It's nice. And it'll [probably, pending the end of the world] still be there when I'm ready to return.

Loving Not Running

Date: December 12, 2012 at 8:30 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 34

First most important thing: Today is the last day to order I Heart Sweat shirts in order to ensure delivery by Christmas morning. So if you’re thinking the perfect present for your aunt, uncle, cousin, sister, brother or Jewish step-cousin is a sweat-loving piece of Dry-Fit, I suggest you get on it. Click here to place your order. Have a blast.

This color is called “Trout.” Not only does it sound delicious, it looks great, too.

There are still plenty of size and color options left for men and women. But remember: You snooze…

Honestly Tyler, what are you yawning about? What do you do all day? Oh right, you play and sleep. Time to get a job, buddy. Start pulling your weight.

…you lose.

Unless you’re Tyler. Tyler never loses.

In other news, Zero Week is going great. As much as I always preach about loving running, right now I’m here to preach about loving not running.

I realize it’s only been three days out of the Brooks and away from the Bridle, but so far so good. For the most part, I haven’t missed running or craved it or been dying to get out there.

It’s nice. And it’ll [probably, pending the end of the world] still be there when I’m ready to return.

I attribute my enjoyment of this week so far to the fact that I very clearly needed this mileage hiatus.

Not running on Monday was easy. It was my first mile-less day in a while and I knew I wanted it and needed it.

Not running on Tuesday was easy, too, even when I read this from my friends in midtown:

Taunt me. Go for it. I won’t give in.

Then Wednesday arrived. I was tired this morning, but I was signed up for a spin class. It was one of the toughest classes I’ve ever taken. I pranced out of the spin room (prance is a strong word — “limped and whined and dripped pools of sweat everywhere on my way out” is a more accurate description) thinking that was way more fun than running in the cold.

My first “I miss running a tiny bit” twinge came soon thereafter, though, when I read this Tweet:

Well OK. That does sound kind of cool…

For a split second I was like, “ME, DEANNA! ME! I WILL RUN 12 MILES TODAY!”

But I got over it pretty fast.

I know 12.12.12 will never happen again in my lifetime.

I also know that this break is so good for me right now, and it’s going to be so good for me in the days, weeks and months of running to come.

I may not run on this oh-so-special numerical day.

I may also opt out of signing up for the billions of races that are offering deals today…

The Salt Lake City Marathon was topping my list of spring marathon options for a while. But I’m still not tempted enough to commit.

…but I’ll sign up when I’m ready. And I’m just not ready yet.

I’m liking this.

BUT I KNOW YOU’RE STILL OUT THERE RUNNING AND RACING: Are you signing up for anything today? It seems like everyone is offering a deal here, a sale there, a giveaway and a puppy. No, just kidding. I would definitely enter a puppy giveaway. But really, tell me: Have you committed to any late winter or spring races?

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