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Date: December 14, 2010 at 10:02 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 4

I’m not in the office today — I woke up feeling stuffy and blah, so I’m giving myself a rest day.

It’s the end of the year, I’ve got loads of days left and I’m way ahead on my deadlines.

So, since I’m home,  I’ve got a big ole’ list of things to accomplish.

Nothing major — I’m recovering here — but little things like “Write out holiday cards,” “Wash towels” and “Drop off dry cleaning.”

I can’t believe it’s 20 degrees in NYC! Yuck! I do have some winter running gear that I plan to use this season, but I need new running tights and running gloves.

TELL ME: What’s your favorite winter running gear? Let me know so I can shop around!

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4 Responses to "Out of Office Reply"

I love my Mizuno fleece lined running tights, Lululemon fleece linded ear warmers, and UnderArmour turtleneck. Now I just have to get the courage to run outside again!

I have totally got to get going on holiday cards. No motivation.

Sorry you’re feeling bad!!

I love my Nike hoodie with thumbholes, we go everywhere together.

I love my trusty Smartwool socks. My ankles may be chapped, but my feet are warm. Feel better soon 🙂

I LOVE my Lululemon Inspire Jacket and I just bought the new Lululemon Outbound pants and they are full of promises! (I am getting them on Friday after getting them hemmed!) I strongly believe in a few good pieces from Lululemon but under shirts can be anything!