10 Things For Today

Date: March 30, 2011 at 7:58 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 23

I woke up this morning and decided it’s going to be a great day. The sun is out, the weather is going to hit 40 degrees (sad how excited I am about that) and there’s plenty to be happy about.

As you know, few things in life make me happier than lists. So in honor of being in an excellent mood, here are two lists…

5 Things I’m Happy I’ve Done Today:

1. I wore a scrunchie. Oh yes, you read that correctly. Two years ago I stole this gem from a friend and I’ve been wearing it nonstop — well, to bed at least, never in public — ever since. It’s kinder to my hair than elastics and it doesn’t give me a headache to sleep on. Today, I kept the scrunchie on while I ran because really, why not?

I love the '80s. Clearly.

I can’t believe I wore a scrunchie out in public just a few days after wearing leg warmers all over D.C. Whatever.

2. I ran. This always makes me happy. I banged out four miles and my legs felt tired. No surprise there — I haven’t taken much of a break since the race on Saturday. But I couldn’t resist and I didn’t push my pace. I kept it relaxed and took in the sunrise, nearly blinding myself.

Never gets old. Well, to me at least.

3. I stretched. Usually I don’t have enough time in the morning to do my ab routine, run and stretch. Oftentimes stretching is the first thing to go, which I know is terrible. Today I stayed outside after my run for a few minutes to stretch out my quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. I plan to stretch more tonight, but it felt so good to take those few extra minutes to take care of myself.

4. I got dressed in yellow. People have told me before that “Yellow is a hard color to pull off with your skin tone.” To those people I say, “Shut it.” I will wear whatever color I want without worrying about whether or not it matches my olivey skin.

Boots for commuting…

…heels for the office.

I’m still not sold on the skinny jeans and heels look, but I always prefer heels over flats so I’m going with it today.

5. I made my lunch and brought it to work. I was on the verge of being late and almost told myself I’d “just run out and buy something,” but instead I took 60 seconds to throw together a peanut butter sandwich. I threw my last Granny Smith apple in the bag and a pudding cup and boom — lunch complete, $10 saved.

And now…

5 Other Things I Would Like To Do Today:

1. Clean my office. It’s dusty and messy and I want to overhaul it to make it sparkly again.

2. Go for a walk. I packed my lunch which inevitably means I’ll eat it sitting at my desk. I’d like to take a few minutes to walk around the block to at least get some sunshine and maybe see a puppy or two. I don’t leave the office enough during the day and as the weather gets nicer, I want to make a better effort to indulge in some daytime Vitamin D.

3. Go to my favorite spinning class. Wednesday is the best day because of Matt’s class at Crunch. Usually one of my gym buddies is there to motivate me (CJ! You better show up tonight!) and we get to catch up before spinning our legs off.

4. Do laundry. My sheets and towels are begging to be made clean again. I will show them some love tonight with an extra dryer sheet for fluffiness.

5. Do a random act of kindness. I don’t know what yet, but I’m in the mood to do something nice for a stranger, whether it’s offering up my seat on the subway (because I’m competitive and almost always get one) or waiting an extra second to hold the door for someone (instead of rushing to the elevator and letting it shut in someone’s face — not that I’ve ever done that).

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN: Come on, you knew that was coming. Tell me at least one thing you’re happy you’ve done today plus one (or more!) things you’re hoping to do later to make this a great day.

23 Responses to "10 Things For Today"

You look nice in yellow. Can I ask why you wear your hair up to sleep?

I said it before and I will say it again: I wish I had your muscles and stamina for workouts.

I shower before bed, so when I go to sleep my hair is usually wet. I throw it up in a messy bun on top of my head. My hair is so long, I like having it out of the way.

I so wish I could do that but the fro makes it impossible. Also, my head hurts when my hair is up.

I’m glad I met a friend at the gym this morning even though it was dark and cold and I wanted to stay in my warm bed 🙂

I also want to find the bottom of my inbox today! The emails piled up while I was at a work conference last week and I always feel better once I get that sucker cleared out.

Skinny jeans and heels? Well, you said you love the 80’s! Actually in the 80’s, though, it was tapered jeans. OMG, gross. Skinny jeans and heels is cute. Love the yellow top.

I am glad that I had two bowls of Grape Nuts for breakfast. I am going to join you today by CLEANING MY OFFICE.

I’m happy that I put in a three-mile run this morning. I usually work out at night, but I’ve been trying to work out in the a.m. as much as I can so I’m used to running in the morning for the FITNESS half-marathon this weekend!

And I’m hoping to get all of my laundry done, so everything’s ready for race day. Plus I’m hoping to sneak out of work for a bit to go watch my boyfriend’s baseball game!

Carrie Bradshaw would so not approve. But clearly I do.

Can you promise that if I come to NYC and race you’ll wear something as awesome as a scrunchie or leg warmers at some point during the weekend? Because that would pretty much seal the deal for me.

I actually got out of bed to be at the gym by 5:30 today. That was pretty awesome considering it hasn’t happened in about 21 days.

I’m mostly just happy that tonight is the Top Chef Finale and I get to spend my entire evening watching men with knives cook delicious looking food as I stuff my face on the couch.

Carrie Bradshaw would know that I’m not from New York.

And yes, I promise that WHEN you come to NYC, I’ll wear an awesome outfit for you. Maybe even a sweatshirt clip to seal the deal.

I love scrunchies. They’re so comfy. I only wear them in the house, but my mom is clearly still stuck in 1985 and wears them in public. Even sparkly ones for nice occasions. It’s hilarious.

The scrunchie! I think that might be the best gift I’ve ever given someone.

I am happy I went to weight watchers and lost two pounds 🙂

hahah I haven’t used a scrunchie in so long!

DUDE. way to call me out. but i will not be able to make it to spin today. SORRYYYYYYYY.

I love that shade of yellow! I don’t have any yellow tops but I wore a mustard yellow purse and sandals today 🙂

I had an awesome early morning 90 minute pool run. It’s the most productive thing I’ve done so far today.

As for the afternoon, I need to cross a few things off my to-do list but am struggling to concentrate!

Hi ali!! I have been creeping on your blog for the last month or so and love it! Cogratulations on your time in the national 1/2!!! You did an incredible job and blew your goal time away! I would kill to get such an incredible half time!!

I follow you on twitter too 🙂 I’m @poojies !!

Thanks for your sweet comment! I’m glad you like what you’re reading. And with diligent training and motivation, you could get that time, too! Promise!

Duh forgot to say what I’m happy about! I’m happy the sun was rising on my run this morning and that it is a little warmer today and that i got 6 miles out of the way! And also that I have a fun but relaxing night planned with a good friend.

I’m happy I didn’t resort to the vending machine animal crackers today at work when I was bored out of my mind!

I would LOVE to finish my book…Something Borrowed… I get so into books that I think the characters are real people and my friends…. excited to see the movie in May!

Whenever I see scrunchies, I think about Sex and The City and in my mind I shriek, “SCRUNCHIE!”

“because I’m competitive and almost always get one” — oh my god, I love that! I have no game when it comes to subway seats. I do try to profile people and stalk them at the stop I think they’re getting off at (hipster with comically over-sized glasses – 2nd Ave; well-groomed man with beat-up Prada briefcase — West 4th) — but I’m sure I could learn a lot from you!

Happy things:
Done — finally got to the post office to mail baby gift for my new mom friend — if I can’t see her, I want to send her some love!
Going to do — late-night CVS run for some Easter candy. There are so many delicious things that you can stuff into a chocolate egg!