Baby on the Run: Week 23

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During the past 23 weeks of this pregnancy, I have been very chill. Like surprisingly chill. I’ve felt laid-back and relaxed, I haven’t been stressing about little things like making sure the bed is made “perfectly,” and I have generally been enjoying life and all these changes. I even questioned the whole “pregnancy hormones” thing. (Except on my face. Pregnancy glow is actually just a lot of zits, breakouts, and splotches, I guess.)

But this week? Oh this week.

This week I was angry. Filled with rage. Cranky. Mean! Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s those pregnancy hormones after all. Or maybe, as I shouted repeatedly all week long, maybe everyone is just so stupid. Bad drivers, people who don’t respond to important emails, whoever invented Skype, and the two people at Orangetheory who came dangerously close to meeting my fist on Sunday morning — everyone was on my nerves this week, and I was very vocal about it. (Except Ellie. She’s flawless.)

Baby on the Run: Week 23

PERFECT PUPPY! It was so hot on Saturday. She would chase the ball once, and then recover in the shade. Such a smart girl! And I just stayed in the shade.

So sure, we can blame the hormones. But I will happily own the fact that I have no time, energy, or patience for idiots or assholes.


I really haven’t cried much in the past 23 weeks, either, but on Friday, there were tears. First, Brian did something really, really, really, really nice for me. Like so nice. I’ll talk about it another time. Then, I was feeling lonely. And then, I was watching American Ninja Warrior, and I cried. I just wanted those people to all be winners, especially with their husbands, wives, kids, and parents watching. That show is really emotional, I guess.

Here’s how the rest of the not-so-dramatic week played out…

Baby on the Run: Week 23

Ellie wanted her squeaky football in the photo this week. Whatever you want, Ellie!


…grapefruit, papaya, or large mango. I swear I got mango like six weeks ago. Baby should be roughly a foot long by now! (In length. Baby is not a hot dog.)

Baby on the Run: Week 23

This is my baby.


OK. Emotionally, obviously a handful. Physically, frustrated with the state of my stomach. I am definitely experiencing some mile Crohn’s symptoms, and even the most mild symptoms (just the diarrhea and inconvenient urgency) are frustrating.

But yay, my back pain disappeared this week! I had my second appointment with the chiropractor, and I left being like, “That was so dumb, she didn’t even do anything, I’m never going back,” and then woke up the next day feeling awesome. I don’t like the adjustments and the cracking, but I guess something is working because that back pain was really horrible and debilitating, and now it’s M.I.A.

Baby continues to be super duper active. On Saturday afternoon, Brian, Ellie, and I were all hanging out on the floor, and baby was going nuts. Brian, as always, put his hand on my stomach and yelled, “HEY BABY. IT’S YOUR DAD,” and felt tons of super strong kicks and jabs. And then, he claimed he “trained” our baby. I can’t even type this with a straight face, but he is dead serious about this.

He would say, “Kick Kick,” and the baby would kick in response. So now he is convinced that the baby is “trained,” and that when we all meet in the delivery room, he will say, “Kick Kick,” and the baby will oblige. LET’S SEE HOW THIS ONE PLAYS OUT, OK?

Baby on the Run: Week 23

Here’s a picture of my niece, Abby, being cute. She dressed herself!


TACOS. I had shrimp tacos for lunch on Saturday, and on Sunday, they were the only thing I wanted to eat. So that’s what I had. Again. From the same restaurant. And I woke up Monday morning and the only thing I wanted for breakfast was shrimp tacos. I didn’t have them for breakfast, but I would have.


Meh. Workouts this week were pretty lame on account of my Crohnsy stomach. I still got moving a few days, which is always nice, including some Orangetheory classes and a short, steamy run Saturday morning. I needed two bathroom stops, which I didn’t love, but otherwise I took it slow and ran happy and was glad I did it.

Then there was the FIGHT. I got into a bit of an altercation at Orangetheory on Sunday morning. This dude got in my face about being on “his” machine, even though there were plenty in there to accommodate everyone, and I was there first, AND he was actually rotating with the wrong group and should’ve been on the floor, not where he was trying to be. It was the weirdest thing, being yelled at by a flailing, grown-ass man in the middle of a group fitness class, but I think I handled it remarkably well — by telling him he was being insane and to calm down, and then asking, “So what exactly is the problem here? I’m having a hard time understanding your aggression and frustration.”

And then, it was a three-person group workout, and the woman in my group (much, much older than me, and a very intense person) said I was going to “slow us down” because I’m pregnant. (See aforementioned rant about people being the worst.) I handled this one with a fake smile, assuring her I would be the one setting the pace for the group. And I did.

Baby on the Run: Week 23



I ordered some maternity overalls. I haven’t tried them on yet. But I am pumped about them.


When I first found out I was pregnant, Brian went out and bought a bunch of baby books. It was very exciting to read about pregnancy early on! Then I got kind of sick of it. But this week, I randomly went back and pulled out the ol’ What to Expect When You’re Expecting, just to see what it says about where I’m at. And I quickly remembered why I stopped reading that book. Some of it is informational, but a lot of it skews toward fear-mongering and talking about all the bad things that maybe possibly could happen. Not really my jam. But I like reading about baby’s development.


Fine. How are you sleeping?!

Baby on the Run: Week 23

I love naps with my puppy!


  1. What kind of diaper bag should I get? I definitely want a backpack, because I love backpacks. And how are diaper bags even different than any other kind of bag or backpack? Is this just a marketing thing or is there something magical in there, like a pocket filled with gold or a different pocket filled with a live-in nanny?
  2. Baby-wearing! I haven’t even begun researching this yet, but if you have baby-wearing recommendations or thoughts, lay ’em on me! I want a situation that’s comfortable (for me and for baby), can accommodate giant boobs (these things are just… so big right now, and will presumably be even bigger post-baby for a while), and doesn’t take a ton of finagling to get into and out of (like my sports bras).
  3. Runny eggs during pregnancy. Yay or nay? I’ve been avoiding, because see aforementioned fear-mongering, but I see so many women I trust and respect eating runny eggs during their pregnancies. So can someone chime in with science-backed expert advice, preferably advice that says eating runny eggs won’t kill me or my child?

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