Fridays With #POTUS Ellie

Date: February 3, 2017 at 7:23 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 8


But first, a little something unrelated to the rest of this post. 

I haven’t really gotten political here. Other than a few Tweets here and there, I’ve generally kept my feelings about the current political climate and state of affairs off my blog — not because it’s not all really important right now, but because I don’t have much to add to the conversation that hasn’t been better said or written elsewhere. (Hence my affinity for a good RT.) This happens sometimes with current affairs and other big things happening in the world. As a blogger, I feel like it comes across as totally tone deaf if I don’t mention what’s going on in the world, but at the same time, I don’t always have something to add to the discussion. (Plus, does anyone actually need my opinion on certain things beyond running and dancing avocado toasts?)

It used to be that things like politics and religion were off-limit topics at dinner tables, in the workplace, and on hobby blogs like this one. I think that idea is outdated — I think these are all things that should and need to be discussed. (LOL at people who keep saying celebrities should stay out of politics when they voice their opinions at awards shows or on Twitter. The irony.) When I have something to share, I will. Just because I’m not posting about all of the madness of late doesn’t mean I’m not aware of it, invested in it, and doing my part to fight for social justice, whatever that means and entails right now.


I’m also trying to find that balance between staying informed and total overconsumption. This week has gone much better than last week… I’ve even slept a little better! (With and without the Ambien…)

For now, I’ll continue doing my part by keeping it light and flooding the internet with pictures of my dog. Welcome to another edition of Fridays With Ellie!

(Oh, one last thing: Podcast listeners, the show is coming SOON! Like we’re talking next week kinda soon. YAY! I promise entertainment, laughter, things that make you nod along like “mmmhmmmm, yes,” and great guests. Your long runs will never be the same.)

Here are some photos of Ellie doing dog things…

Here you will see Ellie and Brian in a bathtub. This was at the Airbnb we rented in Vermont last summer. IDK why they were doing this. There was no water in the tub. Next time I will turn on the faucet.

This is from a few weeks ago, when Ellie was obsessed with me. She was so snuggly with me all the time. Now she’s in a Brian phase, and I’m taking it SUPER personally.

This is the face Ellie makes when she wants you to play with her. It always works.

This picture is from when Ellie and her bae Hank visited Brian’s office. GUESS WHAT? We will be dog-sitting Hank ALL WEEK! So I will have TWO DOGS. The internet is not ready for this.

And here is a family photo!

Here’s Ellie playing in the snow with her buddy Jasper!


CHEESE! (JK. We don’t eat dairy anymore, remember?)

Ellie was all wet from going swimming for the first time! I loved this day.

Oh just working on Ellie’s New York City Ballet audition… Look at her form!

Remember when Ellie was a teeny tiny puppy?!

Look at her tiny puppy head and her little puppy neck and her soft puppy fur!!!

And #TBT to one year ago, when Ellie graduated from preschool! Or kindergarten. IDK. She took five puppy classes, so whatever that is. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN, ELLIE! We are so proud of you and the dog you have become every day.




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