They Say Everything Will Be Fine

Date: January 13, 2011 at 10:06 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 6

I was in a funk this morning? I can hardly remember that far back.

Today has been a total whirlwind. After getting into the office this morning, things just started snowballing.

I was productive, yes, and some great things happened. I

But one very bad, very scary thing happened at 8 pm tonight. I try not to talk about my job too much on the blog, but work was a huge part of my day today, and I’m proud of how I handled a certain situation.

Let’s just summarize with this: I’m going to L.A. tomorrow at 7 am for a photo shoot. The trip has been planned for a while and it’s a very important shoot.

Tonight I got a phone call: “He can’t make it. Sorry.”

A coworker (my travel partner for the weekend) and I spent this evening frantically making calls and trying to salvage a backup plan.

“Everything will be fine,” everyone keeps telling me.

Well yes, I know it will be. Because I’m working my booty off to make sure everything is great!

It’s a good thing I went to spinning right after work. At the time, everything was going to be perfect in terms of this business trip. I was able to focus on making the 45-minute class (accompanied by pre-class foam rolling, but-of-course) as best I could. Shana, the instructor, had us doing lots of intervals and my quads were screaming by the end of class. They said, “Thank you for pushing us, Ali. We totally needed this. P.S. We kind of hate you.”

After class I realized something: I feel my very best after a workout, whether it’s a good one or a mediocre one. Nothing beats that feeling.

I had no shame taking this in the locker room today.

No, that’s not a giant, life-altering zit on my cheek.

Fine. It is. It has been my nemesis for the past week. It refuses to just break up with me and move on. Arghhhh.

Anyway, after a good sweat session, I feel mentally refreshed and enlivened. Physically I feel cleansed, sweaty, strong and like I can conquer the world (which I totally can, by the way — just wait and see).

I honestly believe that if I hadn’t squeezed that workout into my tight schedule today, I wouldn’t have handled tonight’s stressful situation as somewhat-calmly as I did. Yes, I shed a few tears. Yes, I threw my phone. Yes, I screamed at my computer after each heartbreaking email response came through.

But overall, I feel like it was a good day.

And on that note, it’s off to bed. I have a 4:30 am wakeup call then it’s off to the west coast.

See you tomorrow, Hollywood!

By the way, packing is really hard. I forgot how I dress when it’s not 20 degrees outside! Shorts? Skirts?

Also, thank you all for the wonderful suggestions for things to do in L.A. I will have all day on Saturday to play, so I’m hoping to run, shop and swim. So until tomorrow (whenever I get a chance to update)… See ya!

6 Responses to "They Say Everything Will Be Fine"

Congrats on kicking your butt at the gym! I agree with you in regards to the way I feel after a sweat session. A super sweaty morning makes for a great day in my book!

Someday I’ll regret posting that post-gym photo, but for now I’m happy to share with others. Now you have to post a 7 am post-workout photo on YOUR blog!

I’m glad you were able to enjoy your workout in the midst of a hectic day. Sorry that you were thrown such a curveball, but it sounds like you’re right on top of things. Good luck with the shoot and enjoy some sun in LA!

you are my hero. have fun in LA!

I love good workouts after a stressfull day..I love being able to get engrossed in a workout and put the stress aside..for some reason in the end it all works out! If I posted a post workout pic from my gyms locker room, you would totally see atleast 3 naked women in the background…there is no shame!