Things I Think About A Lot

Things I Think About A Lot

Date: February 12, 2018 at 8:46 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 24

Hello hello hello!

It’s been a while since I’ve popped in here with an actual post and life update. I miss doing these! (Quick, someone add a few hours to the day and I’ll start blogging daily again!)

I have nothing profound to share today. Nothing groundbreaking. Nothing revelatory or revolutionary. (That’s all coming, though!) But I do have some thoughts. And I’d like to share them now.

Things I Think About A Lot

This was our 60th selfie. She was over it. Clearly.

Dan Humphrey never could have been Gossip Girl. There were a lot of implausible storylines on that amazing show (well, amazing for the first 2–3 seasons, at least), but the least believable and most insane of them all was the reveal that Dan was Gossip Girl.

I wish my bruises came with labels. My legs are constantly covered in bruises, and I never know where or when any of them are from. It would be great if the little purplish spots had notes like “walked into nightstand during 2 AM pee run” or “smashed knee getting into Uber” or “Ellie punched me.”

How do I always have chocolate on my face, hands, and to-do lists? This made sense when I was eating “trail mix” (Honey Nut Cheerios, raisins, and M&Ms) by the fistful and regularly dropping scraps down my shirt. But I don’t do that anymore, so why am I still always covered in chocolate?

Things I Think About A Lot

I just want you to see that the other day, I showered and did my hair and put on a [sports] bra. I still wore sneakers and spandex, but STILL! Look at me!

Watch this. It’s amazing.

It’s not “should of” or “suppose to.” It’s should have and supposed to. This might be my biggest grammatical pet peeve.

I’ve been starting my day mindfully! I wake up, I do a 10-minute guided meditation, and then I go for a quiet sunrise walk. It has been life-changing, I promise. Highly recommend.

Things I Think About A Lot


I really hate songs that have sirens in them. I’ll be cruising along, going roughly 25 mph over the speed limit, which is fine and safe, don’t worry, and then I’ll hear sirens and panic but then I realize nope, just the chorus of my current fave Ricky Martin jam.

Speaking of driving safety (I’m a good, responsible driver, I swear), nothing gives me more rage than seeing people Insta Storying or FaceTiming while driving. How stupid and irresponsible do you have to be? The worst part is that oftentimes it’s some “influencer” with millions of followers doing this! Sometimes they have kids in the backseat! I almost got hit by a car during my run on Saturday. A woman was FaceTiming behind the wheel (with a very young child in a carseat in the back) and blew right through a stop sign, and thank god I was paying attention because she wasn’t. She didn’t even react or apologize, either. She just drove away. You can imagine how calm I was about this…

Things I Think About A Lot

“LADY R U SERIOUS?” Ellie, probably, if she had been there.

Nothing is so important that it can’t wait for you to pull over or stop your car before being on your phone. NOTHING. Nothing — not even a sing-along to your favorite song! — is worth putting yourself, your kids, or other people on the road in danger because you feel some compulsive need to record yourself or video chat with someone while driving. Distracted driving is as bad as drunk driving! (I don’t have statistics on this, but probably.) Cut the shit, people. /rant (for now).

I’m going to run some races this spring! I’m going to keep doing my thing, which is basically doing a few Orangetheory classes a week plus one or two outdoor runs (two is… ambitious at the moment). So, I’m going to sign up for races and not specifically train for them, knowing that’s how I tend to race best! I’m currently eyeing The Baker’s Dozen Half, because my fast friend Christina says it’s awesome, and might do the New Jersey Half again because it was so fun last year. But no more half marathons, then, and definitely nothing further than that. We’ll see. Just trying to keep the mind and body happy and cohesive! (I mostly just want to do local 5Ks, so if you know of any I should do, hit me up!)

Things I Think About A Lot

I went running in Central Park and it was awesome! (Follow me on Strava!)

I really want to get back into a yoga routine, but I can’t motivate to make it happen. I need a yoga buddy. Help.

This is a great read about being a freelance writer. I practically pinched a nerve from nodding along so aggressively.

The Ali on the Run Show turned one this weekend! I’m so proud of this show and am so excited for what I have in the works for 2018. I know I’ve teased the live show (!!!) and weekly Facebook Live Q&A-style sessions, but today I also put some work into a new weekly series (in addition to the regular Thursday episodes) that I think will be great!

Things I Think About A Lot

Sparkly backdrops, coming soon to all things Ali on the Run. (No, really. I am INSPIRED.)

Have you RSVP’d to #AlisPushUpParty?! Listen to this episode of the Ali on the Run Show with the very inspiring November Project co-leader Emily Saul. Emily challenged me to do 50 push-ups a day for 30 days, and I need you to do this with me. I’m posting updates on Instagram Stories. (Not while driving.) Join the fun — it’s not too late!

I just finished reading For Better or For Work, which is a must-read for entrepreneurs and their spouses, and was one of the best, most helpful books I’ve ever read. I will probably read this book 500 more times. Next up: The Spirituality of Imperfection, which my best bud Chris Heuisler recommended, and then Endure, which my friend Ed sent me this week. (I have the best dude friends. Both books came with accompanying texts along the lines of, “Feller, you’re way too hard on yourself,” but YOLO!)

Things I Think About A Lot

Thanks, Ed!

The best things on the Internet are High School Musical memes. Like this! Nothing makes me laugh harder.

One last thing…

I’m mostly feeling a lot better since recording and releasing this episode of the Ali on the Run ShowSome days and moments I feel so motivated and excited and energetic, and other times I still feel lost and confused and frustrated and like I’m doing everything wrong. I know in one sense “that’s life,” and I’m always working through all these feelings, but that episode did seem to mark a bit of a turning point for me, even if it’s only a temporary one. Thank you again for the support and the feedback. So many comments gave me so much to think about, and I feel really grateful to have such a wonderful support system, especially when I sometimes feel isolated and alone doing the whole freelance / work from home / entrepreneur wife thing. I love ya.

Things I Think About A Lot

DANCE TOO MUCH BOOTY IN THE PANTS. Remember that song?! Classic.

One last last thing, and I want you to respond!

WHAT DOES SUCCESS MEAN TO YOU? What does it look like? How does it feel? 

Let me know! 

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