3…2…1…Blast Off!

Date: October 20, 2010 at 11:07 am- by Ali- Comment(s): 1

Er, take off! All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go to Utah! I’m headed there for a few days for a photo shoot for work. I’m a little nervous since this is the first time I’m running an entire shoot by myself. My flight leaves NYC today around 2 and I get into Utah at 6 pm.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love lists and I love my OCD-like organization. So naturally I type up individual packing lists for every trip I take. Then I check things off as I put them in a pile on my bed, like so:

Pretty, neat little piles

Then the piles make their way into the suitcase, like so:

Hooray! Everything fits!

Of course, before the final zip-up, I almost always throw in 5–6 additional items that I most definitely do not need. But that’s just me.

I’ve got some time before I have to head to the airport, so I’m staying extra hydrated and trying to stretch a bit. I went to BodyArt last night, which was wonderful—it felt great to loosen up my body. Then this morning I did a 5-mile run including stops every now and then to do 100 dips on the park benches. It was a beautiful morning:

Gorgeous sunrise.

I think the thing I’ll miss most when I move at the end of the month is the perfect Hudson River Parkway running path. I know all the mile markers by heart now and there are so many familiar faces I see every morning. Sigh.

This is at the end of the long pier at Christopher Street.

OK, time to watch some SoapNet (“Beverly Hills 90210” is on—I miss out on so much great daytime TV when I’m at the office all day!), make snacks for the trip (trial mix, of course) then head to JFK. I splurged on the extra legroom seats since it’s a long flight. I’m tempted to bring a blanket, too, for maximum comfort!

Salt Lake City, here I come!

Have a great day!

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