NYRR RunnerCon Live Show

Ali on the Run Show Episode 96: LIVE at NYRR RunnerCon with Jenny Simpson, Emma Coburn, & Peter Ciaccia

Date: September 10, 2018 at 5:06 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 2

“It’s every competitor for themselves, and there’s no mercy after the gun goes off.” —Jenny Simpson

I was thrilled when New York Road Runners asked me to be part of the organization’s first RunnerCon event to kick off the world-renowned 5th Avenue Mile weekend in New York City. The Ali on the Run Show LIVE event was sandwiched between a panel with YouTube sensation (and super speedy runner!) Casey Neistat and one with professional runner and cancer-fighting superstar Gabe Grunewald — not bad company to be in! Enjoy the recording from the live show, where I had the best time chatting with an all-star lineup including New York Road Runners President of Events and Race Director of the TCS New York City Marathon Peter Ciaccia, and professional runners Jenny Simpson and Emma Coburn. (And biggest thanks to everyone who came out to support the show in person. The crowd was amazing and so much fun!)

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Peter Ciaccia — the man behind asking for “clearance on the roadways” at New York Road Runners events — talks about how he got into the running industry and ended up at the helm of NYRR
  • Peter reflects on the pressure that comes with being in charge of the world’s biggest marathon, plus whether he checks the weather obsessively before the race and whether he sleeps the week of the marathon (6:30)
  • Peter’s advice to anyone who has ever worried about “coming in last” at a race (10:15)
  • Peter shares his favorite memory from his 18-year NYRR career — and his most memorable race-day blooper (12:20)
  • Jenny Simpson and Emma Coburn talk about what it’s like being both friends and competitors (23:15)
  • Jenny shares whether pressure comes with defending her 5th Avenue Mile title (26:00)
  • Jenny and Emma talk about confidence, and how social media comes into play (28:20)
  • How Jenny defines failure, and what has the ability to rattle both women on the start line (32:15)
  • What Emma’s competitive about off the race course (37:00)
  • Jenny and Emma sprint to the finish (40:40)

What we mention on this episode:

TCS New York City Marathon

New York Road Runners

Jack LaLanne

Dash to the Finish Line 5K

Popular Brooklyn Half

Emma Coburn on Episode 60 of the Ali on the Run Show

Mary Wittenberg

New Balance Fifth Avenue Mile

Boys in the Boat

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