I Love Sweat & The 1990s

Date: August 9, 2011 at 8:13 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 73

Well hello.

Happy Tuesday.

I’ll be straight with you this morning: The only two things I am capable of thinking about of discussing are marathon training and Thursday’s Run For The Rabbit event.

I have a one track mind this week.

Or I guess…two track mind? Are marathon training and Run For The Rabbit two separate tracks? No.

Last night I went to the gym. It was uneventful. I took a Chisel class and was sooooo thrilled that the instructor decided to focus on “cardio and upper body” stuff. Perfect, since I’m totally not sore at all after TrapezeFest 2011.

I believe I can fly. What up, Seal?

I like that picture. It makes me feel badass.

But yeah, the copious amounts of bicep curls, hammer curls, fly curl things, overhead extensions, tricep presses, blah blah blah… I got through it, but it wasn’t pretty.

Also not pretty? The spin class I took afterward.

I get into the class and the room is really warm. Like uncomfortably warm, and I haven’t even hopped onto my trusty little bike yet.

Class begins, I pedal my heart out, and people start looking around suspiciously, wondering why the air conditioning isn’t on. One girl tried to say something and the instructor just yelled “WORK!!!” Hm. I was working…and sweating…and smelling…and feeling disgusting…

She never turned the AC on, and a few people even left midway through class.

Good thing sweat is sexy.


What’s that a photo of, you ask?

It’s my T-shirt!

After working up the grossest sweat of my life at the gym, I scooted uptown to JackRabbit to finally see the T-shirts that I designed and will be selling on Thursday.

Proud of my sweating abilities. Ready to flaunt it.

I love them!

And yes, I do own an iron, but no, I don’t use it. Sometimes I use a hair straightener on my skirts and shirts. That’s as fancy as I get.

So the shirts ā€” which are available in both men’s and women’s sizes ā€” will be on sale for $25 at Thursday’s event. I’m especially happy that 100% of the T-shirt sales go toward my fundraising for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America!

A lot of people have asked if shirts will be available for purchase online, and the answer is a very hopeful YES. I’ll do a little inventory after Thursday and will sell what’s left to anyone who’s interested.

I really like the sleeve:

Join Team Ali!

And the JackRabbit logo is on the back:

I love that little rabbit. I think he's cute.

People who come on Thursday will be able to try shirts on before purchasing. I will tell you that they run a bit small. I normally wear a size small in running shirts, but this is me in a Small:

Boobs. Can't. Breathe.

So yeah. I’ll be purchasing a Medium. I prefer my shirts to be a bit longer.

I spent the rest of my evening eating some pasta. I’ve already begun carbo-loading because this weekend, big things are happening: my first 20-mile training run.

Oh snap.

This is the big one, friends. The big distance. The longest distance I’ll conquer leading up to the marathon. I can’t wait to tackle it, especially since I’ll have some stellar, sweaty Iron company along the way.

As I downed my pasta-spinach concoction (I’m such an awesome chef), I came up with all the trivia questions for Thursday night. They are fun. I was laughing.

I won’t reveal much, but I will tell you that there will be five rounds of trivia. Here are the categories:

  • “SAVED BY THE BELL” (Yes of course my favorite show gets its own category. Do I own the “SBTB” trivia board game? Obviously. I’ve never lost.)

Game on!

MY HERO. Seriously. I loved her then and I love her now. Kelly Kapowski, you are perfection. I like your giant, puffy, out-of-control bangs.

There are still some prizes trickling in, but right now I’ve got JackRabbit gift cards, Crunch gym memberships and a 5-pack of classes at Flywheel to give away.

I’m so excited.

This morning I was up before the sun (wahhh, the days are getting shorter) for a Coach Cane-prescribed hill workout.

Warm up, three loops of Harlem Hill at marathon goal pace, plus speeding up across the 102nd Street transverse, then a cool down back home.

In total I covered 7 miles. I would have liked to dominate those hills a bit faster, but I did hover right around my MGP.

And it was really pretty out this morning.

This picture does the world no justice. I swear, it was a pretty morning.

Fun Fact: A stealthy JackRabbit representative is trolling Central Park every morning looking for people in JackRabbit gear. If you’re spotted, they’ll hand you a $10 gift card. Nice, right?

Another Fun Fact: “Team Ali” T-shirts have the JackRabbit logo on the back. So get yours, and then wear it in the park, and you’ll probably win $10. Just saying.

Alright so we talked about the shirts, we touched on the topic of trivia and I let you know about my run.

Do you know what else I want to talk about?

The ’90s.

Honestly, how great was that decade? It was wonderful.

SO NOW LET’S OPEN IT UP TO DISCUSSION: Tell me something you remember and miss about the fabulous 1990s. I miss Trapper Keepers, blowing on Nintendo games to magically fix them, Limited Too outfits, Doc Martens and Beanie Babies…kind of. I do not miss fanny packs. I don’t miss scrunchies either, because they are obviously still trendy.

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I miss boybands, for sure – but I still get to see BSB every once in a while! Your tees look adorable and incredibly soft!

Ditto on the boy bands. I saw NKOTBSB twice last month! šŸ™‚

Yeah I absolutely still have some BSB and NSync on my iPod. No shame. They also had the BEST music videos. Remember “Bye Bye Bye?” Remember music videos, period?

From the 90s I miss 90210 and TLC (the group not the cable channel). I don’t miss Skidz! Looking forward to Thursday. I will be brushing up on my Bell trivia between now and then.

I can’t say I miss 90210 because I still watch it every weekend on SoapNet. Thank goodness. Hehe.

do you miss snap bracelets or Skip It?

I want one of those shirts!!!! I loved New Kids, 90210, and Blossom. The Saved by the Bell cast actually came to speak at my middle school (long time ago) and I have a random neon t-shirt of it and a head shot of the group with signatures. Totally awesome šŸ™‚

OMG I forgot about Blossom! Amazing. Six was my favorite character…because really, her name was a number. That is genius. And super jealous you got to meet “the gang.” You’re so lucky. I invited them to my fifth grade birthday party but they didn’t show up. How rude.

Love the shirt!!!!!! So cute! I struggled with the dark this morning. I’m going to have to switch to treadmill, I didn’t feel safe.

Hair iron on clothes??! I never considered this!

I’m so sad that I’ll miss thursday! Good luck on your run this weekend. You’re going to kill it!

LTD Too “outfits” for sure! How can you beat the look of a hooded rugby over a sweet embroidered crewneck sweatshirt paired w a matching scrunchie? The answer is you cannot.

I also miss the conversion vans. Tv, shades, track lighting made for super fun family vacations. Well until my subs and I tried to kill each other 2 hrs into the drive…

Have fun on Thursday!

Zack and Kelly reunited last night!
I WISH I could be there for your super fun night. Sounds like pretty much the most exciting thing that’s going to happen this week. Maybe even this month. Hope you raise lots of dollas.

They are so magical together. I really loved the wedding episode. I have the song that plays at the end on my iPod. It’s so romantic.

I miss snap-on bracelets, umbro shorts, my Teddy Rupskin bear, and my L.A. Gear tennis shoes. Oh, and Lisa Frank. I LOVED Lisa Frank.
I do not miss Furry babies and or the Macerena. Overall, I heart the 90’s:-)

UMBROS!!! Well played. I used to wear them with my Samba sneakers.

Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about Trapper Keepers!!! Those were the coolest ever! I also had bell bottom jeans with flowers stitched up the leg of the pants. It was in! šŸ˜‰

I miss the shows in Nickelodeon – Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, Clarissa! Good times. And OMG to the comment above me – Teddy Rukspin! And Grubby! Hahaha. And Popples. And those weird diaper pants that may have only been in style in suburban Buffalo, NY. Game ON for Thursday trivia.

So excited for your 20 miler but nooooooooo I will miss you again!

I don’t know what those “diaper pants” are that you’re referring to, but please wear them on our next run.

Love the shirt! Can’t wait to order one online from you to support your cause!

I miss lisa frank things, Slap bracelets and tamagotchis- (both which ended up “banned” from school), boom boxes and game boys, roll on glitter from limited too (ok fine Ikve upgraded for the better in the makeup depot but I’ll always remember how grown up I felt buying that glitter), overalls and mood rings. I could go on and on- thanks for the flashback! šŸ™‚

I absolutely rocked overalls for way too many years.

Boybands and FRIENDS are two of the greatest things to come out of the ’90s. BSB has my heart forever. And FRIENDS is just amazing. Always. I still watch it nearly every day. You : SBTB is Me: Friends. I have the trivia board game and have never lost. Love.

Oh I will take you in Friends trivia. Bring it. I have the game, too, both the board game and the SceneIt TV trivia game.

LOVE the shirt; I hope there are some left so I can buy one!!! I also totally love the 90s and watch SBTB in the morning while eating my breakfast (I hard core wanted to be Kelly and had a major crush on Zach). When I was a sophomore in college, I wanted to play Donkey Kong so badly (remember that sweet game??) that for Christmas I begged my dad to buy me an old school Nintendo with the Donkey Kong game. I played it the entire time I was home for break and even got calluses on my thumbs. It was some legit true love.

I love everything about this post from the amazingly brilliant I heart sweat t-shirts to the 90’s trivia. The whole thing just made me smile, as per usual ;-).

Now, what do I miss about the 90s? hmmmm remember the slap bracelets? Those were pretty freakin awesome. And also Boyz II Men. They’re still around but they were way cooler back then.

A) I’m fairly certain I could take you in SBTB trivia. Scratch that – I’m 100% sure. I’m undefeated, too. A clash of the titans.

2) OMG the 90s were the bessstttt… Loved Lisa Frank, all the disney movies, TGIF, waiting by my radio for certain songs to come on to make a “mix tape”, Pogs, digital pets, Polly Pocket, American Girl Dolls, In Living Color (my goal in life was to be a Fly Girl,) Dawsons, 7th Heaven, and, of course, Clueless.

BRING. IT. ON. Or maybe we should join forces and challenge others to take us on in SBTB trivia? Your call. I’m game either way.

And yes to Polly Pocket, yes to American Girl dolls (Samantha still lives in my childhood bedroom), huge yes to Dawson’s Creek (I bought all Joey Potter’s outfits at American Eagle) and mini yes to 7th Heaven, because I loved the show but hated all the characters.

I would TOTALLY buy one of those t-shirts if you sell them online!! LOVE IT!!! PS. I LOVED getting a new trapper keeper every school year, it was my favorite purchase ever, always had to be purple too. My favorite color.

I miss light brite! I miss so much about the 80s-90s honestly. The good old years. Oh especially trolls. They were my fav.

Your shirts look awesome!

Also I was out at a bar a couple weeks ago and this guy was wearing a shirt with that EXACT picture of kelly kapaski. You would have been in heaven: )

LITE BRITE!!!!! Good call. Amazing. I hated when the bulbs would die. That was so tragic. And my troll collection was out of control. Those things are adorably terrifying.

i love that 3 of your trivia rounds are based on television.

I initially planned to have a “Sports” category but couldn’t think of any questions. How pathetic.

I’d say I miss neon colors, but living near the East Village and having traveled to Europe lately I guess “miss” isn’t the right word haha.

Good luck on your 20 miler!!! Do you have your route planned out?

No route planned yet. I’m letting my lovely friend Emily guide me.

Shhh I love those t shirts! I want one so badly! Hope you have leftovers in
My size because I will surely swoop one up!!!!!

Can’t wait to rock your t-shirt! Things I miss from the 90’s – my No Doubt “Tragic Kingdom CD,” Pete & Pete, and my skip-it!

Yesss I got that CD for my birthday in fifth grade and was obsessed. I would listen to that and the “Bush” CD so naturally my dreams all came true when Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani got married.

Dude you were in 5th grade when I was in college… talk about depressing.

LOL! I can relate! “Tragic Kingdom’ was the year I went to college!

Love those shirts!
and the 90’s
I miss when barbie looked like barbie and all of her friends looked like her too. and there were no such things as bratz dolls.
oh, and cabbage patch kids I miss them too.

I love and need that shirt! I can’t wait/hope that you have some left after your event on Thursday. Good luck!

I am in love with that shirt!!!!

I’m surprised no one has mentioned POGS! And SLAMMERS! 3rd grade recess was always spent trading pogs šŸ™‚

Ahhhhh John and I talked about Trapper Keepers the other day!! Best invention ever! I miss everything you mentioned! Also, can we throw in jelly shoes?

Haha our jelly shoes were awesome. Of course we had the same ones. They had high heels. Yikes.

I must have that shirt.

Things from the 90s I miss:
The music!
Dawson’s Creek
Starter jackets

…and I don’t miss Hanson because I still go see them live. A lot.

Those shirts are great! I’d buy one online.
I also use my hair iron on clothing sometimes. It works especially well on collars.
I just thought about POGS and saw the last person to comment mentioned them – those were so much fun to collect!

Love the shirts! Please leave some for us, New Yorkers. šŸ˜‰

And so cool about JackRabbit trolling CP!

koosh balls. tomagotchis. lisa frank folders. flannel shirts. beanie babies.

love the shirts! can’t wait to get one.

Your shirts are very cute!
I didn’t know that everyone…people across the whole country…blew into Nintendos to fix them?! How funny!

thing I miss most from the 90’s: being a teenager (i.e. having no responsibilities whatsoever).

I also love the 90s…speaking of awesome 90s movies and singers, Seal rocks but R. Kelly space jammed with “I Believe I Can Fly” šŸ™‚ I won’t admit I soley know because I had the “Space Jam” cd…and played it a lot…

Unless you were flying like an eagle…in which case…rock on, Seal.

Oh wow, I’m embarrassed. You are so right. I should have known better: I own and adore the Space Jam soundtrack.

i love that shirt! ordering online –yes please!

I miss Nsync, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and middle school dances. I also miss when it was really cool to crimp your hair and wear tons of glitter. Oh and don’t forget about gameboys and Walkmans.


Those shirts are awesome! I miss Lisa Frank stuff! And TLC. Boy bands were cool too. So were the Spice Girls…and Boy Meets World…actually anything that was on the ABC TGIF line up.

I miss those crazy pencils (I think they were called Yikes! pencils), scrunchies, Limited Too and Gap Kids, Global Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Hey Dude, and Full House.

Love the shirt! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

oh and I totally thought today was Wednesday. See you Thursday!

Yikes pencils? Tamagotchis? Pogs? Power Rangers? American Gladiators? Koosh balls?

I want the 90s back!

I miss big bangs!!! My family calls them “corn dog bangs” because one day I had them so big and curled that my dad said he bet he could stick the corn dog he was eating right through them! yes, my family is strange! haha! can’t wait to come buy your t-shirt on thursday!!

do we need to get there at a certain time to do the trivia game?

I remember that point in training when the marathon was all I could think about. There’s so much excitement and anticipation. Love it! And the shirts! If they are available online, I am totally buying one.

90’s memories? Treasure Trolls, pogs…and I have a sweet Doc Marten collection. When are they going to be in style again?!

Awwwww I want a shirt! I’m in BC though, so basically on the other side of the continent. Boo. But if there are any left and shipping costs aren’t $100000000000…me likey. Me want.

I’d love to swoop up one of these if they’re on technical fabric! I saw it on Emily (sweat once a day) and then on a few bloggers at Healthy LIving SUmmit this weekend. I’d be happy to pay for shipping too. Let me know how to do so – I’d be searching for a medium.

Do you have any shirts left? I will happily pay for the shirt and shipping! I NEED one šŸ™‚

We’re all sold out. I’m sorry!