No Pranks Please

Date: April 1, 2011 at 8:05 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 13

Happy Friday!

Let me start by saying that I do not like this day — but aside from it being April 1, I’m in a good mood. This week flew by and lots of great stuff happened, including some stellar runs, fun photos and delicious treats.

When I say this day is bad, I’m referring to it being April Fool’s Day. I hate it with so much passion. I don’t like practical jokes. I don’t pull pranks on other people and I basically go through this day every year terrified that someone is going to do something awful to me, like when the kids on “Saved By The Bell” tried to dump a bucket of water on Miss Bliss. I also question everything I see, hear or read, because I feel like you can’t believe anything on April Fool’s Day.

That’s my rant, and this is my plea: Don’t mess with me today. I’m way too tightly wound to enjoy this “holiday.”

Whew! Down from soapbox!

Fear of pranking aside, here’s what’s going on…

It’s gloomy, cold and wet in NYC. I went out for some drinks last night — the plan was to get one glass of wine, and somehow the glass kept refilling itself, which is weird and magical — and I woke up today feeling not so hot. Maybe it was the four hours of sleep I got. Maybe it was the fact that I washed the sheets yesterday and slept on a plain mattress with just one blanket on me. Or maybe it was those extra glasses of wine that were just so delicious.

Suffice it to say I’m hurting a bit this morning. The weather isn’t helping.

I’m not entirely sure why I felt the need to wake up at 6 today to go for a run. I always think working out will lift me out of my wine haze — and it usually does. Today I was crawling along and spacing out the whole time.

Isn’t that the face of a champion?

Also, on rainy Fridays when I’m sleepy I don’t like to put much effort into how I look. But go figure, one of the guys I work with (the same one who told me yesterday that my leg warmers looked ridiculous) told me I look “very pretty” when I walked in this morning. That made me happy. People can be so nice.

Now I’m ready to finally clean my office since that task got away from me this week. I’m so excited the weekend is here!

DISCUSS: Do you get into April Fool’s Day? Do you love it or loathe it?

13 Responses to "No Pranks Please"

I am just like you — I HATE April Fools Day and I hate practical jokes and pranks. They upset me. I don’t like people’s expressions when they are being pranked. It all makes me sad. Ugh. Lame holiday.

You make me feel better about how I sometimes sleep without sheets. I didn’t know anyone else did this or that it was considered an acceptable thing to do.

You look awesome with your hair up high like that! Another thing I can’t pull off and even if I could, my head would hurt too much. I am so fragile.

I hate it when the drinks keep refilling without permission, amazed you still got up so early!
You look good in red… Your pictures are always great!
They attempt to fool me, but I am smarter then the average bear!

I’m totally with you on this one. I don’t ever prank people and dislike April Fools bc I am constantly waiting for someone to get me. Here’s hoping we both make it through the day prank-free. 🙂

also dislike! prob more so because i can never think of a good prank.

i can actually feel your wine hangover seeping through the blog. or maybe that’s just my wine hangover… we were definitely both drinking out of similarly magical glasses of wine last night.

April Fools day is dumb. I was late to work this morning and my boss was not happy. I told my supervisor she missed a great opportunity to prank the boss by telling him all the staff quit. She didn’t think it was as funny as I did…

I hate april fools day. I’ve already read two blog posts that both said they were quitting blogging. boring. (6 years ago today my Hubster, then b/f broke his ankle. He was supposed to be meeting my Dad that night so I totally thought was “april fooling” me when he said he couldn’t come, he was on the side of the road w/ a broke ankle). Not cool.

The only good thing about this day is that it’s my nieces birthday.

I also hate this day, so stupid. Although it is our favorite persons bday today, so hopefully there will be some entertaining posts on FB this weekend for our enjoyment 🙂

You look nice today! I can’t pull off a ponytail anywhere except the gym haha

would have been awesome if you’d pulled up your pants leg and you still had leg warmers on!

I definitely dislike April Fools Day…So far, so good though…
Love the sweater! On chilly and rainy days, I totally want to just be comfy!

I hate April Fool’s too. I have a good sense of humor, but not this kind. If you need a holiday hater to hang out with, sans fear of being pranked, I’m your girl.

This is the second Saved By the Bell reference in 2 days! My sister and I can quote just about every episode. Our mother is thrilled that it was such an important and influential part of our childhood.

Nice job getting the run in on a rainy, hangover-glazed morning!

I’m really gullible, so I don’t really enjoy it because I believe everything I hear!

I can no longer see your pictures…Booooo! Love seeing the pics.