Finding Grace In Your Fear

Date: March 7, 2011 at 8:33 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 4

As predicted, today turned out to be a pretty good day. The workday flew by, I got a delicious shrimp, crab and avocado salad for lunch, and I enjoyed a fabulous workout (Chisel and Cardio Tai Box, which I hadn’t done in forever — kick, jab, punch!) all before 8 pm.

Also, how beautiful is my trail mix now that Easter M&Ms are in season?

Hello, Spring!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about fear. The word itself is scary, don’t you think?

During yesterday’s AntiGravity Yoga Wings class, the instructor began the class by telling us all that we need to learn to find grace in our fear. My initial thought was, “OK,  I’m terrified to do a flip using these silks, but I’ll remember to keep my feet pointed while I attempt it so that I at least look somewhat pretty.”

But I think she was getting at something more.

There are always going to be scary things in life, whether it’s a new yoga class, a major life change (moving, new jobs, new boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, having children, etc.) or trying a new kind of sushi (Come on, people, eel is scary!). It’s important to embrace those scary moments and go at them with gusto. But it’s even more important to keep your cool when you’re faced with a challenge.

Maybe that’s something I’ve failed at lately. I’ve let stress get the best of me and I’ve taken my frustrations out on the people I love the most. Needless to say I’ve been far from graceful.

Grace Kelly: The epitome of grace, clearly

I can’t stop thinking about what that yoga teacher said. I want to be graceful. (And not just during the flips.) I want to be cool, calm and collected. I don’t want stress and the pressure I put on myself (because, honestly, that’s what it is — no one else is putting very much pressure on me, and it’s simply an internal struggle) to control my life.

So now I’m pledging to be a bit more graceful. I think I’ll figure out what that means a little more each day, but for now I at least like the idea.

Let's do this!

I am a happy person. I am a positive person. I am a hilarious person (maybe I’m the only one who thinks my made-up jokes are funny, but whatever). I work hard, I run hard, I do my best to play hard. Now I’m going to figure out how to do all those things with just a touch of grace and calmness…whatever that may entail.

TELL ME: Who do you think epitomizes the idea of grace?

4 Responses to "Finding Grace In Your Fear"

Where was said salad from? Somewhere near our building??

And eel is yummy (esp. with avocado!). This is coming from a once-picky kid. 🙂

The salad was from The Ainsworth. Not a cheap salad, but so delicious. (Great if the boss is paying, hehe.) And yes, it’s very close by!

I agree with Emilia above. Eel is yummy! One of my fav rolls includes eel, shrimp and avocado… oh and some cream cheese. Not the healthiest, but one of the tastiest!

I’m not sure what epitomizes grace, but I will say that being able to take a deep breath and a second (or minute, hour, night or week) to think something over before reacting is key. I’m an over-analyzer, if you will, so I take solace in knowing I didn’t speak too quickly and/or make a decision without thinking things through! I don’t always have the willpower to bite my tongue though… still working on being graceful 🙂

Love this post! I have definitely been letting stress get the best of me lately and it hasn’t been pretty. I think everyone could use a little grace in their lives.