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Welcome to the Ali on the Run Show — your best running buddy!

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At 16, I had it all figured out. By 25, I had my dream job as editor in chief of a teen dance magazine. But now, at 33, I’m not really sure who I am, what I’m doing, or what I want to be when I grow up. I know one thing, though: I love running and I love talking to people. So on the Ali on the Run Show, I talk to everyday runners, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders I find interesting and inspiring, and I get inside their heads to figure out how their decisions, successes, failures, and missteps can help guide my own. Whether you’re on the run toward something great or away from something that’s holding you back, join me on this never-ending adventure, and let’s all pick up the pace together.

Episode 110: Olivia Young, Creator of Box + Flow

Episode 109: Jes Woods, Nike Run Coach

Episode 108: 11 Ways I Improved My Confidence

Episode 107: The Great Turkey Trot of 2014

Episode 106: I Had a Baby!

Episode 105: Emily Abbate, Fitness Writer & Host of the Hurdle Podcast

Episode 104: Stephanie Bruce

Episode 103: Lauren Fleshman

Episode 102: Ashley Fizzarotti AKA Running Bun

Episode 101: Jeannie Klisiewicz of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Episode 100: 2018 Boston Marathon Winner Des Linden

Episode 99: One Month Until Baby!

Episode 98: Mary Wittenberg, Former CEO of New York Road Runners & Virgin Sport

Episode 97: Amy Cragg

Episode 96: LIVE at NYRR RunnerCon with Jenny Simpson, Emma Coburn, & Peter Ciaccia

Episode 95: Keri Blunt, Goodr’s VP of Everything

Episode 94: Ellen Latham, Creator of Orangetheory Fitness

Episode 93: Jeni Novak, Founder of Novak Entertainment

Episode 92: Laura Anderson, 2018 Buffalo Marathon Winner

Episode 91: What’s New With You Week with Sarah Sellers

Episode 90: What’s New With You Week with Gwen Jorgensen

Episode 89: What’s New With You Week with Janae Baron

Episode 88: What’s New With You Week with Allie Kieffer

Episode 87: What’s New With You Week with Michele Gonzalez

Episode 86: What’s New With You Week with Kara Goucher

Episode 85: What’s New With You Week with Emily Halnon

Episode 84: Career Q&A with Katie Burke

Episode 83: Ryan Linden, Ironman, Entrepreneur, & Husband to Desiree Linden

Episode 82: Tim & Jessica Murphy, Co-Founders of BibRave

Episode 81: Rob Krar, Ultra Runner & Mental Health Advocate

Episode 80: Amelia Boone, Ultra Runner & World’s Toughest Mudder

Episode 79: Kayla Itsines

Episode 78: Wesley Little, Couples Therapist

Episode 77: Ali on the Run Show LIVE! Featuring Meb Keflezighi, Andrea Barber, Chris Heuisler, and Des Linden

Episode 76: BONUS EPISODE: Brian Cristiano Sprints to the Finish

Episode 75: Brian Cristiano, CEO of BOLD Worldwide

Episode 74: Sarah Clancy, Founder of Sarah Marie Design Studio

Episode 73: Erin Strout, Runner’s World Contributing Editor

Episode 72: Liz Plosser, Women’s Health Editor in Chief

Episode 71: Lori & David Feller AKA Mom & Dad on the Run

Episode 70: Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot

Episode 69: Sarah Sellers, 2nd Place Female at the 2018 Boston Marathon

Episode 68: We’re Having a Baby!

Episode 67: Tina Muir, Host of the Running For Real Podcast

Episode 66: Boston Marathon Talk with Molly Huddle

Episode 65: Bianna Golodryga, CBS News Correspondent & CNN Contributor

Episode 64: Desiree Linden

Episode 63: Dr. Meggie Q&A Part II: Fertility, Infertility, Labor, Delivery, & Advice

Episode 62: Gabe Grunewald, Professional Runner & 4-Time Cancer Survivor

Episode 61: Dr. Meggie Q&A Part I: Egg Freezing, Periods, Hormones, & Birth Control

Episode 60: Emma Coburn

Episode 59: Emily Saul, Co-Leader of November Project Boston

Episode 58: “Preppy Runner” Theodora Blanchfield

Episode 57: Date Night with Ali & Brian, On Dreams, Goals, Fear, & Failure

Episode 56: Susan Pass, Nurse & 3:18 Marathoner

Episode 55: Nick Symmonds

Episode 54: Gwen Jorgensen, Olympic Gold Medalist & Professional Triathlete

Episode 53: Kate Grace

Episode 52: The Brian Cristiano Takeover Edition

Episode 51: Molly Huddle

Episode 50: “Hungry Runner Girl” Janae Baron

Episode 49: Abby Bales, Founder of Reform Physical Therapy

Episode 48: Sally Bergesen, CEO & Founder of Oiselle

Episode 47: Brian Cristiano’s Great Turkey Trot of 2014

Episode 46: Allie Kieffer

Episode 45: Andrea Barber AKA Full House‘s Kimmy Gibbler

Episode 44: Chris Heuisler’s Most Embarrassing Running Moment!

Episode 43: Kara Goucher

Episode 42: Professional Runner Neely Spence Gracey

Episode 41: Danielle Cemprola of “The T-Rex Runner”

Episode 40: Dr. Leah Lagos, Clinical Sport & Performance Psychologist

Episode 39: Registered Dietitian Kelly Hogan

Episode 38: I’m Back!

Episode 37: Lindsey Hein, Host of the I’ll Have Another Podcast

Episode 36: On “Motivational Phrases”

Episode 35: Mia Michaels, Choreographer, Director & So You Think You Can Dance OG

Episode 34: Global Running Day & Why I Run

Episode 33: Natalie Morales, TODAY Show Anchor & Host of Access Hollywood

Episode 32: Crohn’s Disease Q&A

Episode 31: Dan Nevins, Army Veteran, Double Amputee, and Yoga Teacher

Episode 30: My Crohn’s Disease Story

Episode 29: Meredith Kennedy, Marketing Operations Manager at BuzzFeed

Episode 28: Let’s Talk Running Pet Peeves

Episode 27: Meggie Smith, MD, Chief Resident in OB-GYN at NYU Langone Medical Center

Episode 26: My Running Story

Episode 25: Bethany Lyons, Founder of Lyons Den Power Yoga

Episode 24: Talk Thirties to Me: The Lessons I’ve Learned in My Thirties

Episode 23: Lauren Conkey, 3:18 Marathoner, Mother, & Public Health Advocate

Episode 22: How I Finally Got Over My Body Issues

Episode 21: Brynn Fessette O’Neill, Physical Therapist at Finish Line Physical Therapy

Episode 20: Stop Waiting

Episode 19: Michele Gonzalez AKA NYC Running Mama

Episode 18: Running & Life Mantras

Episode 17: Relationship Q&A with Brian Cristiano

Episode 16: We Were All New Runners Once!

Episode 15: Page Williams, Ironman, Blogger, LinkedIn Digital Strategist

Episode 14: My 10 Favorite Races

Episode 13: Chris Mosier, Transgender Athlete & Advocate

Episode 12: Thoughts We Had During Our First Half Marathons

Episode 11: Candice Huffine, Model, Runner, and Founder of Project Start

Episode 10: The Worst Mistakes I’ve Made as a Runner

Episode 9: Sarah Conklin, 3:37 Marathoner & Picky Bars Employee

Episode 8: 10 People Who Have Changed My Running Life

Episode 7: Megha Doshi, Local Marketing Director at Strava

Episode 6: Chris Heuisler, National Run Concierge for Westin Hotels

Episode 5: Alice Saunders, Creator of Forestbound and 3:19 Marathoner

Episode 4: Running Coach John Honerkamp

Episode 3: Alison Desir, Founder of Harlem Run

Episode 2: Brian Cristiano — Being Married to Someone with Crohn’s Disease

Episode 1: Ultramarathoner Emily Halnon

Episode 0: Welcome to the Ali on the Run Show

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When will this be available on Stitcher???? Would love it ASAP, please!

If you ever want a 5:59 marathoner, feel free to give me a call! Haha adding you to my subscriptions now!

Zac Herndon says: July 18, 2018 at 5:11 pm

Do you have guests on your podcast? If so, would you be interested in speaking with Randy Hetrick CEO and Founder of TRX?

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