Today, I Am Still A Marathoner—With Videos To Prove It

Date: September 26, 2011 at 8:25 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 52

I am currently basking in the glow of having just completed my first marathon.

I will probably keep smiling for at least a week. I’m kind of pumped about this whole thing.

I am back at work today, though. The next two weeks will be the busiest of my career. Who would like to volunteer to walk to the printer for me every time I need something? Because that would be great. And seriously, these legs are too sleepy to make that happen.

But I’m much less sore than I was yesterday and I’m feeling pretty good. I’m ready to recover and get back into my Brooks!

One of the great things about doing the marathon with JackRabbit was that I have lots of documentation from the entire process.

See? I get all these good photos taken on a fancy camera. Thank you, nice production team.

I also have lots of somewhat scary running videos. Turns out, it’s hard to look good when you’re on your 12th straight mile of hills.

But hey, I’m willing to share.

Here’s a little video of me running. I think it was somewhere around mile 10.


Yes, I do a very strange little clapping gesture. That’s because I noticed that my boyfriend had changed into his I Heart Sweat shirt. He wasn’t wearing it in the morning, but changed after he dropped me off at the start. I was so happy to see that because it was a total surprise. I also saw that my mom had done an outfit change, Academy Awards-style. She started her day loving gray sweat and then switched to aqua sweat.

And really, blowing kisses? Who do I think I am?

You will also notice my buddy Ben running right behind me. He doesn’t run with a watch so he just “let me pace him” for the first half. And then he blew past me in the second half like a champion.


And then there’s this video:


In this one I’m running uphill. Again.

According to all this footage I was constantly pulling my shirt up. I remember worrying that my boobs were going to be out and didn’t want to look like Whorish Ali On The Run. That was my attempt at “covering up.”

So in that video you hear me say “I’m not allowed to woo.” That’s because Coach Cane told me that when I see my friends and family, I’m supposed to act cool, do a slight wave and keep running. “Woo-ing” would only further exhaust me.

I wonder what he would think of my excessive jazz hand usage during the race…

So remember when I was like “I totally sprinted to the finish all badass-like?” Well, I think by the end of a marathon “sprint” is a relative term. But here I am, charging toward that magical finish line.


Mom, I am really, truly sorry that you were there for me with open arms and I blew right past them and fell onto that other man. I wanted to hug you first, but I feared that the weight of my very tired body, plus that extra weight from me marathon pee, may have taken you down. I love you very much, though.

And then I held up my medal to pose for a photo, which was apparently a video, so here’s that:


Awkward Ali. That’s her name.

This weekend was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing.

And to answer the question that everyone keeps asking now: “Will you do another marathon?”

Oh Hell yes.

Also, as if things couldn’t get better right now, at dinner Saturday night my family (and boyfriend!) surprised me by telling me that we’re taking a trip! They’ve all been planning a long weekend getaway in October, so the six of us are staying at some villa in Cape Cod for a long weekend of golfing (for the boys) and going to the spa (for the girls).

I can think of nothing better.

Two thumbs up for life!

Again, thank you for all the amazing support, wonderful comments and incredible donations. I really do feel like the luckiest girl in the world today.

52 Responses to "Today, I Am Still A Marathoner—With Videos To Prove It"

YAY ALI! Congrats. One thing though…all the videos are private? Aka I CAN’T SEE ANY OF THEM!!! Is it just my computer?!

Yes, apparently they uploaded set to “Private” and I don’t know how to fix them! Working on it!

Congrats Ali! You were such a rockstar- we want to see the videos! they are showing private to me as well

superrrrrr cute videos!!!

congrats again!

I just started following your blog a couple weeks ago and I am so happy for you! Great job! You’re an inspiration.

Oh ALI! I love it!! Your a ROCKSTAR!! I’m going to channel your badassness for my marathon this Sunday. I will also sing some Celine in honor of you and Sweaty Emily. Happy recovery!!

Random question… but I was wondering if any of the songs on your playlist particularly helped you to get through certain parts of the race? I know that sometimes for me I will end up listening to a song ohhhh 10 times in a row because it motivates me to keep going!! Was just curious if Celine pulled through for you during the later miles or perhaps Lady Gaga? Again, congrats on a job well done… You’re amazing Ali 🙂

I love the videos!! So great 🙂 The little clap was really cute. I’m happy that you are going to do another marathon, I was hoping you would say yes but you never know. Enjoy recovering this week!

I love these videos! Oh man, so good. I kept thinking of you on Saturday as I was running and thinking “Ali is running a MARATHON right now. You can push through 3.5 miles.” I was so excited to see your recap post and hear how it all went. Congratulations!

I totally did that on Sunday! I ran my first 10K and thought, “Ali did 26.2 miles. I can do 6.2!”

love love love the vid’s!!! and i totally had your voice made out to be something different! isnt it funny how we do that? others do that right??? not just me…. i hope.

I cried. Again.

Yay!! More marathons! 🙂 I love the videos. And legit just the videos. I am acutually just watching them because I have no volume here :(. A weekend getaway will be PERFECT!

Ali — I don’t know you but I’ve been following your stuff so closely that it was so awesome to read your recap yesterday and watch these videos today. I teared up when you crossed the finish line! WOW! Thanks for inviting us all on your journey. Your writing and inspiration has actually done a lot for me personally. Congratulations a million times over!

Your finish line video made me cry. I love your squeal as your crossed! And your semi-collapse into your boyfriend’s arms. I love all your other videos too, you make it seem so fun. Love the advice on woo-ing, I need to remember that for my marathon. Your family is so amazing with the support and the long weekend getaway surprise. I don’t think anyone would ever do that for me! How amazing. Again, congrats!!! SO happy for you!!!!!

Congrats Ali!!!! I couldn’t wait to read the recaps…and might have teared up reading them haha. I’m so happy for you, and can’t tell you enough how great it’s been to follow along on your journey…so inspirational. Hope the week is full of wine and def deserve it!

Congrats!!! I watched your finish line video over and over again and it makes my smile. I couldnt wait to read your recap and when it was there it made me happy, cause it supports my decision to finish a marathon myself! (also glad you said you want to run one again, otherwise I am not sure if that would have supported me in running a marathon ;-))

so friggin cool that you have videos! you have such a wonderfully supportive family and boyfriend. yay!

Love the videos! so nice that you will have those to help you to remember your first marathon forever!

Huge congrats to you my dear! How freakin exciting!! And AWESOME about the trip!

Wow! This was so inspiring! Great videos and I LOVE the “I <3 Sweat" shirts. Coming from a former dancer, I can totally relate. Running was a undiscovered love too! Thanks for the motivation! Look forward to seeing more! 🙂

These are awesome! What a perfect first marathon!

Great job Ali!! So inspiring!

Now that you’re a marathoner, I’m wondering what advice you realize was most important, whether it be from Coach or friends or even running strangers? What little (or big) thing did you notice and think, “Wow, I’m glad I was given a tip about this….”

Congrats again!

I’ve loved your last two posts! Congrats Ali! You’re a MARATHONER!!

And I’m glad we finally got to see your handsome (boy)friend 🙂

I love the one of you crossing the finish line and the different emotions/body language! So perfect. And then falling into handsome friend’s arms.

Also, how the heck did you manage to look cute during and after 26.2 miles? You do not even look sweaty. I am amazed.

Haha poor mom!! Those videos are definitely awesome though…and I guess I won’t be “wooing” during my next marathon…hmm. Precious seconds!

Congrats again!!

Way to go Ali! I teared up reading your recap. AMAZING! xo

those videos are great! way to go ali!

I loved the videos! Hearing your voice is nice too! 🙂
Poor Mom with the run-by but the excuse is a very good one! And she did get the second hug!

A trip is exactly what you need right now. How awesome!!

These videos are awesome! It’s so neat that you have your 1st marathon documented this way…very cool:) And I LOVE the way you chose to reveal your boyfriend on the post yesterday-fun!!

You may be running uphill and exhausted, but you definitely look strong in these videos. WAY TO GO!

Oh gosh Ali you keep adding stuff and I keep tearing up. I can only hope my experience is as good as yours!

That last pic is pretty legit… double thumbs up!

yeah and i def teared up watching the video of you finish. and my coworker saw me. awesome. 🙂

I’m a brand new reader and just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your recaps and training posts leading up to the marathon.

I’m training for my first full marathon (December 4!) and it’s been so inspiring reading your posts. CONGRATS on a fabulous run!! Can’t wait to read more!

OMG these videos made me all teary AGAIN! Damn you, Ali!! 😉 SO loved it though, so much!! PS. can we run a marathon together?? I’m gonna do my first one next year, I’ve decided. 🙂

Awesome! I love that you have video evidence of rocking your marathon. And a surprise getaway??? Double thumbs-up + jazz hands awesome! And maybe a woo for good measure 😉

Congrats, Ali! Great job!

Way to go! You inspire me so much Ali!!

WAY to go!!! SO awesome 🙂 Congrats, girl!

Started following your blog just last week. So inspirational! Hoping to be well on my way to my first marathon in March!

your videos made me smile! i need to call you for advice about how to look like i’m not dying in my upcoming half marathon.

OK, those videos are AMAZING. Especially the one at the finish. Wow inspirational! Also, awesome that the announcer announced your name as you crossed the finish! so cool!

finally, how does your hair stay so nicely in tact and not get frizzy as you run that long? (serious question….) And how do you run so long/far and still look awesome/not beaten in the slightest?! Please teach me your secrets!

LOVE the videos, what a great way to remember that special day!!!

OMG all those videos are great!!! I love the uphill one “can I get a ride” hahaha CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I do jazz hands during NYC marathon? Is that ok? Especially if I see you? Jazz hands and spirit fingers? Yes?

Great vids and awesome sprint at the end!! Yes, that’s totally a sprint!

xo Marie
Chocolate & Wine

Congrats!!!!! What you did was so inspiriing.. and the best part is that you had fun doing it the whole time. xxxx

delurking to simply say YOU ROCK.

I love that you have videos to document your process. You’ll always be able to go back and reminisce about training/the actual race.

Also, your mom is adorable. 🙂

Congrats to you! I loved following your journey to be a marathon runner. You are an inspiration!