

11 Reasons I Loved February


I have so many big plans for the Ali on the Run Show, and I’ll get to share most of them with you so soon. The live show is coming. Fun, functional Ali on the Run Show merch is coming, which you know if you saw my amazing sketches on Insta Stories. And I’m launching a new weekly series in addition to the Thursday episodes. These episodes will be shorter, and are more about life stuff than running stuff. Stand by! It’s all happening! (And if you didn’t get into the New York City Marathon during yesterday’s lottery drawing, click here for your chance to win an entry from Strava! Tell them Ali on the Run sent ya!)

6. I got brunch with Elaine! 

I know I mentioned this already, but this was such a highlight. Elaine has been reading this blog forever, and to get to surprise her at brunch was so much fun. I love people.

11 Reasons I Loved February

ELAINE! BFF! (Also is she a babe or what?!)

7. Brian and I celebrated our 7-year meetiversary!

We got dinner at Lilia, which is probably my favorite restaurant of all-time, and is definitely my current favorite restaurant. (I’ve been twice, so I’m an expert.) It’s in Brooklyn, and the focaccia is so good, and I would like to bathe in the mafaldini. You should go there.

11 Reasons I Loved February

Brian, I’ve known you for 7 years now and I still REALLY like you!

8. I had the best Valentine’s Day!

I love Valentine’s Day. I love love. It makes me so happy. And Valentine’s Day was perfect from start to finish. My day started at Orangetheory, where we did a three-person workout, and my team won! (I don’t remember what the “competition” was, but I know we won it.)

11 Reasons I Loved February

My team!

Then, Brian planned a wonderful evening for the two of us, which started with dinner at The Modern (OMG so good) and finished at a comedy club (I love laughing!). It was the most perfect day of 2018, so far, probably.

11 Reasons I Loved February

This was, oh, 8 glasses into the wine pairing…

9. Ellie enjoyed lots of great adventures! 

My favorite thing is when Brian is in town and we get to take Ellie on weekend adventures together. In February, we spent one afternoon at Asbury Park (a dog-friendly beach!), and last weekend I took Ellie for a long walk along the Saddle River Parkway. (That might not be what it’s called, IDK.) And last night, we wrapped up February at a big dog park about an hour away, where Ellie ran so hard that she is officially out of commission today. She’s so sore and so tired, and it’s the cutest.

11 Reasons I Loved February

The happiest beach baby! Do you think we look alike?

10. I ran with friends in my favorite places and some new-to-me places!

I ran twice with my friend Ashley — once along the West Side Highway, and another time at Branch Brook Park in Newark — and once with my friend Grace in Central Park. I love running and I love running with friends. Magic all around.

11 Reasons I Loved February

Self-timer jump shot FAIL. We tried so hard, so many times, and did not succeed even once.

11. I did not feel a single Crohn’s symptom the entire month.


I’m feeling good about life right now. I’m excited about my dreams for the Ali on the Run Show, and feel emotionally stronger than I have in a while. I’m equally proud of my mental progress this month as I am with that 6:26 mile. Victories and celebrations all around.

11 Reasons I Loved February


Here’s to March!


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