Hello From Vermont!

Date: August 31, 2016 at 2:22 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 19

Hello from the Green Mountain State!

This is the third (and final!) state on our Annual Tour de New England. First, Brian, Ellie, and I spent a few days in Massachusetts to celebrate my niece’s second birthday.

Cheesing with the birthday girl!

Cheesing with the birthday girl!

Then, we had a brief “layover” in New Hampshire, where we stayed with my parents and, obviously, made some time for outlet shopping and lunch at Ruby Tuesday.

My mom bought Ellie her own little pool. She loved it.

My mom bought Ellie her own little pool. She loved it.

Now we’re in Waterbury, VT, for a week, where Brian will embark on his four-day cycling stage race starting Friday.

I love coming up here every year. We stay in this big house on a farm with horses and a mini horse like Li’l Sebastian and all of Brian’s teammates. It’s always a nice break from the norm, and this year is especially fun because we have Ellie in tow, and she’s loving all the space and greenery and off-leash opportunities.

Ellie and her spandexed friends.

Ellie and her spandexed friends.

So that’s what’s new right this second. And here’s what’s new beyond that…

EATING: Lots of nuts!

Thanks to nuts.com. The very kind people at nuts.com saw that I’m trying to snack smarter during marathon training, so they sent me a whole bunch of their most delicious nuts. Naturally I immediately devoured the sweetest ones, like the cocoa dusted almonds, but I’m also enjoying the regular [healthy] roasted varieties, too. Check ’em out.

My attempt at a nice photo of nuts.

My attempt at a nice photo of nuts.

RACING: The Newport Liberty Half!

I’ve always wanted to run this race, which is touted as being flat and fast and on the water with killer views of the NYC skyline. Now that I’m a Jersey Girl, this race is a logistical breeze! (Though it’s a logistical breeze no matter where you live, since it’s super PATH-accessible.) I’ll be doing a few warm-up miles to get to the race, making this a sort of long run tempo effort — or something like that. TBD.

Bright lights! Big city!

Bright lights! Big city!

RUNNING: Around the island of Manhattan!

Well, I’m not. But my friend Liysa is. She organized this run — called No Manhattan Is An Island — and you should check it out. Read her story, and join her for some of the 30+ miles (or all of them!). All proceeds benefit The Herren Project.

LAUGHING: At this.




TESTING: My blood!

I finally tried InsideTracker, and I just got my results and am super excited to share them. That’ll be a separate post. But get ready to learn so much about my biomarkers and my cortisol levels and stuff!

I even got a cool Band-Aid!

I even got a cool Band-Aid!

TRAVELING: Quite a bit this month. 

After this whirlwind tour of the northeast, I’m back home for two days before jetting off to west coast. You’ve heard that the original Broadway cast of Newsies is reuniting for one night only, and that they’re taping the performance to show it in theaters next year, right? Well they are. And I’m going to the taping. For work. My job is hard.

Then I’m back from L.A. for a week before heading to Paris! Paris will be a true unplugged vacation, which Brian and I both need. Any recommendations for things to do, places to eat, champagne to drink? I have a list of things I want to see and do, but it’s a pretty basic, touristy list. Feel free to provide expert advice, particularly regarding where to get the best pain au chocolat.

LOVING: Washing my face. 

I finally sucked up my fear of having my face touched and got a facial. It was strange. But I invested in three products because apparently my nightly routine of “furiously rubbing my eyelids with water until my mascara is mostly gone” isn’t an appropriate skincare regimen. So I bought this cleanser (which I use daily), this exfoliant (which I use every few days), and this moisturizer (because it has SPF in it, and that’s responsible). It all smells so good, and I’m obsessed with washing my face now.

NOT LOVING: That my stomach has felt like absolute garbage this week.

I’m trying not to over-think it or panic, but I have also felt these feelings before and I’m slightly terrified. Ugh.

So here is a picture of Ellie going grocery shopping.

Probs gonna buy string cheese and deli turkey.

Probs gonna buy string cheese and deli turkey.

And here is a photo of me doing a headstand, thinking my toes were almost touching my head. Turns out, they weren’t. Like…at all.



Finally, here is Ellie meeting our new neighbor, Toby.



YOUR TURN! Fill in one of the blanks, please. I like it when we catch up and learn about each other and share our secrets and stuff. 

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