Photo stolen from Instagram, which I have never used nor browsed. But my friend sent it to me last night and I was all, hell yeah, I'm going to screen shot that! Sweet photo! Snow!

Thankful Things Thursday: Gettin' Perky With It

Date: January 17, 2013 at 8:25 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 35

I hate myself for writing that title.

And yet…I did it anyway.

Will Smith, I hope you’re proud.

Here’s the thing about today: I need a hefty dose of Thankful Things Thursday. Sometimes, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, this day feels slightly contrived, slightly forced, slightly obvious. But on days when I’m grumpy, sleepy, sneezy or feeling like any of those other dwarfs, this “holiday” tends to really come in handy.

So in the spirit of going from Sleepy and Grumpy to Happy and Doc (WTF?), here we go…

Kicking things off with a Tyler shot, because I think it’s funny that his head is so big but his body is so small.

I’m thankful I’m not training for anything right at this moment. I’m pretty sure that if I were, I’d be failing at it so hard. It’s been really difficult for me to get up and run lately. This morning would be a great example of that. I love running, but I’m enjoying doing it however I’d like instead of however I “should” be doing it with a lofty end goal. Running is fun. That’s why I do it. So I’ll just keep rolling with that for a while.

I’m thankful the apartment management company chose to be wonderful this year. Hooray! Brian and I got our lease renewal agreement yesterday and despite the dopey thoughts going through my mind these past few weeks, they did not decide to horrifically raise our rent. Opening that letter earned a big, happy exhale from me last night.

I’m thankful I had a semi-productive Wednesday evening. I will be so happy when all these shirts are gone from the apartment. In the meantime, shipping them is super fun! And Brian helped me get another batch out the door and in the mail last night.

They are folded neatly in a box now. “Neatly” is a word I use loosely.

I’m thankful I’m actually putting effort into fixing my posture. I know! I’m doing it! I’m such a wild child. When I notice myself slouching at work, I’ll push my shoulders back and sit upright for a while. I anticipate that by the end of 2013, I will not only have an incredibly straight spine, I’ll also have six-pack abs to go with it.

I’m thankful Brian finally got rid of our Christmas tree. We probably hung onto it for too long…but it’s out on the streets now. Or in a garbage yard somewhere. I don’t know where they bring all the discarded Christmas trees at the end of the holiday season. Anyone have insider information on this very intriguing topic?

This is actually not our tree. This is The Death Tree. I was walking and Tweeting, no big deal, and I walked right into this lazy sucker. I have the scrapes on my leg to prove it.

I’m thankful for all the holiday stuff that goes on sale at the end of the season. I bought some New Year’s Eve confetti on January 8. Do you know how handy confetti is, particularly in an office setting? It’s so handy. You know all those times you’ve been at your desk and you’re just like, “Shoot, I could really use some confetti right now?” I stocked up for that exact reason.l And I use my confetti for classy decorations.

In my mind, filling a stumpy vase with confetti was going to look SO COOL. In reality, it looks dumb. And because my desk is under a vent, the confetti tends to blow out of the vase all the time and onto my desk. It’s just…it wasn’t my best idea.

I’m thankful for those baby towels that have hoods.

Finding Tyler.

I’m thankful I finally saw Jersey Boys on Broadway! It was so good! The music was awesome and I sang every song at the top of my lungs. No one minded, I swear. Our entire section was filled with crazies. One woman was hammered-drunk and another just cried and cried and cried the whole time. Tears of joy? Of sorrow? Of sweet New Jersey memories from her youth? I don’t know, but she was fantastic and her face was covered in eyeliner and mascara dribbles by the end of the show.

Walk like a man. Talk like a man. Pee like a man oh waaaaaaaa!

If you get the opportunity to see Jersey Boys, I recommend you seize it. Because where else is it completely acceptable to sit in an audience and belt out, “Let’s hang on! To what we’ve got! Don’t let go girl you’ve got a lot! Got a lot of love betweeeeeeen us, hang on! Hang on! Hang on! [ba-dum] …to what we’ve got! Woo oo! Woo oo! Woo oo!”

In retrospect, I probably should have purchased some sweet souvenirs. Nothing says “I loved this show” quite like a poster, a pamphlet and a mug.

I’m thankful I’ll be Colorado-bound soon! I haven’t skiied in two years, so this trip could go one of two ways. As in…I could come back with one or two broken legs. We’ll see. It’ll be nice to play in the powder, and I’ve never skied beyond the east coast, so yay!

Photo stolen from Instagram, which I have never used nor browsed. But my friend sent it to me last night and I was all, hell yeah, I’m going to screen shot that! Sweet photo! Snow!

I’m thankful for the long weekend approaching. I have Monday off. Do you?

I’m thankful I get to do just enough traveling with my job. If I’m on the road too much, I’ll get cranky. If I never got to leave the office, I would also, presumably, be a bitch. But I get to take just enough trips each year for photo shoots that it’s fun without being overwhelming.

Next week I’m headed to Louisville, KY. The only time I’ve been to Kentucky was driving through it when I road tripped to Bonnaroo in 2004. Yeah. Total hippie. What up? I’m also pretty sure I slept through the entire state, so this will be a nice way to see it. I’ll be there for exactly 24 hours. Yee haw! Do they say that in Kentucky? What do they say in Kentucky?¬†Kentucky Derby? Kentucky Fried Chicken?

I’ll do my research before I go.

Hey look!

Now I’m happy.

And doc.

It worked.

As a side note, if I had to name those dwarfs I’d name at least one of them Perky. And one of them Hungry. And one of them Idiot, because come on, isn’t that really what they were getting at with “Dopey?”

GET YOUR DWARF ON WITH ME: What are you thankful for today? Are you feeling happy, sleepy, sneezy, grumpy, dopey, bashful or doc-like? Let it all out. Get grateful, not grumpy.

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