Ellie, this is your new home! We are so happy you are here!

Meet Ellie!

Date: December 8, 2015 at 10:18 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 41

On Sunday afternoon, I went for a run.

Then I came home with a puppy!

Meet Ellie!

Those floppy ears and those puppy eyes!

Those floppy ears and those puppy eyes!

Brian and I were not planning to get a dog this weekend or anytime soon. If you’ve read this blog for more than 12 seconds — or you’ve ever seen me at my most excited in Central Park or on any given sidewalk — you know I looooooove dogs. Love love love love love them.

I never grew up with animals, so I think that’s part of the reason I absolutely must pet every pup I see strolling around the city (sorry, owners!).

It's like that movie Must Love Dogs. Except for the part where I've never seen that movie.

It’s like that movie Must Love Dogs. Except for the part where I’ve never seen that movie.

Brian and I have always said we would get a dog “someday.” But in the meantime, my stuffed dog, FAO, was filling the void. Because in my mind he’s real and I talk to him as such.

Wearing a onesie and gold sequin slippers, holding a stuffed dog. I am 30, I swear.

Wearing a onesie and gold sequin slippers, holding a stuffed dog. I am 30, I swear. (Photo by Erin Baiano!)

We always said we would get a little goldendoodle puppy. We both love that breed, and I always pictured us having a teeny tiny curly puppy. (I’ve pictured my future dog more than I had pictured my future wedding. Solid.)

This Sunday, neither of us were feeling particularly motivated to work out or do much of anything. In fact, I was feeling a little sad. Just one of those days. I was going to go for a run, but wasn’t up for it yet, so we went for a walk around the neighborhood.



Just a few blocks south, we spotted the In Our Hands Rescue mobile adoption center. So we weren’t not going to stroll by and gawk at the munchkins in the window.

The next thing I knew, Brian had gone all “How much is that doggy in the window?” and was inside, checking out the puppies.

There was a litter of 11 teeny tiny 7-week-old pitbull mixes, and a few sweet shepherds (the only dog I’m afraid of on account of both childhood and adulthood attacks!), and there in a crate by herself was this 12-week-old “Golden Mix.”

She was just lying down, totally calm, very sleepy, and Brian was like, “I love her” in a way he has never proclaimed his love for me. He had these giant [puppy dog] eyes, and was so excited and was just completely smitten with her.



But I was basically like, “Yeah no, we are not getting a dog today. Come on. Let’s go stand outside Shake Shack and smell the burgers and fries for a while.”

We stood and stared at her for a long time. A really long time. Long enough to watch three other puppies get adopted.

Finally I was like, “No, we are going,” and set out for my run, thinking Brian was going to go home and go on a bike ride.

Five miles later, I texted Brian that I was going to swing back by the adoption center to see if that puppy had found a home. I just needed to know. I couldn’t imagine that sweet face not going home to a home that night, or ever.

PAWSitively cute. (Too much?)

PAWSitively cute. (Too much?)

I ran the mile from the park to the rescue spot, walked inside, and there she was.

And guess who else was there?


I listed all the reasons it maybe wasn’t a good idea to get a puppy.

Brian listed all the reasons to stop making up excuses like, “My hair is a really weird color right now, and I should figure that out before we get a dog.” (Seriously, I have never in my life colored my hair or touched it with anything other than a brush and a lot of Freeze-It during my dance days — why is it 14 different shades of “natural highlights?”)

See? The hair is a real problem.

See? The hair is a real problem.

Then they let us hold her.

And it was just game over.

The next thing I knew, Brian was filling out the adoption paperwork and I was staring into her eyes and rubbing her floppy ear, and I knew she was coming home with us.

Our official adoption photo!

Our official adoption photo!

Since she hasn’t had all of her shots yet, we can’t take her out and about, and they told us to carry her home.

I held onto that girl for 10 blocks, so proudly showing her off to everyone that passed and gushed over her. I immediately felt like a proud puppy parent. And immediately started using phrases I used to roll my eyes at, like “puppy parent!”

This hair color is just not normal.

This hair color is just not normal. And yeah, I was in my sweaty post-run clothes and I was cold, so Brian gave me his jacket. I look amazing.

My arms were shaking by the time we got her home. She's cute, but she's not light!

My arms were shaking by the time we got her home. She’s cute, but she’s not light!

It was so exciting getting to bring her home and tell her that this is her home now. She’s not a foster pup anymore — she gets to live here forever! Or until we move when our lease is up on April 15!

Oh so snuggly! She had a big day!

Oh so snuggly! She had a big day!

Brian gave her a bath and went to Petco to buy all the supplies we didn’t have since, you know, we weren’t planning on getting a puppy this weekend. He immediately knew exactly how to take care of her, how to start training her, how to squash her bad habits (JK she has none, she’s perfect), and how to talk to her. He totally gets it, and I totally love petting her and taking pictures of her.

Baby's first bath!

Baby’s first bath!

When he came back, we faced the very important task of giving her a name!

I am so very excited to introduce you to our new puppy, Ellie! We gave her that name because she has a floppy ear, like all the elephants we fell in love with in Kenya! So far, Ellie’s interests include sleeping, snuggling, squeaky toys, and the Hamilton soundtrack. Her dislikes include Brian leaving for work, being told not to nip, and when all her food is gone.

So basically we have everything in common.

Ellie, this is your new home! We are so happy you are here!

Ellie, this is your new home! We are so happy you are here!

We have spent a lot of time snuggling and playing and sleeping, and she doing very well using her pee pads. Brian has miraculously already taught her to sit and shake. Tomorrow we will start working on “jazz paws” and kickline drills.



Brian has had pets his whole life, and I once had a Beta fish named Christmas (because my brother gave it to me for Christmas and I was hella creative) that died almost immediately.

So I’d say we’re ready for puppy parenthood. We’ve got this.

Puppy holidays!

Puppy holidays!

We adopted Ellie from In Our Hands Rescue. The organization has adoption events all over New York City all the time. You know…if you’re interested. Or even if you’re not. You may surprise yourself.

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