Thankful Things Thursday: First Edition

Date: January 6, 2011 at 9:10 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 17

Lately I feel like Ali on the Run has become Ali Recaps Her Workouts But Doesn’t Write About Much Else.

Time to mix it up, folks!

Back in November, I had this little revelation: Why do we only show how thankful we are for life’s little blessings just one day a year?

There are things that I appreciate every day. But I don’t vocalize these things. I smile, then move on.

Look at that face!

So, without further ado, I present to you…

Thankful Things Thursday!

Every Thursday, I’ll share five (or more) things I’m thankful for ā€” and I hope that in return you’ll share some things you’re thankful for in return. Simple concept. Are you with me?

So let’s do this!

Today, I am thankful for…

  1. My morning run. I went to sleep at 12:30 am. Not cool, since my alarm was set for 5:30 am in order to get a run in before a long day at the office. I didn’t get up at 5:30 as planned. But I did get up around 6:05, laced up and still squeezed in 3 miles.
  2. My body. We’re getting along these days. I’ve been giving my legs a bit of a break by shortening the length of my daily runs (at one point I was doing 6ā€“7 miles almost every day, plus a longer weekend run) and my body is reacting well to the adjustment. I’m focusing more on strength training and have fallen seriously in love with foam rolling. I’m starting to feel like all of those Christmas cookies are wearing off and the sugar is working its way out of my bloodstream. (Is that where sugar goes? I don’t even know.)
  3. My boyfriend. The reason for the 12:30 am bedtime? Loooong talks with ABS. We’ve only lived together for a few months (If you’re new to the blog, I moved in with him on October 30) so obviously there are some transition issues to be worked out. What does that mean? He thinks his socks are supposed to go on the floor after he wears them. I think the hamper is a more appropriate place. Anyway, we got to talking about a whole variety of things last night and the conversation kept going and going. I’m lucky that he listens to me and cares about how I feel. Even though I know I’m not going to win this dirty sock battle.
  4. Twitter! Yeah yeah, I’m thankful for Twitter. Whatever. I joined the Twitterverse (Can I call it that? Am I lame now?) just about a week ago and already I’ve connected with awesome people. It’s a great way to chat with people, get inspiration and stay up to date on the blog-o-sphere. (Again, can I call it that? I don’t know cool web lingo.) Oh, and I’m there at @AliOnTheRun1.
  5. My health. I shouldn’t even write this without knocking on wood or something, but I’ve been healthy lately. I’m taking care of my body as best I can and my Crohn’s Disease hasn’t acted up since last August. I hope that’s a good sign going into 2011! After having two serious flare-ups last year, I’d love to get through this year without having any.
  6. Puppies.

I should get a puppy...

I really could go on and on, but I’ll save that for next Thursday.

YOUR TURN: What are you thankful for today?

17 Responses to "Thankful Things Thursday: First Edition"

1. i am thankful that I have found so many inspiring blogs like this one.

2. i am thankful for my beautiful, healthy children

3. i am thankful for my health

YES get a puppy!! I would come over and play all the time and take him for river walks with you and to the dog park. Please please please get one!

I am thankful for my intelligence and my friends. I have some awesome people in my corner. Never thought I’d be so lucky.

I really want a puppy, but I couldn’t bear it leave it home alone all day! And definitely can’t afford doggy daycare right now. But yes, WHEN I get a puppy someday, we can take him/her to the dog park all the time.

I am also thankful for coffee.

Oh man! If I went to bed at 12:30 and got up at 6 to run, my body would NOT be getting along with me. I needs my sleeps šŸ™‚
I like the thankful Thursday posts idea šŸ™‚

I’m a new reader, and really like this feature! I try to do this occasionally.

1. Thankful for vacations!
2. Thankful I have a job.
3. Thankful for friends that are always there.

1) I am thankful for my family and friends
2) I am thankful for my blog and all of the amazing people I have connected with
3) I am thankful for my body and that it has allowed me to get through 13 weeks of training, despite injuries.
4) More specifically I am thankful for my legs because they are going to allow me to cross the finish line of my first half-marathon on Saturday!

First half marathon = amazing! Good luck to you, take lots of pictures and have an amazing time. Then come back here and tell me all about it!

I agree, puppies are great for mental health!

I’m thankful for my kitties, and for the ability to get out of bed in the morning and power through my day.

I am thankful this Thursday for my husband and all he does for me!
I am thankful for the pretty snow falling outside because I am off from work today.
And I am thankful for my puppies! I did a post on them today on my blog and then here’s a link to a previous post including Ripley & Journey :

What a great post!! Those puppies are so cute! Do you happen to know what breed that bottom one is? It looks a lot like a Puggle face!

Yup, that’s a puggle! One of my favorite kinds of pups. Who could resist that face?!

I am thankful that today is Thursday, I am comfy on my couch, and in pjs! šŸ™‚

I love this! I have so much to be thankful for. Tonight, I was thankful for a good dinner and conversation with my boyfriend. I really needed a relaxing night!

i am thankful for:

1. being able-bodied enough to work out
2. my insane dog and great fiance
3. living in the west village
4. my anthropologie candle
5. my comfy bed