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Welcome to the Ali on the Run Show — your best running buddy!

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This is a podcast where we talk about working hard, running hard, and doing whatever it takes to break a physical and mental sweat. I’m your host, Ali Feller, and I’m a writer and editor in New York City. I write about health and fitness for Women’s Health, Self, Shape, Allure, Fitness, and more, and am the former editor in chief of Dance Spirit magazine. I also blog at Ali on the Run, which is what inspired this podcast. Every week on this show, I bring on guests to talk about everything from marathon training and yoga to mental health and wellness. Bring me along on your next run — I’ll do my best to leave you feeling excited, inspired, and ready to pick up the pace along the way.

Episode 14: My 10 Favorite Races

Episode 13: Chris Mosier, Transgender Athlete & Advocate

Episode 12: Thoughts We Had During Our First Half Marathons

Episode 11: Candice Huffine, Model, Runner, and Founder of Project Start

Episode 10: The Worst Mistakes I’ve Made as a Runner

Episode 9: Sarah Conklin, 3:37 Marathoner & Picky Bars Employee

Episode 8: 10 People Who Have Changed My Running Life

Episode 7: Megha Doshi, Local Marketing Director at Strava

Episode 6: Chris Heuisler, National Run Concierge for Westin Hotels

Episode 5: Alice Saunders, Creator of Forestbound and 3:19 Marathoner

Episode 4: Running Coach John Honerkamp

Episode 3: Alison Desir, Founder of Harlem Run

Episode 2: Brian Cristiano — Being Married to Someone with Crohn’s Disease

Episode 1: Ultramarathoner Emily Halnon

Episode 0: Welcome to the Ali on the Run Show

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When will this be available on Stitcher???? Would love it ASAP, please!

If you ever want a 5:59 marathoner, feel free to give me a call! Haha adding you to my subscriptions now!

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