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Music is the ultimate motivator for me. You’ll rarely find me without my old-school Sony headband-style headphones wrapped on top of my head. (Updated to add: My awesomely purple Beats by Dre. Because RIP Sony headbandphones.)

Nothing gets me to spin faster, run harder or dance bigger than a seriously good chorus. I tend to find a song I really like, and then overplay it for two weeks and get so sick of it that I never want to hear it again. But there are a few playlists I’ve made that I keep going back to. Here they are..

I’m always open to song suggestions, so I’d love to know some of your workout favorites!

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AWESOME LIST! Thank you!!

Since I have started working out again, I have been listening to a mix you made me in college. It’s all techno and Street Knowledge. The Kickline song is also on there. Love it.

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