Want it? Prove it.

Please Let Me Make Your Day (That Means A Giveaway!)

Date: October 26, 2012 at 8:53 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 741

A rhyming title!

I’ve been in weird, hazy funk this week.

I don’t know if it’s the lack of running miles, the lack of sweating in general or the fact that instead of gunning for 8 hours of sleep a night, I’m cutting back on my shut-eye in favor of extra hours at the office. It’s a really good taper strategy, I know!

It’s just the usual stress, anxiety and “no time, there’s never any time” stuff that’s getting me worked up, and when my alarm went off at the blissfully late hour of 6:30 this morning, I took one look at the still-dark sky and just about threw my beeping phone out the window.

But that would’ve sucked. I can’t really buy a new phone right now. And then I would have missed getting a “Good morning, Auntie Ali” text from this little nudist:

Probably the most scandalous text I’ve ever woken up to. Tyler, you naked rebel. Time to get a job. Really solid baby cobra pose, though, buddy.

So I “slept in” because today is a rest day, and made it to the office before 8 AM.

The great news is that I’m filled with Remicade today!

Check out that color coordination. The award for “Nurses With the Best Attention to Detail” goes to the fine chicks in the Mount Sinai infusion suite. Well played, my new friends.

I got doped up for the first time at the Mount Sinai infusion suite yesterday and I’m a big fan. It was so much more efficient than my last hospital. My appointment was at 11:30, and by 11:32 I was semi-painlessly hooked up to my IV and already fighting through the Benadryl powers so I could get work done instead of giving in to the Remicade nap.

And yet, at 2:30 PM, the nurse was shaking me to wake up.

Benadryl, you win again.

So a big high five for Mount Sinai. My doctor even stopped in to check on me and see how I was doing, and I had to hold back from kissing him because I was so happy. My last doctor couldn’t even remember my name. He certainly didn’t “just pop in” to chat about my insides.

Last night I was invited to join the nice ladies at Lululemon’s Madison Avenue store, where I got to try stuff on and then give feedback about the products. The group I was with went for a run, but I didn’t want to run after getting Remicade, so I went to Central Park and cheered them on.

They ran 400 meter repeats. I stood there and cheered obnoxiously. I didn’t make any new friends last night :(

Then we reconvened at the store for snacks (they had carrots and hummus — I wanted steak and brownies, but I don’t think that’s Lululemon’s style…bummer) and to talk about how the store can better extend its reach in the local community.

Not enough food for Ali to call this “dinner.”

Translation: I got a free jacket in exchange for a 3-hour chat session.

This is my new jacket. I wore it to work today and anticipate living in it all weekend. I’m convinced I can pull it off for ALL occasions, including fitness classes, late nights at the office, weddings, funerals and the occasional trip to the zoo. TRY ME. This thing is versatile.

But even with a sweet new zip-up in my possession, I still woke up this morning feeling “meh.” I’m a writer, and that’s as descriptive as I can get with words today.

My go-to, foolproof method for cheering myself up is, in turn, cheering up someone else.

I’m not going to give you my jacket, because I like to think I earned it with my excessive clapping and sheer enthusiasm toward standing in Central Park — in the dark — while other people got to run and I did not.

But how about a little something else?

Want it? Prove it.

I will be completely honest: When I was at Lululemon last night, I felt weirdly guilty. I didn’t have any brilliant ideas for community outreach and I didn’t even participate in the group run. So why should I get the fun stuff?

What’s more fun, I think, is giving back.

I wouldn’t have been at Lululemon if i didn’t have this blog, and you people are the ones reading it and thus, you rule the world. Basically. For that, I thank you. Thank you for reading, thank you for your comments, thank you for the feedback, encouragement, motivation and openness. Love you.

So from my wallet to yours, how about a Lululemon gift card? The gift card is a $50 value and is good in stores, online and at the Lululemon outlet stores.

I want you to have it.

Buy yourself something nice…like a new sock. (Because let’s be honest, $50 isn’t going to cover your new marathon outfit from this store, but it can certainly go toward it!)

HOW TO ENTER: Answer ONE of the following questions in a comment. Multiple responses from the same person still only gets you one entry. So just keep it simple. Enter once. Answer one question or all of them, but one entry per person. Make sense? Wonderful.

  • Tell me something that makes you happy every day.
  • Tell me your favorite way to carb up before a big race.
  • Share your favorite “I’m going to plow through that finish line” sweat song. (In other words, your race day playlist must-have.)

I’ll pick a winner Monday at 9 AM, so check back then so see if you’ll be headed to Lululemon with a couple extra bucks in the near future.

(Oh and Tyler, you should probably figure out how to read and type right now, because you are naked and need some clothes. Enter the giveaway. Get hooked up.)

Good luck and have a great weekend!


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