This Is Love

Date: May 14, 2012 at 9:19 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 43

Love was the theme of the weekend.

Lack of sleep, traffic, endless hours on the highway and eating were other themes.

But let’s go with the love theme, because that one is the most fun to talk about.

There was a lot to love about this fantastic May weekend.

First there was Friday evening’s SoulCycle class with the renowned Danny Kopel. I had been dying to take his class, I finally signed up and it was one heck of a blast. He did high kicks with perfectly pointed feet each time he dismounted his bike. He got me spinning and sweating and just when I thought I couldn’t have any more fun while straddling a stationary bike, he screamed and sprayed the room with his water bottle. Danny ended the class with an eloquent, “Namaste, you badass bitches,” and with that I went about my evening. Now that’s what I call happy hour. I like to rage.

Loved it.

Then there was Double Spin Saturday, which is my new favorite thing. There’s the 75-minute “Mountain Ride” followed by my BFF Matt’s 45-minute dance party ride (only I call it that — it’ll catch on eventually). Again, a great workout in lieu of a long run, loads of sweat and loads of fun.

Loved it. (And just realized that rhymed.)

There was the glorious post-workout shower, the road trip to Boston complete with a necessary pit stop at Target, and the delicious ice cream from Friendly’s. I loved it all.

But what I really loved this weekend was finally meeting my perfect little nephew, Tyler.

We finally meet! Best friends!

Best day ever. EVER.

Brian and I rented a car and drove up to Boston for roughly 12 hours to meet the new love of my life (sorry, Brian — you haven’t been replaced, but you’re temporarily benched as My Favorite Man). By the time we got to the north country (I know, Boston is not the north country, but it’s close to it and sometimes feels very far from Manhattan) we jumped out of our car and got right into another one to drive to the hospital.

The hospital?

Well yeah. Tyler isn’t home yet. Poor little guy.

He was born two weeks early, and even though he’s amazing and perfect and healthy, he has this quirky little habit where he likes to stop breathing a little when he’s sleeping. Crazy kid. Stop doing that! He’s so small — clocking in at 5 pounds now! — and the doctors say he’s just not mature enough to go home yet.

Typical Feller: immature.


So Tyler has been chillin’ at the hospital, and that’s where we got to hang with him. We were there for less than 30 seconds when Ryan, my big brother and the father of baby Tyler, was all, “Do you want to hold him?”

Did I want to hold him? What a dumb question. Of course I did.

Clearly I was very comfortable with this situation. My face doesn't scream, "Holy shit I'm so nervous about holding this cool baby" at all. Really relaxed.

Though really, I was a little terrified because his body is so mini.

"Don't drop him, don't drop him, don't drop him."

But once I had him, we were instant BFFs. We talked about how we’re going to have joint birthday parties and how I’ll be the cool aunt when his parents give him rules. Then I took that statement back because I remembered that I love rules and hate people who break them. Like I said, I really enjoy raging and also living right on the edge.

Tyler was finally like, "Ugh, enough with the photos. Just let me sleep and grow. Enough of this madness!"

Everyone who said I would hold my nephew and fall in love immediately was correct. Nice prediction, people. Now we just need the little munchkin to pass his car seat test so he can come home. He has so many toys to play with and outfits to try on!

Oh, and Brian wanted to be friends with Tyler, too, so they hung out for a while.

Hey guys. You're both cute.

Tyler, you are holding on for dear life. I do the same thing.

We stayed at the hospital for a while, and I pretended I wasn’t crying when we left. It made me sad to leave, but it’s good that he’s at the hospital where he’s being watched by people who are much more natural with babies than Ali over here.

Also, Tyler is really funny and makes lots of noises and faces. He yawns a lot, you know, because he’s tired from all the sleeping he’s been doing, and he smiles when people give him kisses.

I tried to ask him what he was dreaming about, but he ignored me. A little rude, but I'll allow it for now.

Are you tired of Baby Tyler photos yet? I DO NOT CARE. HE IS AMAZING.

Ryan and Michaela are doing great with him so far, and I love that Tyler got to be here for Mother’s Day! Michaela’s first one!

Yes, eventually I let Michaela have her son back. All he wanted to do while I held him was snooze, but with her he was all, "Hey Mom, let's eat!"

We got back to Ryan and Michaela’s house late, were up until midnight and then woke up somewhere around 6 AM Sunday morning to do exercise-related activities. By that I mean I went for a 5-mile run in the suburbs that included two bathroom stops but, yay, no pain! I’m kind of digging this “run every other day and don’t be injured anymore” thing. It’s working out pretty well so far.

I do miss long runs, but we’ll talk about that another time.

The love theme continued on Sunday, what with it being Mother’s Day. There was much praise for the moms, and I’m glad I got to see my parents if only for a little while.

Eventually, Brian and I left Boston to drive to Rhode Island to spend Mother’s Day with his family — moms, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, dogs, the whole crew. We were there until late, got back to New York City at 11:30 last night and now I am officially tired.

But I don’t care.

I’m in love.

Ryan said to "support his head," so I palmed it like a basketball.

Coming up this week: Early mornings, crazy work days, late nights and a 4:30 PM flight on Thursday to Charlotte, NC, for my best friend’s wedding. The crazy never stops and soon I’ll be renaming this blog “Auntie Ali On The Lack Of Sleep.”

LOVE LOVE LOVE: Any love in your weekend?

43 Responses to "This Is Love"

Ali, he is so cute! Being an Auntie is the best. Glad you had such a great (albeit, sleepless!) weekend. 🙂

Talk about coincidence! I gotta meet my new niece yesterday – Mother’s Day! We had an awesome family dinner as well.

Oh my he is adorable!!!

Lots of love this weekend – loved my outdoor runs with hills, entemenns cheese danish and spending lots and lots of time with the family 🙂

I am so happy for your family! What a wonderful way to spend a weekend!

The baby is adorable! Mazel tov!!!

Aww, what a cute baby! His blonde hair is adorable!
Brian looks like he has more experience carrying babies than you do.

awww!!!! I instantly fell in love with my niece the moment I held her too. Love her to pieces!! Congrats auntie!

Cathryn Ramsden says: May 14, 2012 at 10:30 am

Congratulations to all of you, he’s utterly beautiful and brought back a lot of memories about how scared i was told hold my little man at first. This post has made me really happy.

Lauren W. says: May 14, 2012 at 10:40 am

OMG so precious!!!! Congrats to your whole family! I was actually 3 lbs when I was born, and my sister was 4 (twins), so these pics remind me a lot of the ones my family has. So glad he’s healthy and being taken care of while he grows!
p.s. Super cute green shorts!

Your arm muscles are sick.

(I thought about writing that your nephew is cute, but that’s a given, so I thought I’d point out the noticeably sexy arms instead, bam.)

AliOnTheRun says: May 15, 2012 at 8:56 am

Haha. Grace Pan, you always make me feel good. Thanks, friend.

Tyler is adorable! Hoping he is ready to go home soon!

Lot’s of love this weekend at my bridal shower!! 🙂

More baby Tyler pictures. MOAR!!!

He is so cute. Loved the recap. Do they carry clothes small enough for Tyler at Carter’s?! I love their stuff and enjoyed going there to get stuff to spoil my niece!

AliOnTheRun says: May 15, 2012 at 8:57 am

YES I have gone quite crazy at Carter’s. We stopped there on the way up to buy some tiny-sized outfits. Mostly stuff with animals on it. And overalls. Every 5-pound baby needs overalls.

Aww. seeing a baby reminds me of when my 2 girls were born. And I always forget how light babies are! Very, very cute, and hope all his dreams come true.

adorable little man!! My peanuts were in the NICU for some time too … my son has the same Bradychardia thing that Tyler has. One day he just grew out of it and everything was fine. I loved the NICU and called it baby bootcamp for first time parents. Its so comforting to have professionals show you how to care for your tiny baby!

Um, Namaste you badass bitches is my new favorite thing to say to myself in my head. I wissssh I could take that dudes spin class!!

Congrats to Ryan on the sweet little babe! So adorable.

What a great weekend! And some amazing workouts. I wish I had classes like that near me. Congrats on your precious nephew! What a blessing:)

Awwwwwwww!!! Yay precious Tyler! When do they think he’ll get to come home? What’s a car seat test? Looks like a truly fabulous weekend!

AliOnTheRun says: May 15, 2012 at 9:00 am

The car seat test is when they put him in the car seat (in the hospital, not actually in the car) and keep him in there for 90 minutes. He needs to be able to sit up and keep breathing the whole time. But the little guy keeps giving up on the breathing part! So he keeps failing. He’ll get it one of these times 😉 They’re hoping he’ll be home by the end of the week!

I am going to be an aunt in November!! This post got me so excited to meet the new little baby <3

AliOnTheRun says: May 15, 2012 at 9:00 am

IT IS THE BEST. You get to give the baby presents, cuddle with it and then hand it back to the parents for feeding and changing. It really is the best arrangement ever.

Oh, Ali. He’s perfect and wonderful. More baby pictures, PLEASE!

Congrats Auntie Ali!! On your adorable little nephew (hope he gets to go home soon) and on your pain-free runs! YAY!

What a perfect little thing! I need more babies in my life (but in a situation where I can flea from them when necessary! aka not my own!)!!! I feel in love with the weather in Seattle this weekend!!!

There is nothing better than becoming an auntie!! Love the pics of you with the peanut, auntie Ali!!

You are an awesome Aunt!!

BRIAN IS FROM RHODE ISLAND?! Where?! How do I not know him? I thought I knew every single person in RI (and yes, that is possible when your parents/grandparents/yourself grew up there. I swear it).

What a little doll! I wish i was an auntie!

awww, Ali! he is so tiny and little and perfect. Congrats to your fam! 🙂

he is so precious! being an aunt really rocks. I miss my nieces & nephew and force my sisters to send me photos several times a week via iPhone. love technology. oh! and just wait until the day he says your name for the 1st time!

Precious kid!

Love? Love for the sun. Let the sunnnshiiinne in! Where did it go? Come back, sun!!!

Double spin is THE BEST. I do two classes in a row on Saturdays all the time. So much sweat. So many jams. We are the same person.

Also, BABY!!! So cute.


Congrats Ali! When are you buying him his first pair of running shoes?

AliOnTheRun says: May 15, 2012 at 9:01 am

Psh, please — I showed up with Nike Airs for him at the hospital. I was all over that. They’re blue and yellow and super teeny. Picture to come as soon as he fits into them 😉

He is soooo cute!

He is beautiful!!! So little!! Also Michaela looks amazing, congrats to the proud parents!

he is so adorable and so tiny!

Congrats on the new addition to your family! Baby Tyler is adorable!

Tyler is absolutely adorable – congratulations on becoming an auntie! My birthday was on Sunday so my weekend was full of lots of birthday love. And lots of cupcakes. Which equal love.

Oh my goodness – how tiny & adorable!

Makes me soo excited for my niece to be born 🙂

Congrats, auntie!

oh, this takes me back! i remember falling in love with my niece when i held her for the first time when she was one day old! that was fifteen years ago… yikes! i LOVE being aunt ali and i am sure you will too… so congrats and enjoy the love… nothing like it 🙂