Oh, this? This is no big deal. Just a little something I whipped up last night. That happened to taste amazing.

What Do You Eat?

Date: January 7, 2013 at 7:18 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 136

Don’t freak out.

This isn’t a “What I Ate Whateverday” thing I’m starting. (We’d all be horrified if I kept a daily log of every morsel that went into my mouth. I try not to think about it.)

Cupcakes in the morning, cupcakes in the evening, cupcakes at supper time. When cupcakes are on…whatever…you can eat cupcakes anytime! And Bagel Bites.

I’m not becoming a food blogger and I still don’t know what to do with nutritional yeast or chia seeds. Or spaghetti squash, though I’m planning to figure that one out.

Today, I could use a little help, guidance and inspiration from those of you who come up with more creative meals than “chocolate chip cookie disguised as a granola bar” or “Seamless.com for dinner…again.”

Here’s the thing: I am so bored with my breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

I need something filling but “on the go” for breakfast. That’s why I eat those “granola bars” (shut it, Halnon — there’s granola in there somewhere, according to Mr. Entenmann).

Upon closer investigation, I see this is actually called a “cereal bar” and not a “granola bar.” That’s like, a lifetime of lies shattering down on me. Wow. Mind…you’ve been blown.

I either work out at a gym in the morning and then go straight to the office (yes, I shower there, I swear) or I run in the morning and have a solid 15 minutes to shower, dry my hair, stand in front of my closet hating everything and then scoot to the subway.

Breakfast needs to be fast. I go through phases where I like oatmeal, but I get sick of it pretty quickly. And I know eggs are speedy, but I literally do not have a single second to waste in the morning standing in the kitchen waiting for something to cook. So omelette-style creations are out.

Lunch…is a problem.

Lunch is the main meal in my day I’d like to revamp.

I used to be so good about packing my lunch. I’d whip up a little sandwich with tzatziki sauce at the office and I’d be satisfied.

Now though?

I’m lazy. I don’t plan ahead. And whenever I do bring something from home, lunchtime rolls around and I don’t want to eat it because everything my coworkers are going out to get seems so much more enticing.

And so I go out.

I go to the same place almost every day and I get a salad. I eat salad now. Yeah, I don’t know when that happened, either.

The salad is good, it’s healthy, it’s quick — and it’s $9.

Nine friggin’ dollars.

For lunch.

Every day.

Please stop judging me. Please stop judging me. Please stop judging me.

Only recently did I realize just how much those daily lunches are adding up. I need to cut back. But I also know that if I make a salad at home and bring it to the office, I’m not going to eat it. I’m going to hate it and I’m going to resent it.

I like the salad from the fancy place because the throw in all the ingredients I carefully select, and then they chop it up at rapid speed, and then they toss it with dressing and then they tell me to have a nice day. And I do have a nice day. Because of the salad people.

So I need suggestions there, too.


Dinner is OK. When I lived alone I cooked way more than I do now. Probably because I could make total crap in my toaster oven (English Muffin Pizzas!!!) without fear of judgment from The Man Who Thinks He’s A Chef.

A pretty standard pre-cohabitation meal for me. Lazy vegetables, sadly-seasoned fish and a trip to 16 Handles for dessert.

Now, most nights Brian and I both get home late so we’re lazy and we order in. But again, that gets expensive and it gets unhealthy. I always thought lo mein translated to “low-fat vegetable nutrition” but apparently it doesn’t?

I have no excuse for not cooking dinner most days. I still don’t want to spend tons of time whipping up a crazy concoction, and I don’t like things that require really obscure ingredients — but I will gladly smother something in cheese and call it a casserole.

Oh, this? This is no big deal. Just a little something I whipped up last night. That happened to taste amazing. (I’ve actually made it before, and here’s the recipe.)

In an ideal world, Brian “I Cook Everything Well & I’m Awesome At Food-Making” would feed me every day. He doesn’t want to do that every single night, though. Something about “being tired,” or “not feeling like it by the time I get home,” or “I’m not your personal chef, despite what you’ve been thinking all this time.” His excuses are terrible.

I always welcome dinner ideas, though. I think it’s in my best interest to cook more.

Another shot of last night’s dinner. I failed Food Photography 101, in case you were dubious.

Will you help me?


I went grocery shopping. On a Sunday afternoon. I almost cried, it was that bad. I swear, these women at Fairway…I am going to start taking muy tai boxing or whatever just so I can stand my ground against them in the checkout line.

Tell me what to have for breakfast.

Tell me what to bring in for lunch.

Tell me something you make for dinner that is so easy, I couldn’t possibly screw it up. And also it has to taste somewhat amazing.


Tell me if you follow blogs or websites with good, easy, healthy recipes I can recreate without setting my kitchen on fire.

My “Cook One Legitimate Meal Per Month” resolution in 2012 got off to a pretty slick start when I made macaroni and cheese and subsequently lit the top of it on fire. Also, it tasted terrible.

You’re the best and I love you.


Hungry Poor Clueless Girl

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