Happy Miles

Date: March 5, 2011 at 4:41 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 5

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit of running fatigue. Mentally I always love running. It’s never something I feel like I’m being forced to do, even if I’m training (which I am right now, for a half-marathon at the end of the month).

My body has been a bit tired and my legs especially don’t seem to want to move very fast.

Today, however, I felt reinvigorated. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the weather: Today it hit 60 degrees in NYC!

I ran 9 miles through Central Park (wearing shorts!!!) and not only did my body feel great, my spirits were high. I listened to happy music (Avril Lavigne, Pink and Katy Perry were all in heavy rotation) and loved that there were so many people in the park.

Happy running people

Are you sick of my abundance of Central Park photos yet? If not, here’s one more, of the Reservoir:

The ice is melting!

During the run, my pace felt solid, my legs felt energized and I enjoyed every bit of sunshine that was shining on my face.

The rest of my day was spent walking around my neighborhood and catching up with friends.

Now it’s naptime. Or SoapNet/”90210″ time…

It’s practically spring, people. Let’s all get excited.

TELL ME: What’s your favorite springtime activity? I like going for long walks wearing just jeans, a T-shirt and a blazer or light sweater. Layers be gone!

5 Responses to "Happy Miles"

AWESOME/jealous! Agree on layers. Layers are lame!

Nice run! I was there today too and it was soo busy with people. I think I push myself harder when there are so many people out and about. I wish tomorrow was going to be like today, but I think it’s going to be allll rain. šŸ™

Sounds like a great day! We had rain most of the day which turned into snow in the late afternoon/evening. Definitely not great work out weather. I can’t wait for nicer weather to come my way too. I love losing the layers though. Right now I can just wear a coat while working out instead of having to wear long underwear and multiple layers.

What a great run!! You’re so lucky you got to wear shorts, I’m still waiting for that to happen to me. šŸ™‚

I love taking lots of walks and eating outside. I’m so excited for spring!