Silly “Sweaters” and Lazy Sundays

Date: December 19, 2010 at 6:58 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 6

Last night, ABS and I were invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit “over” this theme. Yes, it can be really fun. But we didn’t know the theme until the day of the party, by which point most stores in Manhattan ā€” from the Salvation Army and Goodwill to H&M and KMart ā€” were sold out of silly sweaters.

So ABS and I put on our Creative Caps and got festive. Party store to the rescue!

Can’t find a festive sweater? Buy bows, bells, safety pins and antlers and you’re all set!

Bonus points if you wear a Rudolph nose.

Hehe. I’m so proud!

The party was fun. I had a glass of red wine which made me sleepy, so I wasn’t exactly the life of the party. But the antlers were a big hit!

Everyone else looked great, too.

Overall we had lots of fun and didn’t get to bed until after 2 am. Ouch!

Luckily no Sunday plans meant I could sleep in! ABS had to be up for a work meeting (poor guy) but I lounged around all morning.

‘Twas remarkable.

I did make a grocery store run at one point (so I could get supplies for a yummy grilled cheese sandwich) and painted my nails in an awesomely festive sparkly metallic silver-ish color:

I started to feel restless around 3 pm (ABS still wasn’t back yet, so I wasn’t being entertained ā€” too many re-runs on SoapNet today!) so I went out for a light 3-mile jog. I took it at a nice, easy pace, mostly just looking around at puppies.

When ABS returned, we went for a little walk together, which was nice. This year is his second Christmas and he was so excited about one of my presents that he asked if he could give it to me tonight.

Um, yeah… Duh.

I told him I’d give him one of his presents, too.

For ABS:

He loves pandas, so when I saw this mug I had to snatch it up for him.

And for me:

Pom pom hat!

ABS was so proud of himself for going into Lululemon on his own today. I’m just excited he’s getting into the Christmas spirit!

We’ll exchange the rest of our gifts at my parents’ house in New Hampshire on Friday.

Now I’ve got some laundry going, some Chinese food sitting happily in my belly and my PJs on. Lazy Sundays…gosh, I forgot how great they can be.

TELL ME: What did you ask for for Christmas this year?

6 Responses to "Silly “Sweaters” and Lazy Sundays"

I really haven’t asked for much this year other than new sweaters to replace my sweaters which were eaten by our mouse visitor. šŸ™‚

ha ha cute hat!! I actually asked for a Lululemon gift card. I love their clothes and they are expensive so gift cards are the way to go šŸ™‚

Cute beanie hat! I love lazy Sunday’s as well. This is the first Sunday in a long time that I got to stay in my pajamas until 3pm, yay!

This is the first time we’ve exchanged gifts since 2006. I didn’t really have much on my list, but my husband got me an Iphone, squeeee! Oh, i should mention that we exchanged gifts today. Ha ha. We couldn’t wait. =)

Awww cute! I love the gifts! šŸ™‚

Christmas is in the air! I enjoyed a day of baking and Sugar Cookie Sleigh ride tea. It was lovely!

Your hat is adorable. I didn’t ask for much this year…but everyone knows how I feel about lululemon!