Baby on the Run: Week 27

Baby on the Run: Week 27

Date: August 2, 2018 at 11:14 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 15

The last week of the second trimester!

I barely know what day it is right now. Life has been so crazy lately, and we moved this week, so I don’t really know. But here’s how the last week of the second trimester shaped up.

Baby on the Run: Week 27

Last weekly shot in the old apartment!


a head of cauliflower. I love cauliflower!

Baby on the Run: Week 27

This is my stomach in the morning. By nighttime, it’s fully inflated.


Good, for the most part. No real update on the Crohn’s stuff. Some days it’s not so bad, and other days it’s really frustrating. But it’s generally contained to the morning hours, so I can deal with that.

And I passed my gestational diabetes test. Yay!

So physically, pretty good. But mentally? This was another emotional, wild, rage-filled week. I kept telling myself I “wasn’t stressed” about moving, but maybe I was? Maybe it was pregnancy hormones? Maybe it was everything combined, plus the stress of the Crohn’s stuff and being busy with work stuff? All I know is that I made a list in the notes app on my phone called “People Who Are the Worst,” thinking that would help release some of my pent-up rage. I also wrote down a shirt idea for pregnant women that would say, “I’m Not Hormonal, You’re Just Stupid / An Idiot / Driving Me F-ing Insane.” So that’s…normal.

Baby on the Run: Week 27

Except Ellie. Ellie always makes me happy!

I will say, though, most comments I’ve received throughout this pregnancy have not bothered me. It’s no secret that people feel compelled, for some reason, to say silly things to pregnant women. I never understood it, and now I’m experiencing it firsthand, and for the most part I can just laugh it all off or respond with a snarky comment or however I’m feeling that day. But here’s the ONE thing I cannot stand: When I react to anything in any way other than being perfectly perky and polite, and I get, “Wow, pregnancy hormones, huh?!”

This has happened multiple times and over the littlest, dumbest things. Maybe there are some hormones floating around here, but the fact you clearly didn’t read my [urgent for all parties] email and I had to follow-up stating the same facts over and over, and your response was to joke about my hormones? Nah, people. That’s not gonna fly. I can be justifiably annoyed or angry in ways that have nothing to do with being pregnant or my ever-fluctuating hormones.

Anyway, I’m more calm this week! So maybe I was just stressed about moving and getting settled, but we moved and the new apartment is wonderful! This is where we’ll bring our baby home!

Baby on the Run: Week 27

Baby’s room! OMG!


I don’t remember. So obviously nothing memorable!


A few Orangetheory classes. No outdoor running this week. I’m missing early morning summer runs, but I’m missing those because of the Crohn’s stuff, not pregnancy stuff. So hopefully this little flares passes and I can get in a few outdoor runs before the baby gets here!

Baby on the Run: Week 27

In the meantime, hikes and dog walks! (This was late afternoon. See how much bigger my belly looks?! It’s crazy.)


A bathrobe, pretty much all the time. And this maternity dress.

Baby on the Run: Week 27

So comfortable!


About all the different local childcare options. I finally got started on this, and once I narrowed down a few solid picks and got a few recommendations, it wasn’t overwhelming at all. I toured one on Friday and really liked it, and am seeing two more over the next few weeks. Fortunately there are lots of choices in the area, so I don’t have to worry too much about insane wait lists or anything too stressful.



Baby on the Run: Week 27

Busted, not helping on moving day. Whatever.


Everyone wants us to have a Halloween baby. Halloween is, by far, my least favorite holiday. I’m due October 23, and if the baby isn’t here by, let’s say, October 29, I’m just going to start pushing. It’ll be fine. (But seriously, people get really excited when I say October 23 and almost always respond with, “Oooooh you could have a Halloween baby!” First, that means I’m more than a week late, which…let’s not. Second, Halloween is the worst holiday! So please no!)

Aaaaanyway. Things are coming together, which is awesome. I genuinely cannot believe I’m already into the third trimester. Time has never moved quite so quickly!

Baby on the Run: Week 27

Home sweet home!

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