I Don’t Know How To Relax On The Weekend

Date: May 15, 2011 at 5:02 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 20

I am heartbroken that this weekend is almost over. It’s been a weekend I needed, though, filled with a tough race, some quality gym time, yummy food (Chinese for dinner, oh yes), a good amount of sleep and lots of Ali time.

After yesterday’s double morning session involving the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K and a spinning class, I was pretty exhausted.

When your legs are shot, you should sit in a movie theater for a few hours.

Which is exactly what I did.

I caught an afternoon showing of Bridesmaids, which was insanely hilarious. I recommend it wholeheartedly. I laughed, I shamelessly cried (more than once) and I left the theater feeling very happy.

Today started off with another ridiculous workout session. Let me explain.

I had a 9:30 am running date with Megan. The plan was to run two laps of the Bridle Path in Central Park, per Coach Cane’s training plan for me.

But when I woke up at 7:30 (I slept in! I slept in!), it was pouring. And I don’t mean kind of raining, I mean downpouring.

So Megan and I decided to reschedule for another time.


I got dressed in my gym clothes and headed downtown to take a spinning class. I was bitter the entire time though. I wanted to be outside running.

The spin class was fine ā€” nothing exciting ā€” and I did some weight lifting and foam rolling as well. Not bad for a Sunday morning.

But when I left the gym, the rain had stopped.

“I’m going running now,” I declared in my little head.

So I hopped on the uptown bus, dashed into my apartment before the weather could change and switched into a non-sweaty shirt. I was back out the door before you could say, “Ali you’re so dumb, obviously the rain isn’t done it’s just taking a break until you decide to go running.”

Well, whatever.

I ran 5.5 miles ā€” in the rain.

Naturally it started back up again once I got to Central Park. Still, I’m glad I was able to stick with my training plan and happy I got the run in. A little water never hurt anyone, right?

Except, I guess, the Wicked Witch of the West…

I’m quickly falling in love with the soft, always-uncrowded Bridle Path in the park. It’s such a nice change from running on the road and really hard surfaces all the time.

The city was gloomy and foggy, but it’s always pretty.

On my way home, I stopped at the local hardware store.

Slowly but surely this apartment is coming together. Check out today’s handiwork:

After a wonderfully long shower (because my legs were filthy from bad puddle jumping aim)…

…a race registration (see you in October, DC!) and several snacks, I decided to go for a walk with no real plan.

Because naturally after my run the rain stopped ā€” and never started back up again for the rest of the day. Awesome trick, Mother Nature. You’re a real gem.

I wandered around the Upper East Side.

I saw puppies.

I went shopping.

I bought new sheets. (I swear I end up at Bed, Bath & Beyond every single Sunday.)

And now I’m back home with a load of laundry going, a freshly-vacuumed and Swiffered floor and a list of bills that have all been paid in full.

Someday I will learn how to relax on the weekend.

Now who wants to come teach me the art of “sitting on the couch and not going insane?” I can’t seem to get the hang of it…

Coming up this week:

  • A new training plan. I’m very excited to see what Coach Cane has in store for me.
  • Girl’s night out. Tomorrow night. I’m pumped. Don’t expect a nighttime post from me.
  • A fun workout event on Tuesday night. You’ll get the details on Wednesday morning, of course.
  • A possible group run on Thursday night.
  • The Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday.

Yeah. I’m running a Half Marathon in six days. I kind of keep forgetting about that. Crap.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

20 Responses to "I Don’t Know How To Relax On The Weekend"

Wow you are so dedicated to your workouts! Weekends are my time to be lazy not pull doubles..but good for you! Can’t wait to hear how your race goes

SERIOUSLY. You are intense! I wish I had your energy but all I have the energy to do is lay in bed and be completely unproductive. I don’t know how you do it. Amazing.

I live across the street from Bed Bath!

You inspire me so much Ali! I love how you are able to handle such a hectic schedule and still maintain an active lifestyle! My life is CRAZY and I’m training for my first marathon too (Chicago!!!!!) but I aspire to be as intense as you! šŸ˜‰

I saw Bridesmaids this weekend too…I agree– it was hilarious!!

I’m planning to sign up for an October 10-miler too. I’ve never raced that distance– I’m excited about it!

I love puppies just as much as you do, but do you ever get paranoid that the calm ones will suddenly lunge and trip you mid-run? No, just me? Haha šŸ™‚

Wow, I wish I were that devoted to running! You’re so good!

I really want to see Bridesmaids. It looks funny:)

the best part of that post.. the picture of the puppies. i want one soooo bad!

haha. I have issues sitting still as well šŸ™‚ Reading does the trick for me. Or a good chick flick.

Have a lovely night! I love that you ran in the rain, no matter what. ha. I would’ve high-tailed it back. go you!

I admire your productivity girlfriend! And I too love to walk around the Upper East Side and stare at puppies. I love how there are so many up here. We don’t even have to go to a puppy store. They’re everywhere šŸ™‚

i love reading your blog!!!

its seriously one of my favorites, just so you know šŸ™‚

great job on your PR the other day. Your coach sounds like one tough cookie!

I can never relax on weekends, either. There is just SO MUCH FREE TIME in which to get stuff done!

Great job on the handy work! Sounds like you had an eventful weekend!! It’s Monday now, back to reality!


The key to couch lounging is good snacks and good trash TV. You need to plan for these things…I always hit up the deli or grocery store and buy some pretzel M&Ms and a Coke Zero. And I make sure the Real Housewives are on…I never want to miss that drama!

You make running seem so easy šŸ™‚

Hey Ali! Reading about your weekend made me do a double take – between the 10K, extra working out on top of that, and Bridesmaids, it seems like we we’re having pretty identical weekends. Except your Sunday was much more productive. šŸ˜‰ Just wanted to say I think your blog rocks (I stumbled across it a while back from the Run for the Rabbit campaign) and I’ve become a big fan.

Keep on rocking!

Thats an awesome weekend!

I signed up for ATM too! See you in October!

I could perhaps teach you the art of sitting on the couch? I do enough of it for 2 people. Good job though!
I always end up staring at those puppies they put in the window too. I’m just glad pet stores aren’t open late night for bad decision making (lets get pizza and buy a puppy)!