The 12 That Kicked My Butt

Date: February 26, 2011 at 1:49 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 14

Well, I did it: I ran the 12 miles I was planning to run.

But let me tell you, at no point was it easy.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep much last night, and it’s most certainly because I didn’t fuel properly this morning. But I did it. And now it’s done.

My route of choice was…random. I left my apartment, cut through Central Park to get to the West Side Highway, then ran all the way down the west side.

But the route is better described through photos. And since I stopped to stretch and catch my breath quite often, I was able to take plenty of pictures. Enjoy!

Upper West Side

The empty Boat Basin. Love it here in the summer!

View from the Boat Basin

Boat Basin view looking north

Donald Trump basically owns the Upper West Side

Pretty water

The Intrepid is cool. I went there once.

My old stomping grounds!

Battery Park City

Look who it is! My favorite lady!

Over the Brooklyn Bridge

I love the Brooklyn Bridge

View of the Manhattan Bridge from the BK Bridge

Of course it wouldn't be a day in NYC without witnessing a protest or two

By the end, I was totally beat. Though after a blissfully hot shower, I’m ready to lay down for a bit then get out of the city for the weekend.

TELL ME: What are your weekend plans?

14 Responses to "The 12 That Kicked My Butt"

How was it getting to the west side? I always thought about running over there when I was training for the marathon, but always gave up on trying to come up with a way to avoid the crowds in Midtown.

I actually love weaving through crowds in NYC as it makes me feel pretty bad***. šŸ™‚

My plan for the weekend is to run 10 miles (check), catch up on DVR’d shows, cook in tonight, practice yoga at least once, and get 8 hours of sleep each day! šŸ™‚

Ahhh I’m always so jealous of your routes – even if they are tough! šŸ™‚

Awesome route! I never did a long run that way, it is a great idea. I used to live in one of those Trump buildings. Was so convenient for a beginning runner. Glad you got it done and it sounds like you did great despite the lack of sleep/fuel!

great job getting the 12 in. I would love to run in NYC… not many good sites in Wisconsin in February. beautiful pictures!

awesome run!! Love all the pics. Makes me wish I lived in NYC so I could run that route!

I love the views you get to see when you run in NYC! šŸ™‚

The picture of the Intrepid made me think of my first car, the red Dodge Intrepid, and me being the only one with a license summer after sophomore year. Boy did we get into trouble! Haha. Great job on the run, hope you’re having a fun weekend!

how do you run with your camera???

Oh I don’t! I run with my iPhone, and use that to take photos and play music.