Impatient Ali

Date: November 23, 2010 at 1:58 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 2

I am impatient about everything.

I hate slow walkers on the streets of NYC. (ABS yells at me when I want to yell at them or elbow them.) I hate waiting for people to get things done at the office. I hate waiting in general, actually. If we have a date or appointment, you had best not be late!

So it should come as no surprise that I am impatient waiting for Thanksgiving to get here.

The holiday is going to be awesome this year. My dad’s whole side of the family will be gathering at my aunt and uncle’s house in Lansdale, PA. It’s going to be crowded, loud and amazing. It’s rare that we all get together since we all live in New Hampshire, NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and Florida. Not exactly close quarters.

Of course I’m looking forward to the food, but I’m mostly looking forward to the company.

So I’m at the office, impatiently awaiting what will happen 24 hours from now: I’ll pack up my things, get in the elevator and hop on a train to see my family!

I’m lucky because my office closes at 1 pm tomorrow, allowing us all some extra travel time. My parents will be driving to PA from New Hampshire, so I’m train-ing it out to New Jersey, where we’ll cross paths to finish the commute together.

But until then, I’m trying to just get the hours to go by faster.

Last night I was super productive: I pitched a few freelance ideas to various publications (fingers crossed they want the stories!), I “made” an awesome dinner of reheated pad thai and I watched “Dancing with the Stars” for work (it’s my job to blog about these last two episodes). I did some cleaning and actually let myself sleep in a bit this morning.

The 5:30 am alarm was so not happening. Instead of torturing myself, I got some extra shut eye and felt much better getting out of bed at 6:10. Those extra minutes definitely helped!

I ran 6.4 miles in the park this morning, and it was so nice out! I wore shorts and a long-sleeved shirt, which was the perfect choice. I sexily sweat right through the shirt, but I wasn’t overheated or cold at any point. It’ll get colder starting tomorrow, but I really enjoyed these past two warm days.

Work has been productive so far, and tonight will continue that streak with a trip to the gym for a spinning sesssion, followed by errands, dinner, cleaning and another evening of “DWTS.”

TELL ME: What’s your favorite aspect of Thanksgiving? The turkey? The pie? The family? The booze? The Turkey Trot? The post-dinner nap?

2 Responses to "Impatient Ali"

So I am officially OB-sessed with NYC. Running in Central Park? Yes please! I am so jealous you get to do that whenever you want!!

SO with you on the slow walkers. Glad to hear I’m not the only one suffering from sidewalk rage in the city. šŸ˜‰