Snow-verloaded 2.0?

Date: January 11, 2011 at 8:45 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 10

New York City is freaking out.

Apparently we’re supposed to get anywhere from 3 to 14 inches overnight. So everyone is panicking.

I guess that’s good, since last time there was a snowstorm, NYC didn’t do a whole lot about it.

As for me? I grew up in New Hampshire.

A little snow doesn’t scare me.

But it scares my Human Resources department. We got this email this afternoon:

With a snowstorm on the way, this is to let you know that our New York office will officially be open tomorrow, but please use your judgment in terms of commuting to work.

As soon as the email went out, two of the girls on my staff came into my office to let me know they’re “preparing to work from home.”

Come on people! It’s snow! And we’re New Yorkers — we don’t even have to drive in it! (Most of us, anyway.)

In my case, I’m not going straight to the office tomorrow anyway. I have Remicade in the morning, then I’ll be heading to work around noon.

As for tonight?

I tried out a Hot Pilates class at the gym. Boooo fail.

I was sorely disappointed. The room wasn’t hot. I didn’t even break a sweat and it was an hour-long class! Also, we only did a total of five or six exercises. The instructor (who didn’t use a mic and I couldn’t hear her at all) spent so long explaining each move that we hardly had time to execute each one.

Ah well. Now I know.

Also — thank you all so much for your incredibly sweet, positive comments about ABS’s big return to the gym. I’m proud of him and it’s so nice to hear that you all are, too. It’s also nice to know that many of you have been through similar situations with your own significant others.

OK, off to relax and get to bed early.

After all, I may be waking up in Antarctica. Or something.

Sweet dreams!

10 Responses to "Snow-verloaded 2.0?"

Have fun playing in the snow tomorrow! School’s canceled up here. I am planning a PJ day 🙂

Haha…I agree that the snow isn’t anything to freak out about…but I’ll take a work-from-home day if offered (my boss works from home 80% of the time anyway).
Bummer on the hot pilates!

Did you make a decision on the NYRR yet?? Maybe we can finally meet at one of their upcoming races! 🙂

Haha… have fun in the snow! 😀

I love being a Vermonter in DC. People FREAK OUT down here when it snows. But I love it – snow days for what I would call “nothing” aren’t so bad. I also think I’m the only one knows how to drive in snow conditions down here…

Nice picture! We have over two feet here…the snow is above the doggies! After I shoveled for 2 hours, I threw my back out and am now banished to the couch while CD makes me hot chocolate. Not too shabby.

new yorkers need to toughen up…..

to tspiceoflife: whoever “CD” is should have been shoveling for you, not making you hot chocolate after the fact!

I enjoy shoveling! Being outside, getting a workout, all followed by some couch time and hot chocolate? Doesn’t really get any better than that. Also, I’m sort of a neo-feminist, which makes me think that I can do anything a guy can do. Apparently, my back doesn’t agree…

Not too much snow, but just enough to make it messy to walk around today!