A Revelation

Date: February 25, 2011 at 8:51 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 25

Happy Friday!

You may have noticed that I didn’t post anything last night. That’s because I told myself never to drink and blog. Wine and Chinese food was a priority last night — so I abandoned the Internet. But I’m back now! (Sober.)

OK, so you know those Gap Long & Lean jeans I’ve been wearing all week?

I almost didn’t try them on in the store because I scoffed at the name. “Long and lean? I’m not long and lean. Obviously those jeans aren’t made for me.”

I tried them on anyway, fell in love, bought them and wore them out immediately. I love the dark color and that they sit nice and high on my hips (I’m no low-rise girl).

This morning I had a revelation: “Wait a second, Ali. Maybe the jeans aren’t made for long and lean people. Maybe they’re made for people who want to look long and lean! A-ha!”

Genius, I know.

My point is that I’m wearing the same pair of pants for the third day in a row. I haven’t washed them. I’ve been busy.

Don't I look long? And lean?

In other news, it’s a gross, rainy day in NYC today. I wasn’t planning to run anyway, so I’m not too bummed about the weather. It was actually kind of nice to lay in bed and listen to the rain for a little while this morning.

TELL ME: How often do you wash your jeans? I get several wears out of mine before I finally throw them in the wash. Then they shrink and I have to do lunges in them.

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25 Responses to "A Revelation"

Mmmmmm wine and Chinese food. That sounds perfect and delicious and exactly what I am craving. As for the jeans… you don’t even want to know. I rarely wash my jeans. I wear them many, many times in a row. I also read an article recently (can’t remember where) about how it’s bad to wash them anyway.

I love that I totally missed the chinese food part. My brain read it as “wine and cheese. ! HAHA

Haha nope, definitely wine and Chinese food — you think I’m much classier than I actually am. Mmmmm beef and broccoli.

Your revelation is actually correct. I used to buy those and a Gap employee told me they are supposed to make you look long and lean. I won’t even talk about how many wears between washings. Let’s just say, I live in an apartment and it costs money to wash so you learn to ‘gently wear’.

I only wash my jeans when I do laundry. Which is roughly every two weeks. No judgements, please!!!

Same, after two or three wears. I also always wash them inside-out and in cold water– prevents shrinking AND fading.

Ohhh great tip! I never though to turn them inside out. Thanks!

never fear. there is a whole school of thought about how you are never supposed to wash jeans, especially really fancy ones. put them in the freezer. seriously. http://www.re-nest.com/re-nest/how-to/how-to-clean-your-jeans-without-water-home-hacks-109266

WOW must try this.

I wear my jeans 6-7 times before I send them to the dry cleaners. Yup, for the dry cleaners to wash and press is only like $2 and it ensures they last longer. 🙂 I lost one pair of 7 jeans to the washer and vowed to never do it again! I love those jeans 🙂

I love your hair like that! It looks awesome and so polished. Have a great day 🙂

Ha, love the wine and chinese night! YUM! Nicely done. I’m with you – I wash my jeans after wearing them a handful of times. They fit so well the more you wear them!

You totalllly look long and lean! I wash my jeans every 5-10 wears. And I’m all with you on the lunging in freshly dried denim.

I wash my jeans after I spill something on them…or the rain has made the cuffs gross..lol..or if they had stretched so much they are falling off of me…

I didn’t want to buy a pair of jeans called “curvy girl” but I did and they fit perfect..and I had to think..curvy is good! You totally look long and lean and I love that top!!

I probably wear my jeans 4-5 times before I wash them, unless I drop mustard on them or something. They wear out too quickly if you wash them all the time! My favorite jean is American Eagle’s Artist – I have it in all 3 colors 🙂

Jeans and spaghetti sauce are always better the next day! I always feel like I have to break ’em in again after I wash ’em. I iron out the creases at the knees and they’re good as new! My long & leans are my favorite!

I have like 3-4 pairs of jeans that I rotate out. But two of them are my most favorite that I wear all the time. I try to wash them on the weekends but sometimes it gets to be 2 weeks without washing. Ahh well 🙂

i hate paying for laundry, so I try to go as long as possible before I do it again. SO, I go awhile before washing my jeans, and I’m totally ok with that. If I spill on them or the bottoms of the legs get dirty, that’s another story…

Wine and Chinese food sounds like a great plan. My boyfriend and I still haven’t found a place near us that we love. I really hate doing laundry, and paying for laundry, and then folding laundry, so until they look or smell dirty, jeans get aired out and re-worn. =X

You look amazing in them. I know that you had said they are from the Gap but what kind/name are they? Also where did you get your shirt, it’s beautiful!

Thank you! They are Gap’s Long & Lean jeans. And the shirt is from Banana Republic (it’s old).

lateposter says: May 4, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Im surprised by the answers you got, max 10 wears?
Honestly, I wash my jeans almost every 2 or 3 months, unless I spill something on them or stain them.
I dont roll around in dirt, or sweat from my legs, so why wash them more often?!