High Fives For Friday

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Happy Friday!

This week has been…weird? I’ve been in a funk. Nothing is wrong, I’ve just been cranky and unmotivated and blah-ish. So in the spirit of my blah-ness, here is a mindless post about nothing. Because sometimes, answering arbitrary questions about my favorite things makes me less blah. And because it’s good to get to know each other — so you should play, too! High five!



Five names I go by:

  1. Alison (my family calls me this)
  2. Ali (everyone else calls me this)
  3. Al (my college roommate, Dee, calls me this)
  4. Feller (college and November Project people generally use this)
  5. Auntie Ali (Tyler and Abby call me this, and it’s my favorite of all the nicknames)
Actually, that day Tyler called me Cinderella, I think. I was fine with the name change.

Actually, that day Tyler called me Cinderella, I think. I was fine with the name change.

Five jobs I’ve had:

  1. Shop Hand at R.C. Brayshaw & Company printing company (I bound books all day — spiral-bound books, by hand — and I loved it)
  2. “Brand Rep” at Abercrombie & Fitch at the Steeplegate Mall in Concord, NH
  3. Waitress at Side Street Grille in Hamden, CT
  4. Web Editor, Associate Editor, Deputy Editor, Deputy Editor in Chief & Editor in Chief at Dance Spirit
  5. Freelance Writer & Editor!

Five (JK, way more) places I’ve lived:

  1. Norristown, PA (where I was born and lived for nine whole months)
  2. Contoocook, NH (three different houses; this is where I grew up and where my parents still live)
  3. Five different places at Quinnipiac University (four dorm rooms and one crazy house)
  4. Australia (at Bond University, where I studied abroad)
  5. In a house in Connecticut before I moved to NYC (not important)
  6. Five different apartments in NYC (Spanish Harlem, Midtown West, and three different apartments on the Upper East Side)
  7. West New York, NJ!
Home sweet home.

Home sweet home.

Five things I love to eat:

  1. The lemon pasta from Supper in NYC
  2. The chocolate soufflé from California Grill at the Contemporary Resort in Florida
  3. The muesli and yogurt at Saruni Ocean in Kenya
  4. Annie’s macaroni and cheese with some broccoli thrown in for health
  5. My mom’s grilled cheese sandwiches

Five favorite drinks:

  1. Water
  2. Champagne
  3. Mimosas
  4. Apple cider
  5. Mojitos

Five things I do every day:

  1. Brush my teeth
  2. Talk to my mom, either on the phone or via text
  3. Take Ellie for walks
  4. Constantly think about what my next meal will be
  5. Ask Brian how late he’ll be at work
Out for a walk with my best bae.

Out for a walk with my best bae.

Five (OK, eight) people I’d like to invite to a dinner party:

  1. Ellen DeGeneres
  2. Michelle Obama
  3. Céline Dion
  4. Lin-Manuel Miranda
  5. Amy Poehler
  6. Tina Fey
  7. Brian
  8. Tyler

My five favorite days:

  1. The day I ran my first marathon
  2. The day Brian and I got engaged
  3. The day Brian and I got married
  4. The day Brian surprised me by taking me to Giraffe Manor
  5. The day we got Ellie
This was a good day.

This was a good day.

Five things I love watching on TV:

  1. Friends reruns
  2. Pitch Perfect 2 every night on HBO
  3. The Today show, but I miss Natalie Morales being on it
  4. Scandal, even though it’s insane
  5. Glee, which I miss sometimes

Five things that are making me happy right now:

  1. Ellie sleeping at my feet
  2. The fact that I finally finished unpacking most of the apartment this week
  3. My mom is coming to visit in two weeks
  4. Having a pool
  5. The fact that I met Céline Dion last week, and yes I am still riding that high
Sixth best day ever, probably.

Sixth best day ever, probably.

Hopefully you learned something new today! I’m in less of a funk now!

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. From any category. Or do ’em all!

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Do you think Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would just chat with each other the whole time and not share their inside jokes with the group? I think the seating arrangements at this dinner would be super important.

That’s a good point. I also worry that everyone would just be fawning over Lin the whole time. But I also feel like everyone would probably be so interested in looking at pictures of Ellie on my phone that I’d ultimately steal the spotlight, right?

…would Ellie not be there in “person”? (In dog?) Just pictures wouldn’t be good enough, because Mrs. Obama would pull out HER phone with pictures of HER dogs! Plan: secretly feed Ellie underneath the table the whole time so that you’re her favorite, then people would definitely pay attention to you, because they’d have to.

Also, now I feel pretty emotionally invested in your dinner party; could I swing by for desert? I make great pie.

I’ll play- 5 Things I love Watching on TV
1) Friends reruns (classic)
2) Big Bang Theory
3) MTV’s The Challenge
4) Law and Order SVU
5) Top Chef

Such diversity. Happy Friday!

As always so fun! I didn’t know you lived in Spanish Harlem – I would have walked around humming In the Heights songs the entire time. 🙂

Haha well I was in Spanish Harlem (102nd & First), not Washington Heights, but still always singing In the Heights. Forever my favorite musical.

you are the cutest. unrelatedly, lets go on that physique date!!!

Five Favorite Drinks:
1) Water
2) Ice Fench Vanilla Coffe
3) Coconut Mojito
4) Prosecco
5) Mimosa

Five Places I Lived:
1) Marlboro, NJ ( Born and Raised)
2) Sussex, NJ ( Sleepaway camp 6 summers)
3) Providence, RI ( Four years of college 3 dorms 1 apartment)
4) Upper East Side, NYC
5) Boca Raton/Coral Springs, FL
**Now back in Marlboro**

PS. Motivating Brian on Snapchat is awesome!

5 things I do every day:
1. Drink 10 oz of coffee
2. Pour a second 10 oz of coffee into my cup.
3. Walk my dog
4. Call my dog one of 20 nicknames
5. Send my boyfriend Bitmoji good morning and good night texts.

Five things that make me happy:
Same as above 🙂

Fun! I will play:

5 things I do everyday:
1. walk my dog
2. complain about being hungry or tired or both 😉
3. check instagram
4. text or hang out with my boyfriend
5. think about my last workout or plan the next one

5 places I have lived:
1. Ascholding, Germany
2. Oxford, Michigan
3. Ann Arbor, Michigan
4. Davis, CA
5. Sacramento, CA

Norristown, PA! That’s close to me! I worked in that town for a little while.

Love this post!

I have to say re: Scandal — Columbus Short (aka Harrison) is my downstairs neighbor and let me tell you – the show’s insanity is nothing compared to his. He. Is. Nuts. I wish I could fire him from my complex like Shonda. (Though – he did just get an adorable husky puppy yesterday named Jax and I might kidnap the poor pup and move him to Michigan from LA before I fire him.)

To clarify because that was all word vomit:

1. I want to fire him like Shonda fired him. Queen Shonda rules.
2. I want to move the husky puppy to cold climate because it’s unfair it lives in LA.

The end!

Ha, I ask Eric how late he’ll be at work every day as well. Maybe I’ll come wait in your pool while he works late. 🙂

lindsay w-g says: July 29, 2016 at 10:50 pm

Man it’s a small world–I’ve seen a college friend (and mutual fb connection) of mine in your NYRR pics and I grew up less than two miles from Steeplegate Mall! Love the blog and especially your current training plan/updates 🙂

Five drinks on point. I’d have to add in coffee and seltzer water. Random but I also love your reaction when Brian proposed!

Five things I do every day:
1. Brush my teeth
2. Talk to my mom, either on the phone or via text
3. Take Rhett for walks
4. Constantly think about what my next meal will be
5. Ask James how late he’ll be working

haha cracks me up, literally the same life even after all this time 🙂

And for fun since this one is SO different!
Five places I have lived:
1. Hopkinton, NH
2. Andover, NH (4 Proctor dorms)
3. Elon, NC (1 dorm, 1 sorority house, 1 super sketchy house)
4. Charlotte, NC (1 apt, 1 townhouse, 3 houses)
5. Tampa, FL (1 apt, 1 condo and soon to be 1 house!)

I’ve moved houses too much!

You worked at Side Street? YAS.