Race Chatter

Date: December 15, 2010 at 9:41 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 3

Wow, I had no idea I’d stir up such a great conversation with this morning’s “Lottery Fail” post.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on running, racing and getting involved with a charity.

I’m nowhere near as bummed out about not getting into the NYC 1/2 Marathon as I was this morning. Of course I’m disappointed, but there are so many other great races out there, and not doing NYC will give me an excuse to seek out and try a new one.

As it turns out, nearly everyone I know who entered the lottery didn’t get in. There’s been a lot of backlash on the New York Road Runners Facebook page, which I understand, but it also makes me sad.

Can’t we all agree on one thing, which is that we just want to run?!

Because so many of us didn’t get in, my friend and I were joking today about creating our own little NYC 1/2 Marathon. At first we giggled about setting up our own course and making cute medals for anyone who participates.

Then I started taking it sort of seriously. I think it could be fun! Any NYC runners want in?!

OK, let’s move on from that.

Today work was a bit of a whirlwind. With deadlines — and holidays and vacations — quickly approaching, I buckled down and got a whole lotta work done. I love the feeling at the end of a productive day.

After work, I was ready to sweat. So I headed up to Crunch — which seems like it’s becoming my second home — to spend some time doing strength training, stretching, spinning and hip hop. A little gym marathon of sorts.

Spinning was fantastic. The teacher — a sub, actually — had tons of energy, awesome music and a smile on her face the whole time. I parked my butt in the front row which pushed me to work even harder than usual. Knowing there was a whole class filled with riders behind me made me want to set a good example.

I know. Spinning is an individual thing. I’m aware that it’s very unlikely anyone was actually looking at me. But that’s what I tell myself, and I read in a magazine once that Vanessa Hudgens (RIP her relationship with Zac Efron — tear) does the same thing. So there!

Hip Hop was pretty good, too. I adore the teacher and tonight’s class involved lots of vogue-ing!

I did not, however, enjoy getting home at 9:15 pm and scarfing down a bowl of cereal.

Tomorrow is my Friday! I have Friday off to do the last of my Christmas shopping, yay!

TELL ME: How’s your holiday shopping going? Anyone bought great gifts for people I need to know about? I still have some shopping to do for my mom and my brother, but other than that I’m dunzo.

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i have the hardest time buying presents for people. for my family it’s come down to “give me a list of things you want so i know what to get you”.

I always use the other people at the gym as motivation. In spin, I sit in the front and it pushes me to work hard. I also have these weird treadmills games that I play. They keep me running faster or longer. It’s highly unlikely that anyone cares, but it works for me 🙂

Today is my Friday, too! My mom, bro, and I all took tomorrow off for a whirlwind day of shopping, lunching, baking, etc. I’m excited about it. Enjoy your day!

I love running next to someone who is faster than me.. I usually turn up the speed and try to run as fast as that person!! Today is my Thursday sadly.