2016: So Far, So Sweet

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Happy New Year!

So far my 2016 has been pretty status quo. I have no big (or small, for that matter) 2016 goals, resolutions, defining words, or themes.

Instead, I just intend to live as simply and happily as possible.

...with this little nut by my side.

…with this little nut by my side.

I want no drama, loads of kindness, tons of hugs, and plenty of rolling with the punches. I want to celebrate victories big and small, and everything in between. I want to enjoy my first year of marriage, and want to bask in watching Ellie grow up. I want to see the world through her eyes, instead of my 30-year-old-and-sometimes-cynical ones.

With my two best friends.

With my two best friends.

In the effort to live more simply and coolly, my first blog post of the new year is in no way deep or profound or terribly thought-provoking.

Instead, here’s a “What I’m thinking, feeling, loving, and loathing lately” situation.



Watching: Making a Murderer. Aren’t we all? I only have one and a half episodes left. (Brian has three episodes left. I am not a bad wife for going ahead watching more episodes without him. It’s not my fault he works until 3 AM sometimes…) Anyway, it’s been fascinating to watch, and I can’t wait to finish so I can spend six straight days Googling everything I can find about Steven Avery and the hot lawyers and all the theories and evidence and I can’t get enough.

Ellie, meanwhile, is not so interested in the murder story.

Ellie, meanwhile, is not so interested in the murder story.

Also, fun fact, my senior prom date was named Steven Avery. Not the one from the documentary. But a Steve Avery from Contoocook, NH. He wore an all-white tux, including a top hat, and he picked me up for prom in an RV. My dad was thrilled that I went to my senior prom in a “traveling bedroom.” Now Steve Avery lives a few doors down from my parents in good ol’ Contoocook!

Contoocook! So scenic!

Contoocook! So scenic!

Oh, and watching this, on repeat, because it’s all perfect.

Reading: No books at the moment. (Any recommendations?) Since I stopped having a commute to an office, I don’t read as much (beyond internet things, which count). In the meantime, here are a few recent reads that have made me LOL:

Listening to: Acoustic Covers on Spotify and the Hamilton cast album. And sometimes “Stand By You” by Rachel Platten.

I woke up like this.

I woke up like this.

Writing: A lot! Some recent favorites (apparently this post is just a list of some random stuff)…

I can help you work!

I can help you work!

Missing: My family. Tyler. Abby. New Hampshire’s wide open spaces.

Oh excuse me while my heart just busts right open. These two were so in love. It was the best ever.

Oh excuse me while my heart just busts right open. These two were so in love. It was the best ever.

Africa. Running (yeahhh…more on that in a sec). Big grocery stores. Being able to drive places. Having more than one bathroom. Lifting weights (I could do it, and I swear I want to, I’m just lazy). November Project (on account of the not-currently-running thing).



Needing: A haircut. A massage. To take control of the unibrow I’m growing. A decent night’s sleep.

BRIAN, DON'T BE MAD. This was too sweet not to capture.

BRIAN, DON’T BE MAD. This was too sweet not to capture.

Loving: Snapchat (I’m AliOnTheRun1). Long walks in Central Park with Ellie.

Her ear doesn't flop forward anymore :( :( :( :( :( :(

Her ear doesn’t flop forward anymore 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 

When Ellie cuddles with me (sometimes she wants her own space, but sometimes she wiggles right up to me and I love it).



Appreciating: My friends and family. My dear friend’s husband passed away on Christmas Eve after fighting an incredibly brave battle with cancer. They were just married in March, and he had to have one of his legs amputated soon after. He was back in the yoga studio as soon as he could be post-surgery, taking class again — on one leg — and it was the most baller thing I’ve ever seen. He was a fighter and a champion and sometimes life just isn’t fair.

I’ve been very lucky in my life. I haven’t experienced much loss. Brian and I got to have three grandmothers — ages 85, 91, and 92 — present at our wedding, and I feel grateful for all the people I get to have around every day of my life. I know that won’t last forever (how did this post get heavy? that wasn’t the plan!), so lately I’ve taken a lot of time to be present and grateful and namaste. Let’s move on. (Hug your loved ones. I’ll wait.)

Four generations of Feller ladies! Honey is 91 and Ellie is 16 weeks. I'm 30. My mom is somewhere in between all that.

Four generations of Feller ladies! Honey is 91 and Ellie is 16 weeks. I’m 30. My mom is somewhere in between all that.

Exercising: Barely! Over the holidays, my left knee started to feel a little achy. So I stopped running. I’ve learned from my very many mistakes, and I don’t want it to turn into an injury, so I backed off right away. Ideally I would’ve jumped into the new year with a kickass workout plan and some racing goals, but instead I’m waiting it out a bit, and won’t run again until there’s no pain at all. (I think it’s just overuse, lack of strength training, lack of foam rolling, lack of stretching, tight IT-band, runner’s knee whatever. I’m not too concerned. I’m icing and resting and being a smart 30-year-old. For once.)

"But why do you have all these bikes if you don't wanna ride them?"

“But why do you have all these bikes if you don’t wanna ride them?”

Meanwhile, I’m happy to report that after a several month (oops!) hiatus, I made my way back to Lyons Den for some sweaty fun this week! Turns out, your body doesn’t just “do yoga again.” Or at least mine doesn’t. All the things I worked so hard to achieve in 2015 — headstand, handstand, forearm stand, wheel for hours on end, savasana — are gone. They’re impossible. They hurt so bad. They feel terrible. But I reminded myself that yoga isn’t going to get easier without, you know, doing yoga. I’m so wise, I can’t even take it. It feels good/awful to be back at it.



Eating: Everything. Mostly sugar and carbs. While everyone else in the world is doing Whole 30 (seriously, are all of you out there doing it???), I’m over here eating chocolate and white pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And snacks. And dessert.

Wearing: Only stretchy things, because “these sweatpants are all that fit me right now.”

Thank goodness for puffy coats and yoga pants!

Thank goodness for puffy coats and yoga pants!

Celebrating: Life. Really. I’m in that kind of mood lately.

I also celebrate every time Ellie pees and poops outside. Yay!!!

Beep beep little taxi!

Beep beep little taxi!

It was lovely spending a lot of time celebrating both Christmas and the arrival of 2016.

Three Crazy Cristianos!

Three Crazy Cristianos!

On New Year’s Eve, I started the day by taking Ellie for her first full walk around the Bridle Path. It took us about two hours to complete the 1.67-mile loop, but she loved it and snoozed like a hungover adult for hours afterward.

THE MOST SPECIAL DAY. Ellie would love Giraffe Manor, BTW.

THE MOST SPECIAL DAY. Ellie would love Giraffe Manor, BTW.

At night, Brian and I went to a gathering at my friend’s apartment. It was actually the pre-party — they were all going out dancing after — but it was our main event.

Crouching Feller, Hidden Onesie.

Crouching Feller, Hidden Jazz Hands.

Then we came home, snuggled the pup, and I passed out drunk on champagne at 11:30 PM. I woke up at 1:15 AM, completely confused and furious that Brian didn’t wake me up for the ball drop.

ONE OF US IS SOBER. The other one is a dog.

ONE OF US IS SOBER. The other one is me.


THIS IS HOW I FELL ASLEEP. I hate myself. (Brian OMG you’re sooooooo lucky. I’m your wife!)

I rang in the new year by wearing my onesie for approximately 48 hours straight. Fortunately it still fits.



You’re looking pretty decent so far, 2016. Keep that shit up.

RESPOND: How’s your 2016 going so far? Any resolutioners out there? Any big goals, plans, hopes, dreams? Anyone else still carbing hard while the rest of the world abandons us in favor of making healthy decisions? Most importantly, is Steven Avery guilty? DISCUSS.

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