Thankful Things Thursday: For When We Really Need It

Date: June 16, 2016 at 6:31 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 16

Ugh. This week.

It feels like it’s been one terrible, sad, tragic, heartbreaking news story after another.

And with every news story comes outrage, and by outrage I mostly mean rabid debates on social media. (Were people this mean and nasty before the internet came around? I honestly don’t know. But man…)

I am someone who, contrary to what Brian may say, does not always need to be right. But what I do need is to understand things. I don’t need to agree with your point, but I want to understand where you’re coming from and why you feel the way you feel.

PAUSE for sleepy Ali & Ellie photo. Creeper sleeper pic by Brian.

PAUSE for sleepy Ali & Ellie photo. Creeper sleeper pic by Brian.

But lately — this week in particular — I keep finding myself feeling like I’m taking crazy pills. I see things happening and hear people talking and follow discussions online and there’s so much I can’t grasp or rationalize. I feel like there’s so much in the world that I just can’t comprehend or understand right now, and that’s tough.

I can’t understand why someone needs to own a certain type of weapon. I can’t understand why people hunt animals with guns. I can’t understand why the government has some of the power it has, particularly over women’s bodies. I can’t understand violence. I can’t understand homophobia. I can’t understand internet trolls. I can’t wrap my head around why “influential people” on the internet give really, really poor advice and set bad examples, and why legions of fans proclaim their actions “inspiring” or “badass” instead of dangerous. I can’t figure out why people abuse, abandon, or neglect their pets. I don’t understand the vicious mommy wars that seem to exist every-f-ing-where. I don’t understand why someone would choose to live with so much hate instead of love.

Living with LOVE. Exhibit A.

Living with LOVE. Exhibit A.

I just want to understand. And since I can’t, I’ll go inward. Let’s throw it back to a little Thankful Things Thursday, yeah? Gratitude is something I can always grasp, and that’s enough heavy stuff for today.

Clearly having the best time ever at last week's Strava "Running Insights" event at Finish Line PT. (Photo by Stefania Curto)

Clearly having the best time ever at Strava‘s “Running Insights” event last week at Finish Line PT. (Photo by Stefania Curto)

I’m thankful for my health and safety, and the health and safety of my loved ones. Just had to get that one out there, in light of many recent events. I’m lucky to have all my people present, accounted for, and generally living happy, healthy lives.

I’m thankful my puppy is doing OK! Ellie had to have two little surgeries this week. She had to have a wart removed (a papillomavirus, potentially caused by “kissing too many other puppies”), and had to have two of her little underbitey teeth extracted because they were chipped. Her surgery went well, I like her new vet, and she’s still cute, even with a big gaping hole in her mouth.





I’m thankful for my job and for great clients. Freelancing can be hard and scary and unpredictable. It can also be amazing. Right now it’s in one of those amazing phases.

I’m thankful for comfy robes and puppy snuggles. I’m cheesy and basic. FINE.

Watching the Tony Awards! We were both really into it. BOTH OF US.

Watching the Tony Awards! We were both really into it. BOTH OF US.

I’m thankful for West New York, NJ, life. I like it here. I think I’ve mentioned that.


Hello, lover.

I’m also thankful for visits back to Central Park. Particularly running-related visits.

The ol' stomping running grounds!

The ol’ running grounds!

I’m thankful I get to see my family this weekend! My parents, brother, sister-in-law, Tyler, and Abby are all rolling through on Sunday on their way to the Jersey Shore for a vacation. (Must be nice, guys. I’ll think of you while I’m buried behind my laptop.) I’m excited for them to see our new apartment and to get a few hours of quality family time.

I’m thankful every time Pitch Perfect 2 is on TV. It’s one of those movies I will always watch, and I sob every time. See also Father of the Bride (parts one and two), Stepmom (crying just thinking about it), The Devil Wears Prada, and the Sex and the City movie, none of which are my favorite movies, but all of which I find oddly addicting.



I’m thankful to have a washer/dryer in the apartment. Life. Changing. I do so much laundry now. My workout stuff is always clean!

I’m also thankful to have two bathrooms. How Brian and I coexisted with just one bathroom through several Crohn’s flare-ups seems incomprehensible now.

I am thankful for my office! I have a desk! I don’t have a chair yet, and the desk is still surrounded by boxes, but we’re getting there. I’m already infinitely more productive.

Secret snaps by Brian. Ellie sits at my feet all day while I work and it's the best ever.

Secret snaps by Brian. Ellie sits at my feet all day while I work and it’s the best ever.

OMG I’m thankful for this

I’m thankful for kind people. Be a kind person. The world needs more kind people. There are a lot of them, but even more would be better.

WILL YOU PLAY, TOO? That would be nice. Share something you’re thankful for today. If you haven’t played in a while, jump back in. Let’s hear from you. Add some gratitude. 

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