I Can Breathe Clearly Now

Date: April 16, 2011 at 7:04 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 9


I woke up this morning and could breathe through my left nostril.

Progress, people. Progress.

Seriously though, I’m feeling much better, finally. After days of pumping my body with Dayquil, Claritin and Tylenol PM, in addition to spraying Afrin up my nose as often as allowed (honestly, sometimes I can’t handle how sexy I am), I truly believe I’m cruising down the road to recovery now.

And you know what?

I don’t think the drugs helped.

And I think the Afrin only helped temporarily.

Maybe taking the day off from work yesterday helped a little bit.

But last night I went out. I drank wine. I drank…a decent amount of wine.

And I woke up today feeling better.

You do the math.

I’m no doctor, but I’ll say it: Booze cures.

Since I’m feeling pretty good, I’m up early to hit up the gym for some spinning before my parents arrive later today. My favorite instructor teaches a class downtown on Saturday mornings, so I’m making the trek ā€” and hopefully getting there early enough to sign up for a good bike.

Front row.

In other news, the Scotland 10K photos finally arrived. I won’t be purchasing any, but I kind of don’t hate them. I despised the race, but according to the photos I really love Scotland.

Alright, time to kick start this weekend. Have a great one!

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9 Responses to "I Can Breathe Clearly Now"

That’s awesome you’re feeling better, and your parents are coming today! Have a great weekend!

Booze does cure all! Those are some awesome shots of you.. you look so happy! (even if you weren’t!)

Yay! So happy you feel better!

Haha…never underestimate the power of a few glasses of wine šŸ™‚

I love it. Seriously, wine is a total cure-all. For reals.

Hahaha I love how smiley you are in those pics. I always look like I’m constipated in my race photos.

Glad you’re feeling better! Way to have good looking race pics!!! Enjoy your time w your parents!

Looking good, crooked race bib and all!

I love it! That is awesome that you are smiling as wide as you are…. Obviously great race