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Thankful Things Thursday: It's Been A While

Date: October 25, 2012 at 8:27 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 51

Somewhere in between the madness of traveling, working and more working, I’ve seriously neglected the Thankful Things Thursday tradition.

But the “holiday” lives on! And today I’m back with plenty of things to be grateful for.

So without any pithy stories, let’s get on with it.

I’m thankful this marathon taper isn’t making me crazy. Last year I got anxious and I would sneak in little spin workouts or extra miles here and there. Sweet thinking, Ali. You’re so good at running.

This time around, however, I’m loving the taper. Frankly, I don’t have time for the extra workouts and long miles right now anyway, so the taper came at a great time. And my body seems to be appreciating the break as well. I did a spin class last night and barely touched the resistance knob on my wheel (mwa ha ha, spin cheating), and this morning I ran six “nowhere near marathon goal pace” miles.

I’m respecting the taper period because I know how much it’s going to pay off in just 10 (whoa) days. Coach Cane used to tell me he wanted me going into races “like a caged animal.” I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen at the marathon start line. Grrrr!

I’m thankful for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. The charity was one of the first resources my dad latched on to when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 20 (whoa again) years ago. Since I started taking control of my own disease, I’ve raised more than $25,000 for CCFA — so much of it thanks to your help, support and encouragement…and money. I’m eternally grateful for all the people I’ve met through CCFA and Team Challenge, and I’m humbled (and, honestly, a little horrified) that, in return, CCFA is honoring me.

The Manhattan Masquerade, honoring Ali Feller and…Brian! That’s right, kids. Brian is the newest poster child for a digestive disease. Who would’ve ever thought?

CCFA’s Young Professionals Committee is honoring both Brian and me on Friday night at their annual Manhattan Masquerade event. (And, duh, if you’re in the city and looking for a fun night out at Lavo, you should come.)

When we were approached together by the executive director of CCFA, I was admittedly very hesitant to accept the honor. I know there are so many other people who have the disease far worse than I do and triumph over much more difficult circumstances. I get sick and then I get better and that’s my story. I happened to be able to raise a lot of money because of the generosity of others — not because I did something miraculous.

Brian is being honored with me because of the awareness campaign his company did a few months ago in Rockefeller Center. He was pumped to get this recognition, and I’m along for the ride.

I’d love to say this is just a cute photo of Brian reaching to hold my hand, but I’ll tell you what really happened: We were at the Bronx Zoo after I ran the Bronx 10-Miler and I was too tired to walk. I was seriously dragging, and Brian had to drag me along. Sweet and romantic? YES.

I really am honored to be honored, and I so appreciate everything CCFA has done for me and the 1.4 million people with these diseases. So on Friday, I’ll dress up and give a little speech and, with all of you on the forefront of my mind, I’ll give a big “thank you” toast to the people I think deserve to be honored (you, in case that point was unclear).

I’m thankful for Remicade. That shit is magic, I tell you. I’m getting my IV infusion later today for the first time at Mount Sinai! I haven’t received the infusion at this hospital since getting my new doctor (I got the treatment while I was in the hospital, but never as an outpatient) and I’m excited to check out the infusion suite. I hope they have tons of blankets. And maybe snacks. And puppies. My old hospital had puppies.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a catheter in my veins. (Nurse lady, SNEAK IN THE GOOD DRUGS. I want some hormone-boosters.)

Plus, I think I’m due for a hefty dose of Remicade. My stomach has been a little off this week, and I’m glad I’ll be getting doped up before the marathon.

Now if only I could get my hands on some EPO…

I’m thankful I finally booked a vacation. According to my sophisticated records (um, my desk calendar at work), I haven’t taken an actual week-long “I’m going away for me and not because of a race, wedding or commitment for someone else” trip in four years. All my vacation days have been used for long weekends for traveling, but now I’m cashing in my last five days and going to Mexico.

Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait.

The trip comes at the perfect time: two weeks after the marathon and a week before Thanksgiving. So I’ll basically be working for a total of 13 days in November. I’m completely fine with that.

I’m thankful I’m at a place in my life where I can take a vacation. After posting about taking a vacation the other day, I was shocked at how much time I had to spend defending myself to my friends. I got comments like, “You’re lucky you can afford to take a vacation” and “It must be nice to get time off from work” and, my favorite, “Ew, you’re going to come back tan.”

Odds of me coming back from this vacation: I’m not a gambler, but I’d say “unlikely.” And actually, I am a gambler. I love the Wheel of Fortune slot machines in Vegas.

Thanks for the support, amigos! I was so annoyed that I had to defend myself for taking a trip. I can afford to take a vacation because I have a savings account I’ve never touched and my parents have an unused time share they’re willing to let me use. I can take time off from work because I bust my ass the other 360-something days of the year, and I’m using a whopping five days for myself. And hell yeah I’m going to come back with a tan.

SEE HOW HARD I WORK! (I swear I do work hard. I also stand in for lighting tests when “the real talent” is still in hair and makeup.)

Sorry if that presents a problem for you.

I’m thankful for the mass quantity of New York City Marathon videos in this world. This one is my new favorite.

K-Gouch is in it. She’s fine with me calling her that. She didn’t specifically mention it in her restraining order, so I think we’re good.

My main man Meb is in it, too. God I just want to hug him so hard. But he might break. He weighs less than I do.

Mile 1: The steepest climb with the prettiest views. Yessssss.

I’m thankful the leaves in NYC have finally recognized that it’s fall and have changed their outfits. It’s about time.

Nice little shot from the roof.

I’m thankful for this butt:

TYLER, LOOK OUT. THERE IS A TIGER ON YOUR BUTT. CRAWL AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Just kidding. It’s not a real tiger. Good thing, too, because Tyler can’t really crawl yet.

Nice try, Tyler. “Fall over” is not one of the Baby Pilates moves we’ve been working on. Try harder next time, please. More focus, engage your core.

I’m thankful for this face:

YOU DON’T KNOW HOW GREAT YOU HAVE IT, TYLER. I don’t see you participating in Thankful Things Thursday, do I? You just hang out, getting pushed in your stroller and getting spoon-fed and letting other people clean up your diapers, and you just play and laugh and dance and kick your feet. You have so much to be grateful for. If only you knew how to write it all down…or be potty trained.

I’m thankful I’m getting the chance to run the New York City Marathon. I think it’s going to be a good day.

On my marks…Get set…DON’T GO OUT TOO FAST, MORON.

I’m thankful for this little shout-out from FITiST.

I need a new running photo probably.

Check it out. They make me look cool.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Time to get my Remicade on.

NOW YOU PLAY, BECAUSE WE HAVEN’T DONE THIS IN A REALLY LONG TIME: What are you thankful for today? What has you psyched? What’s your favorite ice cream topping?

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