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Date: October 19, 2016 at 12:49 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 24

How about a little break from all the Crohn’s talk? I know — I could use a break from it, too. I really do think I’m getting better, slowly but kinda surely. I still have stomach discomfort plus a good amount of urgency in the mornings, but — and I’ll say this in the least graphic way possible — what’s happening in the bathroom looks different. (Translation: There’s less blood, which is a good thing!)

I saw my beloved doctor this morning (!!!), so stand by for updates. Until then, here are some non-Crohn’s things going on in my life — because it’s not all blood, sweat, and bathrooms right now.

Always snoozing together.

Always snoozing together.

Feeling: So very loved. I have some great friends. Remember when Brian and I went to Paris (like, a week ago…)? And remember how I was too sick to really enjoy the trip and all the delicious stuff Paris had to offer? Well, one of my very kind and lovely friends mailed me a giant chocolate croissant so I could enjoy it in the comfort of my own home. That’s amazing. She’s amazing. (Shout-out to Mrs. Fuelling — you raised a good kid.) I’ve had friends come visit, send me flowers, send texts to check in, and send loads of puppy pictures. All of that stuff makes me feel very taken care of and very loved.

When your internet friends tell you "Target has a giraffe onesie," you snap it up IMMEDIATELY. Ellie likes it!

When your internet friends tell you “Target has a giraffe onesie,” you snap it up IMMEDIATELY. Ellie likes it!

Watching: The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. I know, I’m a few months late on this one, but it’s so good. I cried my dehydrated eyes out during the “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” episode. I don’t really remember the O.J. Simpson case at all because I was pretty young when it happened, so it’s fascinating watching how it’s portrayed through this series. (It’s not all completely factual and some parts are embellished for dramatic effect, so I’m obsessed with reading all the “fact checking” recaps from various sources.) Brian and I are watching it together and we have three episodes left — but he has a lot of early mornings and late nights going on in the office right now, making the odds of me secretly finishing it without him and then lying about it pretty high.

Weekend mornings with the Cristianos...

Weekend mornings with the Cristianos…

I still DVR and half-watch Grey’s Anatomy, which is just so boring now and I don’t know why I still feign interest in it, and I’m watching This Is Us because it was so hyped as being “the new Parenthood.” My issue is that it feels very, very manipulative. I feel like the creators are just trying to make sure we cry during and gasp at the end of every episode. Some of it just comes across as forced. And I liked when she was a pop star, but I don’t love Mandy Moore The Actress. (Your thoughts on this show, please.)

Ellie likes watching TV, too!

Ellie likes watching TV, too!

Baking: Pumpkin oatmeal muffins, constantly. I’ve been eating these little guys for breakfast daily. Yum.

Craving: A good, long run, for the mind, body, and soul. I think this is just around the corner.

A throwback to healthier, sweatier days!

A throwback to healthier, sweatier days!

Missing: Central Park. Since we moved out of Manhattan earlier this year, I haven’t missed it once. It’s so close that I am in the city constantly, so it doesn’t totally feel like we’re gone. But now that it’s fall and the leaves are changing and everything looks a little more magical, I’m definitely missing having Central Park as my backyard. I want to take Ellie for a walk around the Bridle Path, and I want to run around the Reservoir. Fall in New York City is the best, especially as all the New York City Marathon stuff starts to show up. This will be the first year I’m not out for a run in the park to see the first signs of the finish line bleachers going up or the mile marker flags being hung.

Manhattan! So close, but sometimes feels so far.

Manhattan! So close, but sometimes feels so far.

Reading: This, so many times, and sobbing hysterically each time. (So much love to the nurses out there. I love nurses. They’ve always been the kindest, most compassionate people when I’m sick, and that makes such a world of difference. Kindness goes a very long way.)

Writing: This piece for Allure about my first facial. This piece for Women’s Health that made me laugh so hard. This piece for Daily Burn about some of my favorite documentaries. This piece for Well + Good featuring some of my favorite runners.

Traveling: Nowhere! After a whirlwind September, I am so happy to have very little on my upcoming agenda.



Loving: Asparagus. Whether I’m flaring or not, I have a hard time with most vegetables. That makes trying to eat healthy very difficult — and definitely frustrating. (Salads, broccoli, spinach — I may as well eat glass.) But I can tolerate asparagus. Yay asparagus!

Also loving running outside! I ran outside again yesterday and I was so happy. That feeling is unbeatable.



Not totally loving: People calling themselves “grandmas” for going to bed at 9 PM. My grandmother, Honey, goes to bed at like 11. She’s got a bumpin’ social life, she’s well-versed in pop culture, and she loves her iPad. So whenever one of my 20-or-30-something-year-old friends is like, “OMG it’s 9 PM and I’m going to bed, I’m such a grandma,” I always want to be like, “Nope, because Honey’s night is just getting started.” (Similarly, I can no longer stand to see the word “adulting.” I hate it so much. Related.)

Playing: With Jasper! Jasper is new to the building and he’s so sweet and fluffy. Ellie gets a little jealous, though…



CHIME IN! What are you reading, writing, loving, hating, and watching right now? 

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