Pictures Of Things I Like

Date: February 15, 2011 at 9:50 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 9

These past few days have been a little weird.

When I’m upset, there are a few things that cheer me up. Music is definitely one of those things, and lately I’ve been listening to all of my new and old favorites.

A good workout sometimes helps and serves as a healthy distraction. Tonight I took a Fat Burning Pilates class (OMG hated it, so boring and such awkward moves ā€” plus I didn’t even come close to breaking a sweat) and a Spinning class.

I had some pie for dessert tonight, and that helped, too. I like pie ā€” especially pie I made myself, with a huge dollop of whipped cream on top.

Then, with some of my favorite music playing, I watched my photo screen saver for a little while. It was nice to smile as happy memories flashed on the screen.

Here are some pictures of things that make me smile…

This is Gonga. I've had him since I was teeny tiny.

New Hampshire pride!

Oh hello, Finn. It was lovely to hug you.

That time I met Miley Cyrus. She said she liked my hair.

Dance parties with my dad = fun

I love having a new sister.

Shooting and editing videos is fun. I love that it's part of my job.

My best friends. I'm a lucky girl.

TELL ME: When you feel sad, what do you do?

9 Responses to "Pictures Of Things I Like"

Cute pictures! I’m sorry you’re feeling sad. When I’m sad I like to workout and eat yummy foods.

Eat ice cream and watch CSI Miami. Horatio Caine always cheers me up.

I love your comment about having a new sister. Sooo sweet.

So so so so jealous you met Finn! šŸ™‚ I love looking at old pictures when I’m sad too. It definitely helps to put me in a better mood. Hope you feel better soon!!

I’m sorry you’re feeling sad. When I’m feeling sad, I go to my grandmother’s couch. She makes me tea and listens to me whine, cry, and rant…and more importantly, she’s ALWAYS on my side. I also like to pamper myself – paint my nails, take a bubble bath, eat good chocolate. Hope things start looking up soon!

Aw, thanks! Gaining a sister makes me smile, too. Hope your week gets better from here!

I love this! I can’t believe you shared Gonga! Pillow is next. Also, the photo of all of us made me smile. That was one of the best nights ever, even though I look like a beast towering over the rest of you.

Fun post!

Are you from NH? I grew up there.

Hi Real Best Friend! I’m loving your blog (although I’m a few days behind) and loved seeing the picture of Gonga! When I am sad I pull out our old green photo album and look at how super cool we were in middle school; I looked at it this weekend actually!
Keep smiling, only seven more months until I’m visiting you in The Big Apple!