All About Ali

Thanks for stopping by Ali On The Run! Here’s what you need to know about me…

1. I love running. I never thought I would say that. I started running in the summer of 2008, my first summer living in NYC. When I got started, I could run about 2 blocks. Then I built up to 2 miles. I ran my first race, the FITNESS Mind, Body & Spirit 4-miler, in Central Park in September 2008. From there, I signed up for my first half marathon and have since completed a whole bunch of other races. My latest — and greatest — running accomplishment was completing my first marathon in September 2011.

Very proud of my Hamptons Marathon finisher's medal!

2. I have Crohn’s Disease. I’ve was diagnosed when I was 7, so I’ve pretty much had it my whole life. In 2010 I had several bad flare-ups, but I’m learning more about my body and how to deal every day. Despite having this autoimmune disease, I consider myself to be a very healthy person. I wrote an article for The Frisky about my life with Crohn’s. Read it here!

3. I’m originally from New Hampshire. I grew up in a small town called Contoocook — talk about different from NYC! — then went to college in Connecticut. I graduated in 2007 then made the move to NYC. It was the best decision I ever made. I love it here!

4. I’m terrified of hairless cats, kinesio tape and snakes. I know, the kinesio tape one is a little weird, but it’s because it looks like a snake.

5. I used to be a dancer. I grew up competing in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, musical theater… You name it, I was obsessed with it. When I went to college, I joined the kickline team and was a captain my senior year (the year we took home our first big win at competition!). Now I’m extremely lucky because I’ve managed to make a career out of my love for dance.

Quinnipiac University Kickline!

6. I eat what I want. I don’t believe in dieting. I do believe in finding a healthy lifestyle that satisfies you. For me, that means being aware of what I’m putting into my body — be it homemade trail mix (cereal, raisins, almonds, dry roasted peanuts and dark chocolate M&Ms, yum!), clementines and apples, or brownies and chocolate chip cookies. I love vegetables, I love pasta and I love ice cream. I give into cravings, I don’t look at foods as being “good” or “bad” and I don’t believe in punishing yourself based on what you eat. Life’s too short not to eat Moose Tracks.

More carbohydrates, please. Seriously…MORE!

7. I’m an early-riser. A 5 AM alarm doesn’t scare me — it invigorates me. I’m at my best between the hours of 6 and 11 AM.

Good morning, sunshine!

8. I’m as Type-A as they come. I love making lists, being on time and keeping everything in its place. I cannot start my day unless the bed is made.

9. My celebrity crush is Will Ferrell. I will take him over Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds any day. (Though, please, may I have all three?) The keys to my heart are laughter and food.

10. I love meeting new people! I also love asking them tons of questions and learning all about them. So please, introduce yourself! I can’t wait to get to know you.

My mom and me doing what we do best: eating chocolate cake

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