Rising & Shining

Date: January 31, 2011 at 9:05 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 8

Happy Monday!

After devouring an amazing steak dinner last night, courtesy of ABS, and barely keeping my eyes open during an episode of “Mad Men,” my alarm went off sooner than I’d hoped this morning.

I did a long run yesterday, so I wanted to get out this morning for a shake out run. Now, keep in mind this little tactic doesn’t work for everyone.

When I first started running, the day after a long run was always a total rest day. But last year, as I started running longer distances more regularly each weekend, I found that my body recovered better when I added a short run to my schedule the following day.

Adding a 3–4 mile run at an easy pace keeps my legs from getting too stiff and prevents muscle soreness. Of course stretching and foam rolling also help.

That being said, 5:30 am came, and then the alarm was reset. But at 5:45, I knew I had to start making moves.

While I was getting ready, I went to Twitter, seeking motivation.

I looked like this:

Not my best look. But within minutes, Ashley, who was also awake for a morning sweat session, started to pump me up.

Others jumped on board with the compliments, too.

You people are too kind.

And there I went — out the door for a relaxing 3-mile run. The weather was chilly, but it was a nice way to kick off my day.

Now I don’t know that I’m shining just yet, but I’m getting there. In the spirit of perking myself up, I wore hot pink today.

And jeans. Because not wearing jeans has become really difficult lately. Comfort over cuteness.

This summer I became seriously obsessed with blazers. This black one is my favorite. I think wearing it over anything and buttoning it up makes an outfit look instantly chic and pulled together.

In other news, I got a call last night that my DAD is coming to NYC today! He has a last-minute business meeting tomorrow, so we’re going out to dinner tonight. This is so rare and I’m so excited. Plus, his birthday is next week, and I won’t be able to make it home to celebrate, so this is like a pre-birthday fiesta!

Have a great day!

TELL ME: What is your one wardrobe must-have? Is there one item, like a blazer or a great pair of jeans, that you always revert to when you’re having a fashion crisis?

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8 Responses to "Rising & Shining"

You beat me. I snoozed my alarm for over an hour and had to go plan b for my workout when I slept through the spin class I meant to go to. Whoops… I think my lulu yoga pants are my fashion go-to. If I can’t look good in normal clothes, might as well show up in a bangin’ hot workout outfit.

I also agree that a shake out run helps the day after a long run, hard workout, or race. While taking the day off to rest is definitely nice, taking a recovery run at a slower pace or shorter distance helps work out the lactic acid from your legs to feel even better next time you hit the roads!

5:45 am is early, I applaud you for getting up in the dark & cold! My usual time to wake up if I run before work is 6:45 and I thought that was pretty brutal, the sun rises just around the time I head outside.. Can’t wait for spring again!!

Every day is a fashion crisis for me. I usually revert to grey dress pants, and a sweater of some sort when dresses aren’t going to cut it.

I can not make myself work out that early in the morning. I was up @ 5:25 making my husband breakfast and packing his lunch, but as soon as he walks out the door I crawl back in bed for atleast another 1.5hrs.. so lame. I could have ran this morning, but my bed sounded so much better. =/

I’ll have to try the shake out runs, my muscles are always super stiff after my longer runs! Great idea. 🙂
I love that blazer, it’s very chic. My go-to is now my leggings with slouchy boots becuase at my current job I can’t wear jeans.

I love the blazer! Super cute! My must have item right now are jeggings. I love jeans, but jeggings to me, are more comfy. ;D

I am a fashion nightmare. But black pants and black tanks and black wrap sweaters save my life sometimes!

I usually do a bike ride the day after a long run, but only because I’m paranoid about injuries. That blazer looks so cute on you. I love how blazers can make any outfit more dressed up. My go-to item is usually a cute pair of heels – they can make a boring outfit so much better.

I’m jealous you get to wear jeans! My go-to item is a pink sweater I snagged at Banana Republic. It’s cute but completely comfy.