Ali on the Run Show Episode 50: Janae Baron

Date: December 13, 2017 at 10:34 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 0

The Ali on the Run Show

Episode 50

Guest: Janae Baron

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This week, I am thrilled to welcome to the Ali on the Run Show my dear friend — and everyone’s favorite running blogger — Janae Baron! Before we get to that, please join me in congratulating Janae and her family on the arrival of their newest member, Skye Jo, born December 9!

Janae is the beloved personality behind the popular Hungry Runner Girl blog. Janae is a super speedy runner who lives in Utah with her husband, Andrew, their kids (Brooke, Knox, and now Skye!), and their dog, Beretta. Janae was nearly 37 weeks pregnant when we recorded this episode and, as always, was just as sweet, positive, and bubbly as she is on the internet — plus, she was willing to get super honest about everything.

Throughout this episode, Janae and I chat about her struggles with amenorrhea, dating after divorce, running before, during, and after her pregnancies, how negative comments really make her feel, and both the beautiful and challenging parts of raising a blended family. She opens up about how she actually makes a living as a blogger, talks about her game-changing blog post that got 600 comments, debunks some common Mormon myths, and shares more about her past with disordered eating, and whether she now considers herself fully recovered. (I smiled throughout this entire conversation, but then Janae made me weepy when she talked about how she found her place in Knox’s life. So prepare to experience every emotion throughout this episode!)

Stuff We Mention on this Episode:

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