This Weekend By The Numbers

Date: September 23, 2013 at 7:14 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 52

…because why use words when numbers will suffice?

10: Times I swore I was going to clean the apartment this weekend.

0: Things in the apartment that got cleaned.

Ya filthy animal...

Ya filthy animal…

5: Times I saw Buzunesh Deba, my favorite favorite favorite elite runner, training in Central Park Saturday.

2: New friends I made at JackRabbit Saturday. Pamela of SparklySoul fame and Michelle of fast-runner-and-also-a-model fame.

ZEBRA PANTS OUT TO PLAY. Again. I finally washed them this weekend, though.

ZEBRA PANTS OUT TO PLAY. Again. I finally washed them this weekend, though.

7:30 PM: Time I started getting ready for bed Saturday night before realizing it was only 7:30 PM and that’s too early to go to bed.

20: Blocks I walked, round-trip, to delay my bedtime in pursuit of a tiny bit of fro-yo and a size-of-my-face dollop of hot fudge.

8:30 PM: Time I actually got into bed Saturday night.

11: Hours of sleep I got that night.

1: Number of times I screamed “Good luck!” at Jenny Simpson during her warm-up for the Fifth Avenue Mile (which she went on to win).

I SWEAR we made eye contact during her victory lap, too. And I swear eye contact used to be girl code for "let's be besties," but maybe something recently changed.

I SWEAR we made eye contact during her victory lap, too. And I swear eye contact used to be girl code for “let’s be besties,” but maybe something recently changed.

1: Number of times Jenny Simpson looked at me, smiled, and sweetly said, “Thank you!”

0: Number of times Jenny Simpson texted me after the race to plan a sleepover or rundate. Bummer.

1: Time I Skyped with Tyler, who is getting so unbelievably big, mostly in his head area and not so much in his tiny body area.



1: Surprise Ali Cake to wrap up the weekend.

The way to my heart is through chocolate layer cake with my name on top. Brian knows.

The way to my heart is through chocolate layer cake with my name on top. Brian knows.

0: Times I foam rolled. Oops.

And the most important, most magical, most special numbers of all…



20: Number of miles I ran Saturday.

8:45: Minutes per mile I averaged during that run.

26.2: The total number of miles I ran this weekend (the 20 strong-feeling miles Saturday followed by 6.2 sloggy miles Sunday). It’s also the number of miles I hope to run on November 3, 2013, from Staten Island, through Brooklyn, into Queens, over to Manhattan, through the Bronx for a bit and finally, a victory lap through Central Park.

A rare sunSET photo. Because I ran at night one time this week. It was a terrible run, but the views were nice.

A rare sunSET photo. Because I ran at night one time this week. It was a terrible run, but the views were nice.

I may get injured between now and then (see above note about lack of foam rolling).

I may get sick between now and then. I have no way of planning for that.

I don’t have a training plan, a coach or a running log. I don’t have a goal time and I don’t have a clue what “marathon goal pace” will or should be.

I don’t have expectations β€” only high hopes.

All I know is that if I can, I will.

GOT ANY IMPORTANT WEEKEND NUMBERS TO SHARE ON YOUR END? PR times? Miles run? Planking records? Number of cakes eaten? Shout ’em out!

52 Responses to "This Weekend By The Numbers"

I saw Buzunesh Deba twice two weeks ago on the West Side Highway! Love it. I really love the Ali cake, that was so sweet of Brian! I am seriously impressed with your 20 — you are still so fast, you don’t seem to have lost much fitness during your illness. Also, you are far ahead of me in training which makes me a little nervous! Ha. As for important numbers to share — my half marathon PR yesterday! 1:53:38!!! Numbers I NEVER in my life thought I’d see next to my name.

Oh, I lost fitness! I’ve just been working on getting it back. That first month or so that I was trying to start running was SO hard and I had no strength and no muscle. I’ve had to work hard to build back up to this point. I still have days where running just feels SO hard, but I think we all do. And YAY, congrats on the awesome PR! So glad training is going well for you! (And don’t be nervous about what I’m doing vs. what you’re doing β€” you’re the one with the coach and I’m the one just playing a guessing game.)

I love seeing old Ali back.
I am sooo impressed with your 20 miles. i can only dream of it. I didn’t run this weekend as my body craved a rest but the number of over excited screams i made waiting for new Downton Abbey about 100!!
So impressed πŸ™‚

It’s official: you’re a badass.

Ali, you have run more and farther in the past month or two than most runners do in an entire year. I haven’t attempted double-digit runs in over a year, and I haven’t been sick or injured. You are inspiring and should be very proud of yourself!

AMAZINGNESS, well done, so happy for you πŸ™‚ x

Congrats on the 20 miler! I also did 20 this weekend! It was tough, but I feel prepared for the Chicago Marathon in 3 weeks. Bring on the taper!

Congrats on a great run!!
My numbers for the weekend:
2h5m56s – time running my first half marathon
2 – # of races this weekend

Awesome job, Ali! I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

SUCH a cool post…so nice to see the old Ali back today! And such a fast Ali! You’re so much faster than me and I’ve not been sick! Darn! πŸ˜‰

2: number of attempts to hike Mission Peak (called off due to torrential rain the first time)

2,000. Number of feet climbed.

6: Number of New Girl episodes we watched. I have a crush on Nick!!!

That cake is the best!!!

That’s an impressive 20 miles!! I ran my last 20 this weekend before wineglass, and I am so glad to be done with long runs. Bring on the carb-filled taper!

21.5 = total miles run Sunday – last long run, now I TAPER!

1.5 = pints of B&J eaten in bed – good recovery food (my lactose hating stomach disagrees but whatevs)

But must say you are awesome!!! and mmmm now I want cake too!

Ali – you are the bomb!!! And that cake looks delish!

5 – # of times I had a giggle fit every time I thought about or view this photo of a cat my sister sent me

1 million* – # of fruit flies I’m currently trying to combat in my kitchen after finding out I had an old container of grapes in a bag on the dining room table… oops *estimated # since there were too many to count

My weekend numbers…. not running, but a new powerscore PR in a 60-minute Flywheel class… 357!!

1: Number of times over the weekend I offered to hire you to watch me eat Chinese Food

Holy Bounceback, Batman!!! Woohoooo!
I ran 2:55 too… but I only covered 14 miles in that time! Yeah, I’m slow… but not giving up.

What makes Buzunesh Deba your favorite? Just curious. I don’t know much about her.

Cheers to you and your rockin’ numbers o’ life!

Go, Ali, go! That is amazing! I am completely jealous too, as I only managed to run a little over 2 miles consecutively this weekend, and one was a 13:00 mile. THIRTEEN. I have never been that slow. Stupid IBD. But today I ran a mile in 11:46, so progress!

I really want some cake now.

20 miles… LIKE A BOSS! You are awesome. I also ran 20 miles, but they were the worst. I tried to take a gel a mile 7 and my stomach wasn’t having it, so I attempted to run the rest of the run sans fueling. No surprise I hit a wall at mile 18 and run/walked/grandpa shuffled the last 2 miles.. So lame. I have redemption 20 miler in 3 weeks. Victory will be mine!

Oh my god you go girl! You have come so far I can’t even believe it. Such an inspiration. (and I also totally want to be best friends with people I’ve never met, so I understand).

You.Are.Amazing. 20 miles? After being out of commission? I am just impressed.

That’s all! Happy Monday πŸ™‚

Awesome 20-miler! I wish I were up to that mileage, but my injury still has me hobbling along for just a 10K. I foam roll, roll my legs with a stick, statically stretch, dynamically stretch, go to PT — everything in hopes of getting my mileage up and to the start of the NYCM. You definitely need to get that number of times for foam rolling up before you end up like me and foam roll in desperation. πŸ™‚

20 miles?
I love your blog and I hate to be critical but don’t you think that’s a bit of a case of too much too soon? I just worry people will take this from your blog – hey I just started back up running, lets go for 20 miles.

I know you say you want to avoid injury – but running 20 miles on a low base sounds like a recipe for disaster. Seems like you have only been back running for a couple months?

Well first, I hope no one ever reads this and does what I do! (Kidding, but also pretty serious β€”Β I try to write every post in a way that it’s clear that I’m just writing about my life and not at all advocating, preaching or giving advice. I’m in no position to do that.)

It might be a case of too much too soon. I did 18 last weekend, 15 the weekend before that, 13 before that, 10 before that, and so on. So 20 is obviously a ton of miles, but it hasn’t gone from 0 to 20. I’ve been building my mileage since I started running again in July, and my weekly base has been pretty solid (I don’t share my weekly workouts so there’s not really a way of knowing what my “low base” has been). My mindset right now is to do what I can while I’m healthy. I have this fear that I’m going to get sick again at any minute, so I want to, for lack of a better phrase, “live it up” while I can. I was so happy running this weekend, so if I do get sick or injured now, I’m OK with it. I’ve had some great runs and we’ll see what happens.

For now, my body seems to be handling running OK. Other peoples’ bodies won’t. It’s all very personal which again is why I don’t ever give advice or tell people they should do what I do.

Wow, good for you!!

And, uh, about the cakes…I had a slice of two different cakes. To be fair, it was a twin boy birthday party, so they each picked their own cake. I wouldn’t want to make one feel bad for eating his cake and not his brother’s! LOL

so happy for you! you will have an amazing marathon…… i can feel it πŸ™‚

LOVE THIS POST! I’m a numbers girl. So I have some numbers to share too….I ran 65.5 miles between Monday and Fridayβ€”5 half marathons in 5 days in 5 states. (North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska)
My times ranged between 2:16 and 2:43 and the number I am most proud of is 2 (the number of times I ALMOST pooped my pants in Wyoming (Note to self: Hardee’s is not good pre-race fuel) but managed to get to the port-a-potty in the nick of time =) I will continue to wish for good days ahead for you and that 11/3 is all that and then some. You deserve it!

Twenty miles! That’s amazing. I was all set to comment on the cleaning and your new BFF or even Tyler’s head until I saw the 20 miles! Followed by another 6 the next day. Dang Allie! You get two snaps and a twirl from me. I’d say you’ll be ready come November.

Holy moly!! 20 miles just like that! Amazing!!

so happy for you!! I ran a half marathon yesterday in In Your I HEART SWEAT shirt!! πŸ™‚

I ran my third half marathon yesterday, not nearly as speedy as you

Jenny Simpson obviously hasn’t written you because she’s intimidated by your awesomeness! And my number is from today: 2…the number of things I won! I won a blog giveaway, and some cash at a presentation at my law school!

Holy moly! 20 miles! You’re definitely back Ali! And I’m envious of that 11hrs of zzz.

Ali, I’m inspired by how you’re out running and training again! I keep saying I’m going to “get back on the running wagon” but have been for a few runs that have SUCKED royally and am loosing confidence. Thanks for helping inspire me to try again!

PS-Chocolate cake rules!

Look at you killing those 20 miles! You are putting me to shame. Next time I am whining about a run I will be thinking about you and your speedy legs. thanks for the motivational push!

Holy crap!! You sure surprised me with that 20 miler. SO AWESOME! I’m so happy to see you are getting out there again. Thanks for the motivation, I’ll try to keep up πŸ™‚

Came up and gushed at you at the 5th Ave mile and I meant what I said, so happy that you are feeling better and strong again. I will be running Nov. 3rd too. THe only goal for me is to have a good time. Good Luck!

So, I use MapMyRun too, and I was about to ask- HOW does your app last til 20 miles, then saw the red low battery icon at the top πŸ™‚ Also, I screenshot my red scribbly map at the end of every long run; it’s so gratifying.

Seriously though, the longest mine has ever lasted is 12 miles before the battery dies. Do you charge mid-run?!

Excited to have another person to cheer for at NYCM! I’ll be at mile 19 passing out water and Gatorade!

Whooo, that’s amazing that you can bash out 20 miles! I’m running 20 miles on Sat and I am a little nervous! hope I bump into you towing the line on 3rd Nov…at the front obviously!

You’re so lucky, seeing elite runners in your local park. All I see is teenagers drinking cheap cider!

way to go Ali!! really proud of of you ( for your running and froyo/cake eating, not for your early bedtime πŸ˜‰

Glad you’re getting some sweat time that does not involve a fever.

kick some assphalt

Holy crap, I seriously cannot believe you ran 20 miles at that pace! I mean, I can, because you’re you, but I am still seriously impressed. I was just thinking maybe I should drop out of the marathon this year because I’ve seriously slacked in the last month leading up to my wedding (officially hitched as of Saturday–WOO!). Now, I realize I still have a full month to get my butt in gear. If Ali, whose body has been through one hell of a ringer over the last half year can do it, I’d better at least try! Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

Annnnd I just realize how much I overuse “seriously.” *Shame.*

I’ve been reading you for a while now and just wanted to let you know I’m so proud of you for the running!!! It’s really awesome! You are so strong and even though I don’t know you and live miles and miles and miles away…I’m really proud of your success! Bravo!
– A girl up in Canada who is inspired by your story!

You really seem to get things done. I am too lazy. You are a great inspiration.


Wow, that’s so fantastic! I’ve been following your blog for a while and I’m so happy that you’re feeling healthy and excited about running again. Wishing you all the best!

Awesome, very inspiring! πŸ˜€

So, so, so, so glad to see that you’re better than you were earlier this year. Though you’re only in the “in between” period and it’s not necessarily where you’d like to be, I’m really happy to see that you’re able to start doing more of the things you love. I’ve been reading your blog hoping each time that I would finally read the “this is the post you’ve been waiting for!” title. Though it doesn’t seem like you’re there fully, I’m really glad to see that things are starting to look up (knocks on wood =) ).

I also have to ask because I haven’t been able to find them yet…where are the zebra pants from? I love loud workout pants and those would fit very nicely in my arsenal =)

So I left a great comment on this post on Saturday and then your site crashed. Just know it was really good and I was thrilled to see you back into the swing f things, even with the “or nots.”