My Day in Bullet Points

Date: October 15, 2010 at 8:50 pm- by Ali- Comment(s): 2

As you may know, I love making lists. And not just To-Do lists. I make lists of places I want to travel, New Year’s Resolutions, people I want to catch up with, restaurants I want to try, books to read, things that make me happy, etc. I get giddy just thinking about it.

Wow, I’m kind of a loser…

Anyway, today’s post (from this point forward) will be a simple list summarizing my glorious Friday:

  • Laying in bed for too long. I stayed at ABS’s (soon to be our) apartment and Could. Not. Get. Up. Fall days were made for cuddling, not working.
  • Running home. When I stay with ABS (which is somewhat rare during the week—I hate packing a bag), I run home in the morning. It’s faster than taking the bus or the subway, and then I get my workout in.
  • Blog blog blog. Reading blogs, commenting on blogs, writing my own blog. It’s still so fun!
  • My workday going by way too quickly. Luckily I got a ton done that I needed to get done. But I’m only in the office for two days next week before heading to Utah, so I’ve got lots (too much?) on my plate.
  • An awesome interview. I interviewed Laurieann Gibson today. She’s Lady Gaga’s choreographer (among other things) and she is a bona fide rockstar. So talented and so genuine. I’m in love/awe.
  • A quick, solid post-work workout. To kick off my “Alison Night,” I did Bodyweb with TRX today. Terrell was teaching and I think I smiled the whole time. He’s so intense but also so sweet that you just want to work hard for him.
  • A delicious pasta dinner. Whole wheat shells with marinara sauce. Nothing fancy, but it was exactly what I was craving.
  • A long bath. Yup, I took a bath. I brought my iPod in the bathroom with me and put on my “Chill Out” playlist, then soaked for a bit while reading an old issue of Glamour. So relaxing.
  • An at-home manicure. I refuse to pay for manicures because I always chip them within minutes of leaving the salon. But a free, at-home manicure works fine for me.
  • Now it’s more blogging, commenting, reading, etc., all in my cozy pajamas. Life is good.

Happy weekend, everyone! It’s going to be a great one.

2 Responses to "My Day in Bullet Points"

What a lovely Friday! And I love the list idea – cute 🙂